How To Fry Fish 3 Ways

Crispy Southern Fried Fish is marinated in tangy buttermilk, coated in a Creole seasoned cornmeal mixture, và then, deep-fried khổng lồ golden brown perfection. Pair with classic sides such as crunchy coleslaw, creamy cheese grits, and delectable southern hush puppies, & you have an authentic Southern fish fry menu that is sure to lớn please your pickiest eaters!


Frequently asked questions:

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How vì chưng you keep the fish crispy?

Placing the fried fish fillets on a wire rack instead of letting them drain on paper towels helps keep them crispy. 

What’s the best fish lớn fry?

In the South, freshwater catfish tops the list, but any firm white fish such as Spanish mackerel, grouper, flounder, tilapia, cod, whiting, speckled trout, & red snapper are also delicious. 

What can I use instead of flour khổng lồ fry fish?

Flour, along with cornmeal, helps the fish khổng lồ fry up crispy, but if you are looking for a gluten-free alternative, use a gluten-free flour along with the cornmeal, or use cornmeal by itself. A finer grind instead of a stone grind works best if you are only using cornmeal. 

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What’s the best oil for frying?

I always use and recommend peanut oil because it has a high smoke point. However, I have experimented with rice-bran oil with good results. Rice-brain oil supposedly has several health benefits, but at this time, it is not readily available in grocery stores, và it is more expensive than peanut oil

What’s the best temperature for frying?

I always aim for between 360 và 380 degrees. If your temperature is too low, you will have greasy oil-soaked fish, and if it’s too hot, the cornmeal coating will burn before the fish is cooked. If you don’t already have a candy and deep-fry thermometer, vày yourself a favor and get one. They are inexpensive and a game-changer when frying fish. 

Can you reuse cooking oil?

The short answer is yes! To bởi this, save the original oil container. Once you’ve finished frying, let the oil cool completely. Place a fine-mesh strainer or even better a piece of cheesecloth over the mouth of a funnel khổng lồ catch any bits of food & slowly & carefully pour the oil back in. Store in a cool, dry place. 

What khổng lồ serve with it?

I almost always serve fish with either cheese grits or my Cheese Grits Casserole. It is also wonderful with Smoked Baked Beans, Fried Cabbage, Cucumber & Tomato Salad, Southern Potato Salad, Homemade French Fries, Corn Salad, or my Southern Broccoli Salad.

Sharon’s tips:

Letting the fish fillets sit with their coating on a wire rack for a few minutes before cooking helps the cornmeal coating stay put while the fillet is frying, for the ultimate crispy coating.For the best results, don’t skip the step of letting your fillets soak in buttermilk before coating them with the cornmeal mixture.I often recommend making your own buttermilk by mixing milk with vinegar or lemon juice for baking, but you need to lớn use real buttermilk for the best flavor in this recipe.If you want lớn keep grease splatter down to a minimum, use a large high-sided stockpot or Dutch oven instead of a cast-iron skillet & use a wire screen splatter guard while your fish is frying.When purchasing your fish, try khổng lồ find boneless, skinless fillets that are between one-half và three-quarters of an inch thick. Fresh is best, but frozen works too. If your fillets are frozen, be sure to lớn let them thaw before using them and pat dry with a paper towel before you soak them in the buttermilk. Water và hot oil bởi not play well together.If your fillets are large, and especially if this is your first time frying fish, I recommend that you cut them up into small pieces or nuggets. They will be easier lớn manage.

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