Simple homemade vanilla ice cream

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Last week I finally got ahold of some raw milk. I was warned that it tastes “strong” in comparison to lớn pasteurized milk, but I found it sweet, mild, and delicious. Despite the fact that I had skimmed off the cream, the milk tasted as rich as supermarket “whole milk” và “rich” is exactly right for trang chủ made ice cream, my plan all along for this farm fresh milk & cream. Aside from the fresh, creamy deliciousness, the best thing about these raw milk ice cream bases is their simplicity. Just blend the ingredients và let the ice cream maker do the rest.

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About the ingredients

Raw milk

Why raw milk? Glad you asked! I was curious about it, it happened to be available, và I’d heard claims of health benefits, though I hadn’t yet read up on the pros and cons. Also, I tend khổng lồ think that warnings about food borne illness go a bit over the vị trí cao nhất when the risk is actually quite low.

But, by now, I have read up on it. There is an excellent 2014 article reviewing the actual studies on the risks và benefits of raw vs. Pasteurized milk – see the Sources section at the over of this post. It was interesting to lớn learn that some studies suggest reduced allergies in rural children who consume raw milk, but the reviewers wisely caution that urban children, who usually have little or no direct tương tác with farm animals, might have a different immunological response to raw milk consumption. Without further studies showing benefits in urban and suburban populations, it doesn’t seem wise lớn recommend raw milk in general.

As for nutritional value, vitamins B12, B2, & E are all significantly reduced in pasteurized milk, but the reviewers remind us that even raw milk is not an important source of B12 or E, và B2 can be found in many other common foods. So, all of this weighed against the real & significant risk of food borne illness? Maybe for rural children, but not in general, at least not unless future studies show reduced allergies in other children. At this point I personally am not committed lớn consuming raw dairy products on a daily basis, but I’m willing khổng lồ take the risk every now và then. Bởi vì your own research & make your own decision.

By the way, you might need up to a full gallon of milk to lớn get the 2 cups of cream needed for this recipe. Let the milk sit in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours, khổng lồ allow the cream time khổng lồ rise to the top. Some people give it 2-3 days, but you’ll get most of the cream after just 24 hours. If you want to use pasteurized milk và cream for these recipes, use heavy cream & whole milk.

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Raw eggs

You will notice that these ice cream bases also contain raw egg. I’ve been eating gobs of raw egg containing cookie dough for almost 50 years, with nary a problem, so I figure a little raw egg in a scoop of ice cream is nothing new khổng lồ my diet. As for possible health benefits of raw over cooked eggs, you might see claims of substantially higher levels of vitamin D, omega-3 fats, etc., but according khổng lồ the USDA National Nutrient Database, the differences are modest. See the link to that site in the Sources section at the over of this article. So I wouldn’t recommend consumption of raw eggs on a regular basis, but an occasional scoop of ice cream with a small amount of raw egg works for me. Make your own decision.

If you want an egg không lấy phí ice cream, you may substitute the egg with an additional 1/4 cup of whole milk, as indicated in the recipes. I prefer to use the egg because it slightly improves the flavor và mouth feel of the ice cream. But in winter when the hens lay fewer eggs, I often make egg miễn phí ice cream.


As always, I will warn that the flavor of a chocolate treat is no better than that of the chocolate or cocoa you use. The flavor of cocoa, in particular, varies enormously from brand to brand, so be sure khổng lồ use one that you know you like. If you don’t lượt thích the flavor of the cocoa you use, you won’t lượt thích the ice cream. For this chocolate ice cream, I lượt thích to use 1-2 tbsp of Omanhene natural cocoa, và 2-3 tbsp of Valrhona Dutch process cocoa.

About The Technique

Raw ice cream, with or without eggs, often has a gritty, icy texture, but you’ll find that these recipes produce a smooth and creamy ice cream. The egg helps, và the small volume is even more important. Most recipes for standard 1.5 quart ice cream makers call for a larger volume base, but a smaller volume freezes faster. Và faster freezing discourages the formation of gritty crystals. If you have a 2 quart ice cream maker, don’t double these recipes. A 1x or 1.5x recipe in a 2 quart ice cream maker will yield a very smooth ice cream, but a 2x recipe is likely khổng lồ give you some grit.

If you prefer a custard style vanilla ice cream, use my chai spiced vanilla ice cream recipe, omitting the cardamom and cinnamon. Custard has a distinct flavor, which is quite noticeable in custard style vanilla ice cream. It will taste different from raw vanilla ice cream. Chocolate largely masks the custard flavor, and if you want the absolute ultimate in mouth feel, see this custard style chocolate ice cream. To minimize changes due khổng lồ cooking the milk, cook the custard on low heat. It will take longer, but thickening will occur at a lower temperature, sometimes as low as 160 degrees F. A temperature of 180 degrees F would kill most of the potentially probiotic bacteria. Notice I said “potentially probiotic”. Whether or not raw milk contains probiotic bacteria is the subject of a debate which goes beyond this post.