Pisang Goreng Fried Banana Fritters Are Awesome


Crisp on the outside & soft on the inside. These hot, fried banana fritters disappear very quickly once made.

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ICED water is required for this recipe.

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plain flour1 cup / 125 gms
fine rice flour½ cup / 80 gms
of salt (1/8 tsp)Pinch
of turmeric powder (optional)Pinch
baking powder2 tsp
kapur (powdered lime), mixed to lớn a paste with a little water1 tsp
ICE COLD WATER1 cup / 250 ml
- "new oil" for deep frying (I use peanut oil)As needed
sized bananas (just ripe & still firm)8 small - medium
Method:Sift the flour, rice flour, baking powder, salt và turmeric powder into a bowl.Keep bananas peeled. If using plantain, or larger bananas, slice into uniform sized, elongated pieces.Add the oil for frying khổng lồ a medium sized wok. Turn on the heat và bring khổng lồ frying temperature, while you mix the batter. (If using an instant read thermometer, it should read about 190 ºc).

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Add the powdered lime paste to lớn the bowl of sifted ingredients.Gradually, pour in the ice cold water, whilst stirring to make a thick batter. Make sure the lime paste is well incorporated/distributed.Dip each banana ( or slice) into the batter turning to lớn coat thoroughly.Slide into the hot oil và fry in batches. Vị not overcrowd the wok.Allow the oil khổng lồ come back lớn temperature before adding the next batch. Strain và discard any fried bits from the oil, before adding each batch. I usually fry two at a time.Fry till golden brown and crisp 4-6 minutes.Drain thoroughly & serve warm.

Pisang Goreng Fried Banana


If you happen lớn have lots of time, you can even chill the batter in the fridge. Showroom all ingredients for batter except the slaked lime và baking powder. Showroom this prior lớn frying.Mix in the powdered lime & the ice cold water into the batter immediately prior khổng lồ frying. Get the oil hot before you set the batter.Use ‘new oil’ for frying this snack, as the batter will absorb color and flavor of oil used for other purposes. This will also make the Pisang Goreng less crispy.

Key Ingredients: Banana, Plain Flour, Rice Flour, Oil, Salt, Baking Powder.

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