Fried fish with dill tartar sauce recipe


Fried fish is usually fish-fillets dressed in batter và fried in oil, they are crispy on the outside with a soft, succulent texture on the inside.

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Fish comes in a variety of chất lượng flavors, from rich dark colored fish to light tasting trắng fish etc.

We have sauces for every kind of fish, for example, white fish goes exceptionally well with our spicy sauces.Fish also goes well with beer, wine và other drinks, và a fish dish can be the star of your table tonight.

In this article, we have 6 kinds of sauces made with spices or lemon.Set out the ingredients & you can make any one of them while your fish is frying.If you don’t have the specified fish, try a different kind of fish và enjoy a different taste.

If one of them piques your interest, click the links to kiểm tra out the recipe!


Spicy Fresh Vegetables Sauce for Fried Fish

This spicy sauce combines onion và jalapeño peppers with Okonomi Sauce và goes great with beer!Putting this sauce together takes only a little chopping and mixing và will give your fried fish a zesty fresh flavor.

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Korean Spice Sauce for Fried Tuna Steaks

Try this sauce made with Korean chili pepper on a thick & tender fried tuna steak.Red chili pepper flakes và black pepper come together for a piquant taste you’ll want to eat again và again.

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Be sure to share this one with your family and friends.

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Vegetable Spice Sauce for Fried Tilapia

Spicy vegetable sauce is great with juicy & delicious fried Tilapia.This sauce combines vegetable extracts (broth, oil, flakes, etc.), with sour cream, lemon juice & cumin.

There’s no need for chopping vegetable, just put all the ingredients into another pan and heat it up while frying your fish.

Click here for “Vegetable Spice Sauce for Fried Tilapia”

Tuscan Lemon Sauce for Fried Salmon

This recipe for lemon cream sauce uses nutritious sun-dried tomatoes và spicy salsa-verde.And don’t forget the Parmesan cheese!

Click here for “Tuscan Lemon Sauce for Fried Salmon”

Green Coconut Curry Sauce for Fried Cod Fish

This rich sauce uses green curry paste to liven up the gentle flavor of cod.Originally from Thailand, green curry gets its color from green chilies and is milder và somewhat more popular than red curry.

When chopped up, bầu basil has a stronger in flavor than regular basil, if available, try lớn use it in this recipe for a richer flavor.

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Caribbean Jerk Sauce for Fried Catfish

How about some Jamaican-style sauce made with allspice over juicy và tender fried catfish?

This recipe for Caribbean jerk sauce combines chicken broth, butter, lemon juice, lime juice và plenty of spices, it is both unique and delicious.