Homemade Nonya Pandan Kaya Jam )

"Kaya" is a sweet coconut jam which is very popular in Southeast Asia especially Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and even Indonesia. Also known as "Srikaya", it is often eaten with toast or added khổng lồ baked products such as bread & pastries.

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For many living in Malaysian, Singapore & other countries in Southeast Asia, creamy coconut jam, also known as ‘kaya’ holds lots of memories. This recipe which needs only four ingredients is extremely easy to prepare. However, follow the steps closely if you want the best outcome.

What is kaya made of?

Kaya is made of coconut milk, egg and caramelized sugar. Eggs naturally binds the ingredients together while sugar provides sweetness to lớn the jam besides acting as a natural preservative.

Can sugar be substituted?

White sugar (granulated table sugar) is used in traditional recipes, you can also use brown sugar. Sugar is used to sweeten the jam and it also binds khổng lồ water to lớn prevent bacteria from growing. Muscuvado, a type of unrefined sugar can be used in combination with trắng or brown sugar. The natural nội dung of molasses does affect the taste of kaya. If you're looking for a low carb substitute, use erythritol which caramalizes like sugar whereby stevia does not. However, kaya may not last as long when using erythritol as there isn't much research on its ability to extend shelf life although some brands may claim that it does.

Why is the kaya lumpy?

Patience is the key. All ingredients have lớn be mixed thoroughly. Otherwise, chunks of egg whites or egg yolks may over up in the jam if it is not mixed well enough. When cooking the mixture, remember khổng lồ have the heat on low or the kaya will curdle. Many also commented that the kaya did not turn out as smooth as shown in the video. The trick to lớn a smooth consistency is khổng lồ keep stirring the mixture during the cooking process. If it still turns out lumpy, blend the mixture after it is ready.

If you want to lớn cut down on the cooking time, you can increase the heat to medium. Use a hand mixer to blend the mixture thoroughly for 10 seconds every 15 minutes or when kaya begins khổng lồ thicken. Note: Kaya prepared this way may not last as long compared khổng lồ when it is cooked slowly.

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What if I don't have pandan leaves?

It is acceptable khổng lồ omit pandan leaves from this recipe as it acts as a natural food colouring & flavouring. It is said khổng lồ be the vanilla of Southeast Asia. Otherwise, you may substitute it with pandan extract which is commonly sold at Asian grocers.

How long does kaya last?

This kaya can last for at least 1 khổng lồ 2 months if kept refrigerated. It is able to last long because it is cooked slowly. The slow cooking process allows the sugar to lớn caramelize along with the coconut milk & acts as a preservative to lớn the jam.

Storing the coconut jam correctly will also help to lớn extend its shelf life. Use a sterilized và dry bottle to lớn store the jam. Always use clean & dry cutlery to scoop the jam.

Does kaya go bad if not refrigerated?

When stored unrefrigerated, kaya can last up lớn a week. Discard if it starts khổng lồ get moldy.

Can kaya last longer in a vacuumed jars?

One of the ways to lớn preserve jam or marmalade is khổng lồ store them in vacuumed jars. The ‘water bathing’ process helps to lớn seal the jars properly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Unfortunately, it's not possible lớn use the same process with kaya. We've tried numerous times but failed due lớn the content of sugar that acts as preservative is too little. Moreover, ingredients such as eggs & coconut milk have short life span. Without additional preservatives, kaya is not be able khổng lồ have a long shelf life like jams even after the ‘water bathing’ process.

How khổng lồ make kaya toast?

Kaya toast is made using sliced bread which is toasted. Spread unsalted butter graciously on the toasted bread before topping it with kaya. Enjoy the delicious toast with teh tarik, coffee or any beverage of your choice. Kaya toast is also served with other Malaysian food such as roti canai & nasi lemak for breakfast.

Besides kaya toast, what can I vì with kaya?

Kaya can be use as a sweet paste or creme whereby it can be added lớn baked goods. In Southeast Asian bakeries, kaya is often added as a filling khổng lồ pastries & bread. Store-bought puff pastry does a great job to wrap kaya. If you love smoothie breakfast bowls, kaya is a great addition!