African yam

African Yam (fried puna Yam) – delicious crispy coated fries made from African yam. This is a simple dish, but it results in fantastic eating.

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African Yam (fried puna Yam)

This recipe is a twist on the traditional fried yams I grew up with. Then, my mom thought us to sprinkle a bit of salt on the already peeled yam & then deep fry it. This yielded a crispy exterior and a soft interior.

My dad also thought us how to showroom some water inside the oil while frying the yams and this yielded a much delicate texture & taste. However, I’ll advise anyone not to lớn try this except you see the process on how it’s being made because it can be difficult dealing with hot oil.

In the recent past a fast-food chain came up with this brilliant idea of coating the Yams with a batter made with spicy egg and flour mixture and they called it ”Yamarita” Such a cool name. I have to say that the outcome is amazing!

What is African Yam

African yam is totally different from what we refer to as yams here in the states (the orange-fleshed Sweet potatoes). Though they are both root crops but they are two different species and they have very different backgrounds & uses.

The African yam is native to Africa & some parts of Asia. It is also referred lớn aspuna yam ortrue yam.

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They have dark brown rough skin with off-white fleshand they come in different varieties.

Yams are starchy tubers (starchier và drier than sweet potatoes). They have an almost đen bark-like skin with white to off-white flesh và come in many varieties. They can be as small as regular potatoes và they can grow lớn about five feet long.

How to cook the African Yam

The African Yams can be boiled, stewed (made into porridge), roasted or fried or pounded.

Where to lớn buy African Yams

If you live outside Africa lượt thích the united states, the best place to find African yamswill be the ethnic market or online stores.

This is an excellent recipe khổng lồ try if you are looking for something different from the traditional fried yams. It is best enjoyed when dipped in the African all-purpose sauce & can be served alongside grilled chicken, steak, or grilled fish. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: How to lớn Make Fried Yam – Chef Lola"s Kitchen (