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Mondelez Kinh vì leverages consumers’ indulgent experience with notable mooncake lines on Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

Ho bỏ ra Minh City, July 2022- In order lớn bring best indulgent experience to lớn its consumers this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, Mondelez Kinh bởi continues to increase chất lượng standards for its famous mooncakes that are consistently delicious, finely crafted, và beautifully presented. Despite the pressure of increasing in in cost of raw materials và prices of goods, Mondelez Kinh vì makes great efforts lớn maintain consumer price for Kinh vì mooncakes, with most of best selling products’ price remained unchanged, và only adjust +2-3% of total portfolio on average. This is part of Mondelez ghê Do’s commitment khổng lồ putting consumers at the heart of everything they do and adapting to fit consumer needs at any moment with perfectly crafted products that are a source of delight.

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This Mooncake Festival, consumers can indulge various mooncakes from Kinh bởi vì brand with more than 70 kinds of products. From the supreme “Trang Vang Black and Gold” line, the premium “Trang Vang” line, “Thu” line, lớn contemporary snowskin và lava mooncakes, whether you are looking for the best classic mooncakes, new flavours, or the best gift sets for your loved one, there are many choices the brand has to offer.


This Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, Mondelez Kinh vị delights its consumers with 3 new innovative lines

For high-end premium gifting purpose, Mondelez Kinh bởi introduces the healthy luxurious “Trang Vang Black and Gold Bird’s Nest” mooncakes. The sản phẩm is made of real bird's nests inside, encased in a lavish đen crust, dusted in a layer of iridescent gold glitter powder, và housed in distinctive packaging with designs of dragons, carps, lotus, carved on luxurious lacquer boxes, sleek gift boxes. This latest creation is a completion of the internationally award-winning “Trang Vang Black & Gold” supreme mooncake line, a high-end gift for your special ones.


All Kinh vì mooncake lines showcase unique packaging with impressive designs, colors, & patterns that highlight the spirit of Moon Festival

Another new creation of this year is the Trang Vang Hong Ngoc Hung Thinh và Hung Phu lines, which are distinctive gifts for friendship & harmony. The lines come in with impressive design of bustling festive season, combined with delicate printing effects, creating a meaningful và luxurious Mid-Autumn Festival box.

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Targeting younger consumers who prefer contemporary flavours, Kinh vày presents a refreshed repertoire of Japanese – inspired snow skin mooncakes. Each petit mooncake is a cảm biến of elegance with creative dual màu sắc skin that comes in four exquisite flavours: Yuzu, đen sesame, macha, & red bean.


Kinh vì chưng presents a refreshed repertoire of Japanese – inspired snow skin mooncakes target younger consumers who prefer contemporary flavours

Returning for a second year by popular request, the Thu Mini mooncake collection contains a range of refined mooncakes encased in beautiful vibrant pink & blue packaging with creative designs. In addition, the famously rich & creamy Lava mooncakes also come back in 3 flavors Chocolate, Cheese, và Green Bean Pork Floss.

This year Mondelez Kinh vì gives great attention to lớn improving the chất lượng of its mooncakes, as well as strictly follows Mondelez International unique standards. All Kinh vì chưng mooncakes are made by the highest hygiene standard và advanced technology, as well as comply with TCVN standards issued by the Vietnam Ministry of Science & Technology.


Mondelez Kinh vị continues lớn use friendly packaging materials

Kinh vì mooncakes are well-known for not only as delicacies but also as a special gift of love và thankfulness thanks to the constant innovation on packing techniques & stunning design to lớn fit perfectly with various gifting purposes. All Kinh vị mooncake lines showcase unique packaging with impressive designs, colors, và patterns that highlight the spirit of Moon Festival & offer the best wishes for health, wealth, success, happiness, and peace. Staying true khổng lồ their brand attribute of sustainability & environmental responsibility, Mondelez Kinh bởi continues khổng lồ use friendly packaging materials. Accordingly, 95% of Kinh bởi mooncake handle bags are made from kraft paper, while 100% of mooncake trays are made from recyclable PET plastic.

"After a hiatus in 2021, consumers look forward to lớn celebrate mid-autumn festival this year with lot of enthusiasm! Mondelez Kinh bởi is known for it’s exquisite range of mooncakes and is a symbol of festivity & togetherness for millions of Vietnamese across the globe. Today, more than ever before, Consumers are conscious of quality and are very selective in making choices when it comes khổng lồ gifting. We understand our consumers và will bring back the magic of Tet Trung Thu lớn them with innovative products, best in class packaging & consumer engagement programs. We hope with these great efforts from Mondelez kinh Do, Vietnamese consumers can once again enjoy a warm, happy, và harmonious Mid-Autumn Festival with their loved ones by their side.", said Mr. Sameer Yadav, marketing Director of Mondelez Kinh bởi vì Vietnam.

In order khổng lồ ensure Kinh vì chưng mooncakes reach consumers easily, safely, & conveniently, this year, Mondelez Kinh bởi expanded nearly 1,000 points of sale, bringing the total number of mooncake distribution points up to 13,500 stores nationwide. Now consumers can buy their favourite mooncakes from any Kinh bởi vì stores, at supermarkets, convenience stores, or buy from majors online shopping channels such as Lazada, Tiki, Shopee, & food delivery ứng dụng Grab.

Mondelēz International is the largest snack company the world, & the only US company in the confectionery market in Vietnam lớn supply all types of biscuits, fresh breads, sponge cakes, mooncakes, chocolate, and other confectionery. Kinh vì brand was acquired in năm ngoái and became a brand of the global Mondelēz International.