10 best fish eggs fry recipes


Fish egg fry recipe is one of the unique dishes in Sri Lanka and mostly you can see this is star hotels and restaurants. Most of the fishes have very small eggs. Usually, people add such small fish eggs to an ordinary fish curry. Here I’m going to use quite a large fish egg which has taken from a large Grey Mullet fish. I often buy a large grey mullet fish only because it has a pair of large eggs. Unlike other fishes, Grey mullet fish produce quite large eggs.

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Is fish egg good for your health? Basically, fish is good for your health, thus fish eggs too good for your health. But, fish eggs should be eaten in moderation because they are high in cholesterol and sodium. Fish eggs are very rich in vitamin B12, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. In conclusion, eating fish eggs once in a while is not harmful to your health.

Many people don’t know how to make fish egg fry recipe because it’s quite hard to find large fish eggs. Normally, fish suppliers export large fish eggs to other countries, star hotels, and restaurants. If you have a chance to buy large fish eggs, don’t miss this delicious and unique recipe. This fish egg fry recipe is good as a bite in a party. Also, you can eat this fish egg fry with rice and curries as well. Alright, let’s see how to make Sri Lankan style fish egg fry recipe in a quick and easy way. You May Like: Whole Roasted Chicken Recipe In Sri Lankan Style

Sri Lankan Style Fish Egg Fry Recipe

IngredientsFish egg (Grey Mullet Fish) – 300gOnion – As you wishGreen chili – As you wishLime – As you wishTurmeric powder – ½ teaspoonWater – 300mlSalt – As you needCooking oil – As you needInstructions

1. Take the fish egg and rinse it well. (Refer Note 1)


2. Get ready with curry powder, turmeric powder, and salt.


3. Place the cooking pan on the stove and place the fish egg carefully. Also, add salt, turmeric powder, curry powder, and water.


4. Cook covered under the high flame for 6 to 8 minutes.


5. Open the lid and flip the fish egg to the next side. Again cook covered under high flame until all the water disappears. (Refer Note 2)

6. Now let them cool down.

7. Now place the frying pan on the stove and carefully place the cooked fish eggs. Add some oil and let it fry under the low flame.

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8. Turn the fish eggs to every other side and let them fry. (Refer Note 3)


9. Once done, carefully take them off to a nice and clean plate.

10. Let them cool down.

11. Now cut them into your desired size pieces. Slice the onions, green chilies, and lime. Decorate the plate as shown in the picture below.


12. If you want you can sprig some crushed black pepper and tomato sauce.

13. Serve and enjoy this easy fish egg fry recipe in Sri Lankan style.



Note 1: The fish egg is very soft and easily breakable. So give a good care when you wash it.

Note 2: Carefully flip it to the next side because the outer tissue of the fish egg may tear easily.

Note 3: Give a good care when you turn the fish eggs side to side as they easily breakable.