Tips for making southern fried corn recipe


If you love sautéed fried onions and corn, this is a simple side dish you can whip up in less than 10 minutes!


Fried Corn and Onions is the perfect side to accompany your main course. The next time you’re scrambling to lớn figure out a healthy side dish khổng lồ serve with dinner, you can pull out your secret weapon—this delicious corn recipe!

Why You’ll Love Fried Corn và Onions

What’s not to love about a simple, healthy side dish you can prepare in minutes và serve alongside any dish? As far as side dishes go, this is a great option for those busy weeknights when you don’t have much time but still need to lớn serve your family something healthy and tasty. This recipe is so scrumptious that your kids won’t even argue when you ask them to lớn eat their veggies. They might even ask for seconds!

We get a ton of use out of this simple recipe in my household. I love it because it goes with anything, is super easy to make, và tastes amazing!


How vì You Make Fried Corn and Onions?

Making this delicious side dish only takes a few minutes of prep time. Lớn get started, gather together the following ingredients:

fresh corn on the cob (you can use canned corn or frozen corn if you don’t have fresh corn on hand)sweet onion garlic (you can add a little extra garlic if you’re a big garlic fan) buttersalt và pepper to lớn taste

Once you have all your ingredients prepared, you’re ready to get started cooking!



The first step is to remove corn kernels from the ear of corn using a sharp knife. You can skip this step if you are using canned corn.Bạn đang xem: Fried corn recipe: tips for making southern fried corn


Then grab a cutting board, and finally, chop your onion.

Bạn đang xem: Tips for making southern fried corn recipe

Next, địa chỉ corn kernels, diced onion, garlic, and butter into a skillet. Cook over medium-high heat until butter is melted và corn và onion are lightly browned. This process will likely take about 5-7 minutes.


Serve and enjoy!

Can I use canned or frozen corn?

I know corn isn’t always in season—canned or frozen corn is a great substitute! But if you can get your hands on some fresh ears of corn, that’s always best!

If you opt for canned corn, use (2) 15-ounce cans. Make sure to lớn fully drain the corn before adding it to the pan. You don’t want any excess liquid added to the skillet.

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For frozen corn, use approximately trăng tròn oz of frozen corn for this recipe. Boil the corn for a few minutes in water with 2 tablespoons of sugar—this will make it taste like sweet corn.

Recipe Help

Can I showroom bacon?

My answer to this question is always yes! It doesn’t matter the dish; you can always add bacon—hah! A little crispy bacon never hurt anyone. You can địa chỉ cửa hàng crumbled bacon or slices of bacon khổng lồ this easy recipe for your own spin on this great recipe!

How vì chưng you fry corn in a skillet?

To fry corn in a medium skillet, add your corn kernels to lớn the frying pan with some butter. Cook on medium-high heat for about 5-7 minutes until the corn is lightly browned. This fried corn and onion recipe is one of our favorite ways lớn get our fill of corn!

What to lớn serve fried corn with?

You can serve fried corn hot or cold. It’s perfect next to Cheeseburgers, Rotisserie Chicken & BBQ Thighs. Honestly, you can serve this wonderful recipe alongside any dish you fancy. It’s truly the perfect side dish and extremely versatile! No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to enjoy this wonderful recipe!

How khổng lồ Store Fried Corn & Onions

Store any leftovers in a storage container in the fridge. You can keep leftovers for up khổng lồ 5 days. If you like, you can prepare it ahead of time & serve it all week long aside from a variety of main dishes. Having this tasty side dish on hand is a fantastic way lớn save time in the kitchen.

You won’t be able lớn get enough of this buttery corn salad! I love serving this sweet side dish to lớn guests. When they ask for the recipe, they are surprised by how quick & easy it is to make! I hope you enjoy this easy side dish as much as we do!