Whether you want something sweet or savory, this fried dough recipe will surely hit the right spot with its chewy dough and crispy exterior. They take 15 minutes to make from scratch, so they"re perfect for a quick, tasty snack, & best of all, the recipe uses JUST 6 pantry ingredients!


Flour- All-purpose flour is the best flour lớn use for this recipe which gives the dough its chewy texture.

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Baking powder- This helps the soft dough rise and gives it a lighter texture.

Salt- A pinch of salt is required to lớn balance the sweetness of the sugar.

Sugar- This recipe uses granulated sugar to lớn sweeten the dough.

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Melted butter- The unsalted butter helps to lớn bind the ingredients together and gives the dough a richer flavor.

Milk- Any type of milk can be used for this recipe.

Powdered sugar- This is used for sprinkling on vị trí cao nhất of the fried dough.

Oil- Any type of oil can be used for frying the dough. Vegetable oil, canola oil, và peanut oil are


Baking powder

If you don"t have baking powder, you can use ¼ teaspoon of baking soda.