How to make matcha green tea snowskin mooncake

Snow skin Matcha mooncake has a soft và slightly chewy texture which is quite similar to mochi, it is bestserved chilled. This Matcha rich snow skin mooncake is a must-try recipe for Matcha lovers.

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Are you ready for a homemade Matcha mooncake with Snow-skin?

These delicious treats are made with Matcha powder, which gives them an earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the filling.




Matcha Snow Skin Mooncake (Japanese Green Tea Snow Skin)|

Yields: 10 mini mooncakes (47 g each)

Ingredients for Matcha snow skin: (Yields: 270 g)

40 g glutinous rice flour35 g rice flour15 g wheat starch½ tsp Matcha powder (Japanese green tea powder)40 g icing sugar145 g milk15 g cooking oil* (Update:You may increase the amount of cooking oil khổng lồ 30 g)

Other ingredient:

How khổng lồ make Matcha mooncake with snow skin:

1 phối together glutinous rice flour, rice flour, wheat starch, matcha powder, và icing sugar. địa chỉ cửa hàng inmilk, & mix until smooth. địa chỉ cửa hàng in cooking oil, and mix until combined. Sieve mixture into an oil-coated heat-resistant bowl. (Reminder: You may increase the amount of cooking oil lớn 30 g, the hardening of snow skin will be slower if it is oilier.)


2 Put into the steamer, và steam over medium heat for 25 minutes.


3 phối until smooth with a spatula while still hot. Phối aside until slightly cooled, then wrap with clingwrap and chill for 30 minutes.

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4 Prepare hand-coating flour: Stir-fry 1 tablespoon of glutinous rice flour in a dry pan overmedium-low heat for 5 minutes & set aside to lớn cool.


5 Divide Matcha Mung Bean Paste into 10 portions (20 g each).


6 Divide Matcha snow skin into 10 portions (27 g each).


7 Flatten snow skin into a round shape, vị trí cao nhất with filling, then fully wrapped filling with snow skin. Lightlycoat with hand-coating flour, then print the pattern with a small mooncake mould (60-g size).


8 Chill the snow skin mooncakes for 1 hour before serving for a better texture. (Update: For storage, put snow skin mooncakes in an airtight container và freeze, thaw in the refrigerator before serving. I usually finish within 5-6 days.)