Easy Banana "Ice Cream" Fakeout


Banana almond milk ice cream is one of the easiest healthy desserts you will ever make.

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We like to điện thoại tư vấn it "nice-cream."

All you need are a few frozen bananas (peel them before you freeze them), a few tablespoons of non-dairy milk, & a food processor or blender.

Frozen Banana Pieces + Non-dairy Milk = Delicious Banana Ice Cream

One of my favorite things about healthy food prep is using magic lớn replace unhealthy food with something that tastes even better (and is way better for you). And by magic, I mean a food processor.

Using this method, you can turn frozen bananas and almond milk into delicious soft-serve "ice cream" in less than a few minutes.

Tips to Make the Best banana almond milk ice cream

Step 1: Prepare Your Bananas

Peel & freeze your ripe bananas lớn always have the ingredients on hand to make nice cream (or địa chỉ to smoothies for a creamier texture). I lượt thích to break my bananas into 1-2 inch pieces before freezing lớn help them blend better, but you can also freeze them whole.

Your bananas must be frozen to lớn make this work.Freeze them for at least 6 hours.

A large freezer bag works best, squeeze any extra air out of the bag then seal tightly. Your frozen bananas will keep 3-4 months in your freezer.

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By the way, did you know that "freezer" bags are different than "sandwich" bags? Freezer bags are thicker & more air-tight, preventing freezer burn on your food. Sandwich bags allow for airflow, which prevents humidity from building up on your snacks & sandwiches. It"s good to lớn keep both styles around for different purposes.

Step 2: Choose Your Milk

Grab some milk of your choice to lớn blend this up. I lượt thích to use unsweetened almond milk to lớn make this recipe, but you can use any non-dairy milk, or even cow"s milk if you tolerate dairy. Even water would work in a pinch. It would be less creamy, but it would work.

You can also địa chỉ ⅛ teaspoon of vanilla extract per serving to lớn give your banana ice cream an extra gourmet twist.


Step 3: Choose a Food Processor or Blender

I prefer khổng lồ use a food processor because the banana almond milk ice cream is easier lớn scrape out of the flat bottom. However, if you don"t have a food processor you can absolutely use a blender.

Either way, be sure not khổng lồ over blend it as the heat from the machine can melt it too much, leaving you with more of a smoothie instead of the ice cream texture you"re going for.

How lớn Make Banana Almond Milk Ice Cream

You can print the full recipe thẻ below if you want lớn keep this on hand.

Use 1-2 frozen bananas và about 1 tablespoon of almond milk per serving. That means if you want four servings, you"ll want the equivalent of 3 large or 4 medium bananas, & 3-4 tablespoons of almond milk.Since all bananas are different sizes, always start with less almond milk than you might need and showroom more lớn blend as necessary.Pulse frozen bananas and unsweetened almond milk in a food processor until it"s the consistency of ice cream.Note: It"s important that the bananas are frozen or else you"ll just kết thúc up with baby food.


Banana Nice Cream Topping Ideas:

1 teaspoon phân chia seed "sprinkles"a handful of pitted cherriesa handful of frozen berries1 tablespoon dark chocolate chips (at least 70% cocoa)1 tablespoon peanut butter1 tablespoon chopped nuts


More Healthy Ice Cream Recipes:

This banana almond milk ice cream method entails blending frozen bananas with non-dairy milk to lớn create an ice-cream-like texture, which means you don"t need to have an ice cream maker to lớn make this. If you"re looking khổng lồ make healthy ice cream in your ice cream maker, check out these awesome recipes:

Your turn. Give this banana almond milk "nice cream" recipe a whirl & let me know your favorite way lớn eat it in the comments below!

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