Cow cake: easy & adorable cake recipe and tutorial


Want lớn try milk cake recipe at home? Here is an easy milk cake or kalakand sweet recipe!

This milk cake recipe will help you make the perfect milk cake mithai that will melt in your mouth. A sweet fudge made with solidified milk, this milk cake or kalakand sweet recipe will become your favourite. This is one of those Indian milk mithai that you can make in an jiffy. The final look of Kalakand sweet is so enticing that it is perfect to lớn serve lớn your guests. Every bite of this milk cake recipe will take your taste buds khổng lồ heaven. These days you can find several versions of milk cake in sweet shops and restaurants and that’s because of its popularity. Now milk cake can be made quickly without curdling milk và solidifying it. Many people use paneer và condensed milk for making this delectable milk cake recipe. There is another gooey version of milk cake and it’s often called as kalakand. The only difference between the two is the texture and the colour, where kalakand is known to be white in colour and milk cake is brownish in colour. Apart from that, milk cake has lower moisture content, its sticky và more chewy; on the other hand, kalakand has high moisture content, less chewy or more gooey & is not sticky at all. These differences will help you in identifying this dessert now. It is suggested that you should use full cream milk, as it will help you in getting a more apt texture of the sweet dish. Also, people sometimes use pistachio powder while making the dessert, as it provides a better taste and flavour. The only reason why milk cake is whitish-brown is because while you set the cake in 4-5 inch cake pan for 20-24 hours; the top màn chơi cools down easily while the bottom layer is darker, as it takes time khổng lồ cool down. So, the next time you have to lớn make indian milk cake recipe for your loved ones, try this mouth-watering milk cake delicacy and enjoy!

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Step 1 Simmer the milk until it reduces to lớn one-third of its quantity

Milk cake is undeniably one of the tastiest sweet delights that can be prepared at trang chủ very easily by following a few simple steps. Take a deep saucepan & bring the milk khổng lồ a boil over a high flame. Then simmer until it is reduced to lớn one-third of its quantity over medium flame. Make sure you stir the milk well in between as this will help prevent the milk from sticking to the bottom.

Step 2 Let the milk turn grainy

You must have seen that milk cake is ideally grainy in texture. To lớn prepare that grainy mixture, add lemon juice to lớn the simmering milk. Eventually, you will notice that the milk will curdle separating the water. Now, stir the milk well and cook the mixture till it is light brown in colour & grainy in texture. Now, showroom sugar in the pan và stir well for some time. Cook the mixture until the mixture has a thick consistency. At this step, you will notice that it will release a nice fragrance & a light khổng lồ dark brown colour. Turn off the flame and let it cool a little.

Step 3 Let the Milk Cake mix before cutting into squares

Now, finally set the milk cake. For the same, take a plate và grease it well using some ghee or clarified butter. This is done to lớn prevent the milk cake from sticking to lớn the bottom. Spread the mixture evenly in the plate và let it sit for 24 hours. Once it is set, use a hot knife khổng lồ take them out & let it remain at room temperature for 15 minutes. Cut the Milk Cake into desired shapes and sizes và serve fresh. You can even store milk cake in an airtight container & serve as & when required. Milk cake has a shelf life of a minimum of 7 days.

TipsAlways use full cream milk or cow’s milk for a tastier Milk Cake. For making the Milk Cake grainier or with grainy texture, make sure you are adding lemon juice only when it has reduced to 1/3 of its quantity. For the best colour of your Milk Cake, địa chỉ cửa hàng the grainy mixture in an aluminium container. It"s heat resistance properties will keep the mixture warm for a long time.