15 delicious red bean cakes to try on the occasion of the seventh anniversary 15 delicious red bean cakes to try on the occasion of the seventh anniversary


That Tich Festival is coming, if no one is around, let nhatroso.com suggest you 15 delicious red bean cakes that are both delicious and unlucky, maybe joy will come. Find out in the article below!

1. Dumplings filled with red bean paste

In addition to the familiar green bean or taro filling, you can now customize this dish with an equally delicious & attractive red bean paste.

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Dumplings with red bean paste

With a soft outer shell made from wheat flour. The red bean paste inside has a sweet, slightly fatty and very attractive fleshy taste. The hot, delicious red bean paste dumplings make you eat them all the time without getting bored.

2. Red bean paste moon cake

With the harmonious combination of green tea and red beans, the moon cakes are more delicious and attractive. Makes you want to take one bite và want a second bite.
Moon cake with fragrant green tea crust, slightly bitter taste và not too overpowering. Moreover, the red bean paste inside is also sweet, fleshy và fragrant. This is definitely a dish worth making red bean paste lớn treat the whole family!

3. Red bean paste mochi

Mochi cakes are always loved for their softness and attractiveness. Not only that, the red bean mochi will definitely make you love this dish even more!

Red bean paste mochi

Mochi cake with sticky glutinous flour outside. Inside is the red bean paste, which is finely pounded, has a sweet, non-sickening taste, very mouth-watering. This dish is best eaten when eaten cold, biting your teeth, red beans melt in your mouth.

4. Red bean individual cake

It is a traditional Japanese cake. Red bean individual cakes are not only delicious when eaten hot, but also very fragrant, cool và attractive when eaten cold!
The finished fish cake has a lovely shape, the crust is soft, chewy, & smells of milk. Inside is a sweet red bean paste. Blends in with the outer crust. Create a delicious snack that must be enjoyed once!

5. Red bean paste cake

Not only the mid-autumn festival, red bean paste cake is also very popular on the holiday of That Tich. Because its delicious taste is hard lớn match.

What to lớn eat on Qixi Festival?

This cake is always loved by the aroma of grapefruit perfume. Red bean paste is carefully slug until soft, extremely attractive. The beautiful cakes have a sweet aroma mixed with hot tea.

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6. Red bean bread

Just help you fill your stomach, & can solve the FA bad luck on the day of the Seven. The small, beautiful, high-quality bread will help you bởi that.

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Hot red bean bread has just come out of the oven, the aroma spreads throughout the kitchen. When the cake is still warm, you just need to break it in half khổng lồ feel the aroma spread. Moreover, the bread with a soft outer layer wrapped in sweet & juicy flesh makes you want to lớn eat it right away!

7. Dumplings with red bean juice

As delicious as floating cake with green bean paste. Dumpling cake filled with red bean paste with a soft outer layer of sticky rice. The red bean paste inside is sweet, fragrant & has a beautiful color. Make the floating cakes more prominent và attractive. Much more eye-catching!

8. Red Bean Yokan

Yokan red bean cake sounds strange, but don’t worry because the sweet, delicious, aromatic & cool taste of this cake will make you fall in love!

Delicious food from red beans

Called cake, but actually Yokan cake is in the khung of jelly. It is a combination of ingredients such as jelly powder, ginger, red beans and sugar khổng lồ create a sweet & cool dish. Yokan cake when frozen has a cool taste, melts in the mouth extremely attractive.

9. Pia cake with red bean paste

Pia cake – a specialty of our country – has now been modified with a new and delicious filling for the holiday that is not inferior to lớn that of green beans or durian.
The red bean paste pie has an extremely attractive multi-layered crust. The red bean paste inside is full, sweet & fragrant. Just take a bite, you will feel the sweetness spread throughout the mouth. Don’t eat too much or you will be crushed!
It will surely make you fall in love at first sight. These Hong Kong red bean cakes are not only beautiful but also easy lớn make that will make your Qixi Festival even more enjoyable.
The red bean cake has a light, fatty taste, the flesh of red beans mixed with the tough and chewy cake is very strange. Khổng lồ make it more delicious, coconut milk is sprinkled on đứng top of the cake to lớn create a sweet, fatty taste that is very attractive!
Although the red bean paste cake is sophisticated in making, the finished product will not disappoint you. The cake is soft & sweet thanks to the combination of glutinous rice and red beans. Moreover, the fragrant ginger fibers will make the cake more attractive without being bored.

12. Pumpkin red bean cake

Seemingly impossible to combine, the delicious và novel pumpkin cake with red bean paste will make your Qixi ceremony more interesting and delicious!


Pumpkin with ecstatic aroma wraps sweet red bean, greasy inside, then rolled up và steamed. The pieces of pumpkin cake are cut out, sprinkled with grated coconut, making the cake even more attractive, seeing that you want khổng lồ eat it right away!

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13. Orange cake with red bean shake

Orange cake is associated with childhood, the crispness and sweetness of this cake always makes us flutter. On Qixi Day, what could be better than making delicious orange waffles!
Orange cake with fragrant sesame outside, crispy crust and beautiful golden color. The most special is still the red bean paste that is fleshy và sweet inside. With this irresistible deliciousness, surely one cake will never be enough!
Don’t worry about being lonely và cold on the Day of the Year of the Dead, this deep fried glutinous rice cake will warm your heart by its indescribably sweet, delicious, and crispy taste.
Sticky rice cakes are fried until golden crispy. The supple sticky part that covers the red bean paste is mixed with greasy, tough, chewy coconut fibers. Just a plate of delicious red bean fried glutinous rice cake, your Qixi Festival will definitely be more fun, go to the kitchen và make it right away!

15. Red bean donuts

Instead of pounding và then slug lượt thích other cakes, donuts filled with red bean paste with a new way of processing make the dish more beautiful and delicious.


Red beans, whole, simmer with sugar until sweet. Then, they will be put on pancakes with almonds, extremely attractive fresh cream. Invite your friends to show off their talent in making this easy-to-make snack to make the festival more fun và interesting!
Hopefully, with a collection of 15 delicious, attractive, và easy-to-make red bean cake dishes, it will help make your Qixi Festival more fun and meaningful! Good luck with these cakes!