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A beloved traditional Indian sweet, these fried dough jalebis are pretty simple to lớn make. Generally eaten as soon as they’ve been soaked in the sweet syrup, they’re a crispy, sweet, fluffy delight.


Adapted from Lonely Planet | The World’s Best Street Food | Lonely Planet, 2012

Jalebis are typically orange-colored coils of deep-fried batter prepared from maida (all-purpose flour), which are dunked in an intensely sweet sugar syrup. Sizzled in ghee (clarified butter) or vegetable oil, jalebis are customarily eaten piping hot from the kadai (a woklike vessel). A piping bag or a plastic bottle with a pointed nozzle is a neat và easy way of making the signature jalebi squiggle. These squiggly delights are frightfully sticky yet traditionally eaten by hand.–The Editors of Lonely Planet

LC Jalebi Jibber Jabber Note

Our resident jalebi expert, recipe tester Sita Krishnaswamy, recently explained to us the marvel that are these little blobs of fried batter. The curious curlicues of sticky sweet fried batter are perhaps best likened khổng lồ diminutive funnel cakes and are traditional during the Indian Festival of Lights, which is really more a Festival of Sweets considering how dessert-minded everyone seems on this day. & you’re going lớn want to lớn be on a first-name basis with them. In terms of making jalebi, Sita continues, the resting time for the batter is an absolute must in order to lớn attain jalebi that are fluffy, not dense. Jalebi are traditionally turned a vibrant shade by adding a few drops of orange or yellow food coloring to the batter. And, cautions Sita, it may take a little practice to size that small squigglelike thiết kế that’s sorta a coil yet sorta not. (Truth be told, you could make any design, although Sita prefers concentric circles for practical reasons, cautioning that crisscrossing the batter squiggles makes for bumpy contact points that require longer to lớn cook through, thereby running the risk of overcooking the rest of the jalebi. Can you see why we love Sita so?!) Happy Diwali!

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This jalebi recipe, an Indian fried dough traditionally made for Diwali, looks and tastes a lot like funnel cakes and is sticky & sweet. Make sure khổng lồ let the dough rest for the best results.