Crispy masala peanuts recipe


Crispy masala peanuts for snack time, also known as peanut pakoda. Addictive dry snack idea, that you can make ahead & use for the week.


Perfect as make ahead evening snack for tea time or post meal munch. Kiểm tra out this restaurant style crispy corn recipe.

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Crispy masala peanuts are batter fried raw peanuts with spices and flavors. Especially, the batter is coated just enough, more lượt thích a semi dry paste. Spices và flavors can be added according to your preference.

It is different from the chaat or the just simply deep fried & tossed with spices. This has a crispy layer of batter, fried dry snack.


Peanuts - Use raw unroasted peanuts as we are deep frying. If we use roasted peanuts, it gives burnt taste as it gets fried again.

I did this mistake when I have tried earlier and thought this is an impossible recipe. But did not know using raw peanuts will fix the problem.

Gram flour - Kadalai mavu/ bengal gram flour is main ingredient in the recipe. You can also use chickpea flour available through out the world (they are slightly coarse as it"s made from whole chana while Bengal gram is ground to lớn make besan)

Rice flour - Gives crisp và light feel to lớn the batter, store bought one does it"s part.

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Corn flour - Known as corn starch in some places. It is best for holding the coating together, especially when the other two flours are coarse.

Spice powders - I used Kashmiri chilli powder for màu sắc and it is mild in spice. Chaat masala for a tang along with a squirt of lemon.

Asafoetida is for flavor along with curry leaves.



You can coriander powder or curry powder for a twist. I love fennel seeds flavor, so if you are like me, add some powdered fennel. Ginger garlic paste can be added instead of asafoetida.

Baking/ Airfryer: Bake for 12 lớn 14 minutes at 200 deg C in a pre-heated oven. Spread as a single layer in a lined tray or a greased try. If you want you can either rotate the tray or spread the peanuts using spatula for even baking.

Keep an eye after 10 mins. I prefer using butter paper instead of aluminium foil. Lớn avoid too dry look/ taste, you can set in 1 tablespoon of oil in the coating.


Are you a đoạn clip person, who lượt thích to watch the action than photos? Well check out my quick video here.

Top tip

When the peanuts are taken out và still hot, if you taste it, it may feel lượt thích it"s not crispy yet fully. But it will eventually get crispier as time passes và cools down completely.

A wide, shallow frying pan/ kadai is best for deep frying this snack.

Warnings ⚠:

Never deep fry in high flame as the peanuts may pop và splash oil.While sprinkling peanuts over oil, it splashes the hot oil back to lớn hands. Either vị it little close khổng lồ oil (do not dip your fingers!) or from a safe height. I did the closer khổng lồ oil way.Also too hot oil while sprinkling gives out steam that burns our hand, so change the position as you sprinkle. Sprinkle in same place gives your steam burn.

My notes

While frying, initially heat the oil. Put the flame lớn low and then start sprinkling the peanuts.Wait for 30 seconds after you sprinkle in oil before turning using ladle. Because if you vì chưng it soon, then it will stick to ladle or khổng lồ each other as well.Keep turning occasionally until sound reduces và bubbles also reduce. But do not wait until the outer layer gets dark in color. It will taste like burnt peanuts if you fry too long.

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