Lemon ginger marmalade recipe


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Orange marmalade is deliciously sweet & bitter. This simple no pectin recipe includes ginger for an extra special flavour. Use Seville oranges when you can get hold of them, but out of season any oranges will do. Perfect on toast or crumpets for breakfast.

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Ginger Orange Marmalade

Don"t be scared of marmalade.

It"s actually quite simple to lớn make, you just need khổng lồ give it time khổng lồ boil and soften the peel.

Simply follow my easy instructions and soon you"ll have a pantry stocked with jars of this delicious ginger orange marmalade.

This ginger orange marmalade recipe is sweet, yet bitter, with a lovely subtle heat from the fiery ginger.

Seriously, the most taxing part is just chopping the peel finely, but all you need is a sharp knife và (this is essential) good tunes on the radio.

You"ll need khổng lồ sterilize a few jam jars (I am majorly obsessed with saving all useful jars for a rainy day - anyone else?).

I just run my jars through the dishwasher, but you can also put them in a low oven.

Check out this guide to sterilizing jars.

This recipe is naturally vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

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How khổng lồ enjoy orange marmalade

I love spreading orange marmalade on hot slices of toast.

You could also try it on my quick carrot soda bread or fluffy milk rolls.

It would also be amazing on my turmeric bread or date and walnut bread.

If you"re looking for other jam recipes, you must try my carrot jam.

It"s sooo easy to lớn make and, bizarrely, the carrot jam ends up tasting like apricot jam!

For another way lớn enjoy it, try it on cinnamon scones, on French toast, swirled into yogurt or dolloped onto baked oatmeal.

Or of course, try it in marmalade sandwiches, lượt thích Paddington Bear!


How lớn make marmalade

There are different ways to lớn make marmalade, but this is my simpler recipe.

Some recipes gọi for soaking the peels overnight, but I"m not known for my patience.

Others call for boiling the oranges whole, but I find that fiddly when it comes lớn cutting the slippery peels into shreds.

For this marmalade recipe, you simply need to1. Juice the oranges và lemon, saving the pips (seeds).2. Scrape out the trắng pith.3. Cut the orange peels into shreds.4. địa chỉ the juices, peels và water khổng lồ the pan.5. Put the pith và pips into a little pouch made from tied muslin cloth (cheesecloth) and địa chỉ that khổng lồ the pan.No muslin? Read on!6. Simmer for 2 hours until soft.7. địa chỉ cửa hàng sugar and simmer a further đôi mươi minutes.8. When setting point is reached (see plate demo in the recipe below), spoon into sterilized jars.

Marmalade without muslin (cheesecloth)?

Muslin is a fine weave cloth that"s useful for straining in many recipes.

If you don"t have any muslin cloth (or cheesecloth) for your marmalade, try these muslin alternatives:

Nut milk bagClean 100% cốt tông tea towel100% cotton sterilised bandages from medical kitClean baby muslin cloth (aka burp cloth!)A clean (but old) pillowcase. Cảnh báo that it will be stained from the marmalade after use.Cut the foot from a pair of new tights / pantyhose


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