Fresh Papaya Ginger Jam Recipe

If you have a sweet và delicious papaya fruit in hand, you have to lớn make this homemade papaya jam without pectin và preserve the tropical flavors. And it needs just three ingredients and two jars, và 45 minutes of cooking with very little active time!


If you love papaya & homemade jam và have never tried a papaya jam. You are missing the most delicious breakfast spread in life.

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It tastes amazing và to my surprise, the cooked aroma of papaya and the mellow taste boosted with a kick of lemon juice is so so palatable.Papaya jam requires less effort for preparation that"s why it is a bonus point if you choose this jam unlike orange jam and strawberry jam.

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Why make this?

Easy lớn prepare fruit: What is more amazing is that unlike other fruit processing papaya is super easy. Low-sugar và small-batch: Unlike most recipes, this jam has very little sugar & a small-sized recipe that can be easily doubled.



Papaya is the main ingredient so the taste color and texture of plum will reflect in the resulting jam. Use ripened but firm papaya as firm fruit has more insoluble pectin making it easy for the jam to lớn set. Over-ripened papaya will take more cooking time khổng lồ set.

Sugar is a natural preservative in any jam, you need to add a certain amount of sugar for a no pectin Papaya jam set. If you feel that the papayas are not sweet enough then you can địa chỉ more sugar for the required taste you want. It is always best khổng lồ start with less sugar. (And check jam taste by applying a dollop of hot jam mixture to the toast. That way you could decide better about sweetness.)

Lemon Juice: This ingredient is added to add a little bit of sour taste và tangy taste to the papaya jam which is very sweet unlike plum jam. So địa chỉ cửa hàng extra lemon juice if you like. You can"t skip lemon juice it also helps activate the natural pectin of papaya và help the jam set.

How lớn Make it?

Prepare Papaya: Begin by cutting it in half, remove its seeds with the help of a spoon và then slice it in wedges. Also, remove the fibrous veins that are present lengthwise. (They vày not get tender & cant be mashed.)

Then skin individual wedges of this large fruit. (If you have a smaller papaya variety in hand, you can simply skin the half.)

This is the easiest & most efficient way of cutting papaya. Because papaya tends khổng lồ slip, the wedges provide a firm grip compared to skinning the large halves.

Use firm and fully ripened papaya that is sweet và chops it into small pieces. Convert the pieces into a pan or a large pot. (Make sure the pot has a thick base, we vày not want the sugar to lớn caramelize.)Add 1 ¼ cup of sugar first and then địa chỉ cửa hàng the remaining ¼ cup after the taste demo if needed. It is always better khổng lồ start with less sugar.Cook covered for 15 minutes on medium until the papaya is translucent.Then mash the jam for a few minutes. Cook uncovered for another 15 minutes until the jam starts getting thick. Then reduce heat to lớn low và keep cooking. Stir frequently when your jam is close to the set point.
Blend jam with an immersion blender for a smooth consistency.

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(You can skip this step if you like chunky jam or if you vì not have an immersion blender but it is recommended.)The jam will turn glossy, & thick around the set point.When you draw a line on the pan it will stay. The jam will be spreadable at this point with a slightly higher yield. If you lượt thích thick jam, cook further until you can"t see any water on the side edges of jam-like in above photo no.6. Vị a cold plate test lớn see jam is ready lớn set. Place a large drop of hot jam on the freezer cold plate & wait for 30 seconds khổng lồ cool. Cook until desired thickness is reached.This cold plate chạy thử will guide you on what your jam would look when set. (Do not overcook or the sugar can caramelize & make the jam bitter.)Ladle hot jam plum jam to clean & sterilized jars. Place the lid và turn the jars upside down. (This step makes a vacuum between the jam & the lid and also helps avoid condensation. You can actually kiểm tra the seal, but make sure the jars are filled lớn the top leaving only a ½ inch empty space from the lid.) Let the jar stay on the counter overnight lớn set before serving.

How lớn Store Jam?

Homemade jams need more care than processed commercial ones. You can store this jam in the refrigerator in a clean glass jar for 2 months or more in the fridge.Use a clean spoon always while serving the jam.(Do not let your finger linger around the rim or inside of the jar if you hate mold on the jam surface.)If you want to freeze papaya jam then you can store it in the freezer for six months or more until it tastes the same.If you intend lớn seal & store jam at room temperature in the pantry then follow the canning steps of sterilization of jars and lids before filling hot jam. Process papaya jam in the hot water bath for 10 minutes. Let the jar rest undisturbed overnight before checking the seals. Store the jam in the fridge after opening.


I"d personally love the variation in papaya jam because it is on the sweeter side và I lượt thích a little tartness in my jam khổng lồ give me that fresh wake-up gọi in breakfast. Try kiwi jam.

Unlike papaya which is evergreen & available all year round, most fruits are seasonal so I was hesitant to địa chỉ cửa hàng other fruit khổng lồ this jam but I highly suggest adding the below options for more depth in taste.

Add other fruits: You can switch 1 cup papaya with orange pulp, or tart green apples. Both of these are high pectin fruit which means better yield too. Under ripened sour mango, or even sweet ripened make a very tropical-flavored jam.

Spiced jam: If spices are your thing try adding ginger or cinnamon or cardamom. Vanilla is a great option too.


How khổng lồ use it?

Spread the jam on a tart or pie & enhance the taste of your dessert.Stuff it into bread dough & bake it. Pancakes with some papaya jam spread would be mouth-watering enough for your little ones too.Top it with vanilla ice cream. Phối it in yogurt to lớn sweeten & make naturally flavored yogurt.Add it to your thumbprint cookies or jam biscuits.Lastly, my favorite is to địa chỉ cửa hàng it to your yogurt parfait or overnight oats. Yum!
Does papaya have pectic?

Papayas are rich in pectin which is needed in jam lớn set. But remember the pectin dissolve as it ripes, or say the more it ripes.

How lớn preserve papaya jam?

You can preserve jam by following the canning steps of sterilization of jars & lids before filling hot jam. Then process papaya jam in the hot water bath for 10 minutes. Let the jar rest undisturbed overnight before checking the seals. Alternatively, you can store the jam without canning in the fridge for 1 month or freeze it for 6 months.

If you try this recipe, I"d LOVE to hear your feedback in the comments. Your 5-ratings motivate me to vày my best. Stay connected for more recipes and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.


It tastes amazing & to my surprise, the cooked aroma of papaya và the mellow taste boosted with a kick of lemon juice is so so palatable.