31 legit ways to make quick money in a day


Need money? Get money now with fast cash turnaround in an emergency, even if you’re a little lazy. All suggestions on this menu are relatively easy và require little effort.

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Updated on May 20, 2022 –still current, folks!

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Money money money

Get Money Now

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s saving money for a trip, paying off a past-due student loan, renovating your home, footing the bill for car repairs –or under some khung of lockdown from a massive global pandemic.

At one time or another, we all hit a wall. & there’s a million lists out there which offer suggestions for how to lớn get money now –but a majority of them aren’t fast enough. “I need money” means I need it fast.

There will be limitations, like how fast money payments are made or how much effort is required. If you’re looking for relatively easy ways to lớn make money quickly, this list includes solutions that will help you out when you need cash now –as in, within 24 – 48 hours, và others which may take 1-2 weeks to lớn get paid.

All of these quick cash strategies will provide a realistic, doable working solution for people who need cash fast.

You never know when sh*t might hit the fan, so địa chỉ this article to lớn Pocket và save it for later! I’ll update it when I find new & easy ways to make fast cash now.

Got a pre-existing medical problem and work from home, for yourself?

Eliminating or reducing risk is a self-empowering way to lớn stay out of medical bill debt –for you, your family, or your employees.

If you’re employed as a freelancer or work in the gig economy, Safetywing Remote Health covers COVID-19 treatment for your immediate family as well as other pre-existing conditions lượt thích cancer, diabetes, and much, much more.

Check them out here.


I Need Money: 19 Easy Ways to Make Quick Cash

Many of these suggestions are useful beyond those I need money right now situations, và could potentially become a reliable side hustle or a full time job.

I’ve personally used #2, #3, #6, #8, #9, #12, #13, #14, #15, and #19 to fund my full-time travel over the years. My wife was making a few grand quick cash every month in her spare time with #5 before we had our son.

Keep an open mind & think beyond emergencies. Some of these suggestions are so easy you could make money during dead time like riding the bus, eating lunch, or in between rounds of Fortnite.

How to lớn Get Money from Businesses in Other Countries

After beginners figure out how to make money online, a bank account in another country to collect incoming payments may be required in most situations for non-US citizens.

As a Canadian và Filipina duo, we both use Payoneer và Wise (formerly called Transferwise) to move money around và get paid from online income sources for little khổng lồ no fee; Amazon pays me via a Payoneer US bank account, WorldNomads insurance pays me via a Wise Australian bank account. All accounts are linked to lớn one card and my trang chủ bank in Canada, và currency conversion rates are, I think, the lowest possible.

Learning how khổng lồ make fast money isn’t just about how it’s earned, it’s also about how you receive it.

Open an account with Payoneer và Wise, you’ll thank me later.

If you try to visit a website on this list and it isn’t loading for you, consider using a VPN with a US or Canadian location.

Many of these fast cash strategies suggestions are only available in the US, Canada, or Europe và you might need a VPN to access them. We audit/review a new VPN company every year, & NordVPN is currently our jam.

Fast loans could be your escalator out of hell

1. Fast Loans

This first suggestion is the fastest way to lớn get money now –a simple loan from ZippyLoan can get you all paid out within one business day in many cases –even with a lower credit rating.

Borrow between $100 & $15,000 as soon as tomorrow with very flexible payback terms. 

This is the nuclear option for extreme situations when you are desperately in need of money.

If you think your credit isn’t good enough or you’re too young, applying is the only way to find out for sure. This offer is only available lớn US citizens (via a US IP address, you may need a VPN).


If you need a bigger loan (up lớn $35k) with the same fast turnaround speed try Total Personal Loan or read about other lending options we trust.

What are the consequences if you don’t try?


2. Online Surveys+

Yeah, online surveys. Everybody suggests a bunch of them in these kind of posts, và most online survey sites are a crap way to make money quickly.

Except for Swagbucks. They aren’t just surveys, you can also get paid for browsing the website on your laptop or phone, too.

Some activities that Swagbucks will pay you for;

Playing gamesWatching videosShoppingOnline SearchTaking surveys

Swagbucks is a rewards program that gives you không tính tiền gift cards that don’t suck, or they give you cash.

They’ve got an 8.3/10 rating on TrustPilot, they give out over 7,000 free gift cards daily, và they’re great if you’ve got some nervous time khổng lồ burn.

This offer is for those “I need money now for không lấy phí and fast” situations, and only available for US and Canadian citizens.



3. Unused internet (+$5 free, from me)

If you’re not interested in online surveys and want to make không tính phí money with no effort –totally passively– then you can sell unused mạng internet bandwidth lớn data scientists at major corporations và get paid about $50 USD for free, every month, from Honeygain.

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Payment depends on how often you leave the app running, how many devices you’ve connected to the internet, and/or how many accounts you create. It works out to lớn about a buck for every 10GB transferred through the tiện ích (or more if it’s for a nội dung delivery network).

Stick with it! You can get paid through PayPal in US dollars, or Bitcoin!

It ain’t much, but it’s không tính tiền money, and you can earn it using any data connection. Know your neighbor’s WiFi password? Kidding.

Your data is used to lớn power the backend for companies who purchase bandwidth for quantum computing –SEO companies with heavy keywords research software similar khổng lồ MOZ, or a content delivery network (CDN). It’s not one of those malicious spyware apps, và there’s nothing shady in their TOS. It’s straight up bandwidth sharing, they don’t log you –you are not the product.

Honeygain isn’t creepy, either

Put your computer to work for the ultimate no-effort passive side hustle. If you use our signup link, Honeygain will start you off with $5 USD for free. Minimum cash out is $20 USD.


4. Collect Money the IRS Owes You

Yeah, nobody thought the IRS could be their friend in a time of need, but if you haven’t filed your taxes yet –or spoken khổng lồ a registered CPA at the very least, you may not realize you’re sitting on a few hundred bucks or more, courtesy of the US Internal Revenue Service.

You won’t know until you look at the numbers, and if you want someone khổng lồ thoroughly analyze your income tax cashback potential –it may pay lớn hire a CPA from TaxHub. They’re completely remote so you don’t have to lớn leave your house to lớn find out if the IRS owes you “free” money.

Like mana from the sky, when you need it most.

This shouldn’t be considered tax advice, but it’s our editorial opinion that if there’s nothing owed to you, just don’t tệp tin until you’re ready. It’s as easy as that.


5. Small, Repetitive Tasks

Doing small repetitive tasks for other people is a great way to get money now.

My wife makes Pins for businesses that use Pinterest in her spare time and makes a few thousand bucks per month. In her case, she uses Canva lớn make them and charges $4+ for each design. You can even use the không tính phí Adobe Spark app on your phone khổng lồ design images, so no máy tính required.

What can you bởi vì quickly & effortlessly when you need cash now? kiểm tra out Fiverr to lớn get an idea of all the little tasks people are charging for.

This offer is xuất hiện to anyone, all around the world. Payouts take 2 weeks before they can be withdrawn.



6. Rent Out a Single Room in Your Apartment for Short Stays

Airbnb hosts make quite a bit of fast money.

What’s even better is that Airbnb also provides hosts with up khổng lồ $1M in property protection against damages, as well as $1m in liability insurance.

To get out of a jam or pay down your mortgage faster, you could rent out one bedroom (shared living on Airbnb is very popular, common, & normalised) or hell, crash at a friend’s place & rent out your apartment on weekends. A lot of Airbnb hosts just rent out a room and cohabitate with Airbnb users when they stay there.

To turn it into a side hustle, you could start renting cheap apartments in convenient locations & renting them out on a larger scale. I’ve done the latter, as we tend khổng lồ rent apartments in every location we visit often. It’s decent money và a great way lớn pay for travel.

This offer is available to anyone where Airbnb operates, globally.

Airbnb Host
Teach English online to lớn kids overseas và make money fast

7. Teach English Online

Teaching English online, from home, is a great way khổng lồ make money when you’re in I need money mode, & it can also make a great work-from-home career. All you need is a webcam and a decent internet connection.

VIPKid pays well, and it’s reliable. If you’ve ever taught English before, I suggest you give it a shot.

If you don’t meet the criteria for VIPKid, consider TakeLessons.com (less stringent) or explore Facebook groups and do a Google search for people overseas interested in having someone teach English via Skype.

This offer is mở cửa to most people who speak English as their first language.



8. Work From Home

Before I started making a passive income with blogging, I’d take work-from-home jobs in Canada lớn make money online in order khổng lồ cover my living & travel expenses.

Legitimate online jobs are quickly becoming commonplace, with reputable businesses lượt thích TTEC, Amazon, Hilton, Dell, Robert Half International, BroadPath Healthcare Solutions, GitHub, VIPKid, & Convergys all hiring location independent job positions on a regular basis, just to name a few.

Working online can sometimes come with risks if you don’t know your employer, or they weren’t vetted first. In my opinion, Upwork is full of deadbeat employers paying rock bottom dollar for your hard work & I recommend staying away from “gig economy” websites like that.

Instead, I trust Flexjobs‘ remote job site khổng lồ find online work when I need money; they screen out shady employers, offer không tính phí coaching lớn help you get a job, và they’re generally all around good people. You can get an account on Flexjobs for as little as $3.75 per month.

Check out a few of their job listings, they’re automatically updated và always current;