Homemade durian mung bean paste recipe 榴莲绿豆蓉

This Durian Mung Bean Paste is made with fresh durian flesh, no artificial flavoring is added. It is definitely more delicious than store-bought durian paste which is usually flavoured with artificial flavouring. Since durian flesh is sweet, not much sugar is added. This filling is suitable for traditional mooncakes, snow skin mooncakes, as well as pastry crust mooncakes. You may make this paste whenever you have excess durian flesh and freeze the paste for later use.

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Yields: about 560 g



Durian Mung Bean Paste Filling for Mooncake | nhatroso.com


150 g split mung bean (rinsed)300 g plain water180 g durian flesh¼ tsp fine salt65 g fine sugar2 tbsps glutinous rice flour250 g full cream milk40 g cooking oil


1 Combine split mung bean & water, & steam for 30 minutes until very soft.


2 Remove durian flesh, & measure out 180 g of flesh.

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3 Combine salt, sugar, glutinous rice flour, và milk, then phối well. Add in steamed split mung bean and durian flesh, and blend until smooth.


4 Sieve into a non-stick pan.


5 địa chỉ in cooking oil, and mix well.


6 Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes, then reduce khổng lồ medium-low heat và cook for 6-7 minutes, until you have a smooth paste. (Reminder: The heat for different cookers is different, cooking time is just for reference.)


7 phối aside durian mung bean paste lớn cool completely. When it has cooled down, it is ready khổng lồ be used for making durian mung bean paste mooncakes. (Update for storage: Put the paste in a container and freeze it. Return the frozen paste to room temperature before using it.)