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Started playing Lifeafter và wondering how khổng lồ cook the perfect food recipe with the right amount of ingredients? Read on for Lifeafter recipes 2021: all food recipe list

There are a ton of recipes lớn cook in the Lifeafter game. Lớn cook these food recipes, players need lớn gather the ingredients from the wilderness or you can buy them from the NPCs in camp or map. All the recipes featured in the Lifeafter game grants a specific boost or buff to the character for a limited amount of time. In the upper-left corner of the trò chơi screen, below the character’s main parameters, the green color icons show the buff duration. If you tap them, you will get the details. In today’s post, we have listed all the Lifeafter recipes 2021 to cook delicious và useful food dishes. So let’s not waste any time and kiểm tra out the food recipe!

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LifeAfter Recipes 2021 – danh sách of Food Recipes⇓

Here is the các mục of new LifeAfter Recipes (March 2021): –

Apple Jam – X4 ApplesUltimate Seaberry Cake – X1 Sea Buckthorn + X2 Flour + X1 IceRice-water with Longans – X1 Longan + X1 Rice + X2 IceFantasy Cold Lychee Drink – X1 Lychee + X3 StrawberryOrganic Cranberry Cookies– X1 Cranberry + X2 Strawberries + X1 FlourPure Mulberry Jam– X1 Mulberry + X3 StrawberriesLemon và Orange Juice– X1 Sweet Orange X1 Lemon 2 IceOrange Milk Curd– X1 Sweet Orange X1 Milk X2 IceOrange Steamed Egg– X1 Sweet Orange X3 EggsOrange Lollipop– X2 Sweet Orange X2 SugarMarmalade – X4 Sweet OrangeOrange Chiffon Cake – X1 Sweet Orange + X1 Egg + X1 Sugar + X1 FlourCandied Orange Peel – X1 Sweet Orange X1 Seasoning X2 SugarOrange Cookies X2 Sweet Orange X1 Sugar X1 FlourFlower-shaped Fruit Platter X2 táo bị cắn X2 Sweet OrangeRose-shaped táo bị cắn Crisp X2 táo 1 Flour X1 EggCarrot táo bị cắn Juice X1 táo bị cắn X1 Carrot X2 IceMilky hãng apple Pancake X2 táo X2 EggsCrispy táo khuyết Slices – X3 hãng apple X1 LemonBeef and Apple Sandwich – X1 táo bị cắn dở X1 Flour X2 MeatMango Jam – X4 Mango (Harry)Mango Smoothie – X1 Mango (Harry) X3 IceMango Egg Tart – X1 Mango (Harry) X1 Sugar X1 Egg X1 FlourMango Pudding – X1 Mango (Harry) X1 Flour X1 Milk X1 IceMango Milk Custard – X2 Mango (Harry) X2 MilkMango Milkshake – X1 Mango (Harry) X2 Milk X1 IceMango Honey Drink – X1 Mango (Harry) X2 Honey X1 IceMango Pancake – X1 Mango (Harry) X1 Milk 1 Egg X1 FlourCoconut & Mango Gummies – X1 Mango (Harry) X1 Sugar X1 Milk X1 Coconut


White Radish Soup – x2 Radish + x1 Seasoning + x1 GingerRadish Strips Cake – x1 Radish + x1 Flour + x1 Egg + x1 GingerMeat & Radish Soup – Radish + Meat + Seasoning + GingerBraised trắng Radish – x2 Radish + x1 Sauce + x1 GingerFried Egg Soup With Shredded Radish – x1 Radish + x1 Egg + x1 Ice + x1 GingerRadish Mushroom Soup – Radish + Mushroom + Ice + GingerBeef With Radish – Radish + Meat + Sauce + GingerSour và Spicy Radish – x2 Radish + x1 Pepper + x1 SauceCantaloupe Popsicle – x2 Honeydew + x2 IceCantaloupe Milkshake – x2 Honeydew + x2 MilkCantaloupe Ice Cream – Honeydew + Milk + Ice + SugarCantaloupe Cake – x2 Honeydew + Flour + MilkCantaloupe Jam – x4 HoneydewCantaloupe Juice – x3 Honeydew + IceRoasted Cantaloupe Slices – x3 Honeydew + SeasoningCantaloupe và Coconut Milk Pudding – Honeydew + Milk + Coconut + SugarCoconut Tapioca – Honeydew + Milk + Coconut + RiceColorful Fruit Tea – Honeydew + Watermelon + Lemon + IceRoasted Herring – x4 HerringSalmon Sashimi – x4 SashimiBraised Bream – x4 BreamSteamed Flounder – x4 FlounderSteamed Cod – x4 CodSteamed Mandarin Fish – x4 Mandarin FishBazhen Tofu – x1 Bamboo Shoots + x1 Mushroom + 1 Tofu + x1 CarroTRare Pumpkin Clown Pie Recipe: Clown Fish + x2 Flours + Pumpkin(Hurricane Event)Assorted Shumai – Rice, Meat, VegetableAccordion Potatoes – x2 potato, x1 seasoning, and x1 meatBraised Chicken và Potatoes – x1 Potato, x1 Meat + x1 Rice, x1 SauceCoconut Barbecued Meat – x2 coconut and x2 meatFried Baby Potatoes with Scallion – 2 potatoes + cooking oil + leekFried Grenadier Anchovy – 1 Grenadier Anchovy + 3 berriesFried Potatoes with Lemon Juice – 2 potatoes + lemon + leekGrilled Ocean Sunfish – 1 ocean sunfish + 3 berriesLemon Ice Cream – 1 lemon + 1 sugar + 2 iceLemon Marmalade – 2 egg + 2 lemonPancake with Julienne Potatoes – potato + flour + sauce + oilSeafood Pasta – 2 flour + shrimp + lemonSour Lime Shrimp – lemon + shrimp + leek + pepperMore LifeAfter Recipes⇓Baked Beans – x4 PotatoesMashed Potatoes – x2 Potatoes and x2 MilkSteamed Anchovies – x1 Anchovy(Anchovy is the fish name) + x3 MeatFried Grunion – x1 Grunion + x3 MeatPan-Friend Grenadier Anchovy – x1 Grenadier Anchovy + x3 MeatFriend Pork With Potato Shreds – x2 Potatoes + x2 MeatPotato Fat Beef Rice – x1 Potato + x1 Meat + x1 Rice + x1 EggSoft Bacon Potato Bun – x1 Potato + x1 Meat + x2 FlourOnion-Flavored Small Potatoes – x1 Cooking Oil + x1 Onion Ginger Garlic + x2 PotatoesBeef Stew With Potatoes – x1 Potato + x2 Meat + x1 CarrotLemon Juice – x4 LemonsWatermelon Soda Drink – x1 Watermelon + x1 Melon + x2 Ice CubesStrawberry Lemonade – x1 Strawberry + x1 Lemon + x2 Ice CubesHoney Lemon Tea – x1 Honey + x1 Lemon + x2 Ice CubesLemon Chiffon Cake – x1 Flour + x1 Lemon + x1 Sugar + x1 EggLemon Madeleine – x1 Lemon + x1 Flour + x2 Eggs

LifeAfter Recipes 2020⇓

Nasi Goreng – Rice + Egg + Meat + VegeThai Rice Noodle – Ginger Leek Garlic + Shrimp + Vege + RiceFish and Chips – Fish + Oil + Sauce + VegeCoconut Rice – Coconut + Egg + Rice + SauceCheese Burger – Milk + Meat + Flour + FlourCurry Fish Ball – Fish + x2 Veggies + SaucePineapple Cake – Egg + Sugar + x2 PineappleShrimp Roe Noodles – Flour + Shrimp + Cayenne Pepper + SauceVegetable Sushi – x3 Veggies + RiceTempura – Fish + Flour + Egg + Cooking OilFish in Banana Leaf – Fish + x2 Veggies + SeasoningTom Yum – x3 Leak Ginger Garlic + Shrimp + MushroomSauteed Crab Curry – x2 Crab + Sauce + Cooking OilPork Chup Bun – x2 Meat + Sauce + FlourMinced Pork Rice – Meat + Egg + Rice + SauceFried Rice Noodles – Rice + Meat + Cayenne PepperOden – Meat + Veggy + Mushroom + TofuEgg Waffle – 2 Flour + x2 EggsPot Side Soup – Meat + Veggy + Mushroom + RiceSatay – x3 Meat + SauceFrench Toast – Fruit + Milk + Egg + Sugar

Fish Recipes In LifeAfter Game⇓

Koi Sashimi – Koi + Vegetable + Fruit + MeatLobster Feast – Lobster + Honey/Vegetable/Fruit/MeatSquid(Grilled) – Squid + Fruit/Vegetable/MeatRoasted Grass Carp – Grass Carp + Fruit/Vegetable/MeatGrilled Puffer Fish – Puffer Fish + Fruit/Vegetable/MeatGrilled Silver Carp – Silver Carp + Fruit/Vegetable/MeatOctopus(Grilled) – Fish + Fruit/Vegetable/MeatGrilled Yellow Croaker – Yellow Croaker + Fruit/Vegetable/MeatBaked Parrotfish – Parrot Fish + Fruit/Vegetable/Milk

New LifeAfter Recipes(Fish) –

Grilled Red Snapper – 4 Red SnapperSharpbelly Sashimi – Ice Cube and SharpbellyFriend Sole Fish – 4 Sole FishSteamed Hilsa Herring – 4 Hilsa HerringsSteamed Fish with Peppers – Cayenne Peppers và Bighead CarpFried Ice Acanthodian – 4 Ice AcanthodianDeep Friend Venustus – 4 VenustaGrilled Saury – 4 SauriesTuna Sashimi – Ice Cube and TunaBraised Eel – 4 EelsFire Ratfish Dish – 4 Fire Ratfish

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Fish Source: –

Saury – Saltwater Areas during the nightTuna – Santopany during the dayEel – Freshwater areas during the night(except SC)Fire Ratfish – High-temperature areas during the dayRed Snapper – All of the saltwater areasSharpbelly – Saltwater areas during rainSole Fish – Santopany during the nightBighead Carp – Freshwater areasHilsa Herring – Freshwater areasIce Acanthodian – Mount Snow during the nightVenustus – Freshwater areas during the rain

LifeAfter Recipes – Healing Recipes

Honey Sauce – Honey/MeatMeat Meal – Musroom+Meat+Meat+VegetablesStrawberry Muffin – Strawberry+Strawberry+Strawberry+FlourHoney – Honey+Honey+Honey+HoneyFruit Milk – Fruit+MilkRoasted Mushroom – MushroomsCarrot Patties – Carrot+MeatMushroom Soup – Mushroom + MilkFruit Juice – Ice Cubes+Fruit

LifeAfter Recipes – Hunger Relief

Bread with Jam – Berries+FourFruit Preserve – Honey+FruitFriend Pumpkin – Flour+Milk+Pumpkin+PumpkinJam – BerriesToast – Flour+Flour+Flour+FlourSteamed Vegetables – Rapseed+Rapseed+Rapseed+Rapseed or any other vegetable

Damage Buff

Milk Stew – Milk+MeatMinced Meat Cake – Meat+FlourSpecial Pizza – Flour+Mushroom+Meat+Vegetables – You can get this recipe from camp merchant Tex.Meatballs – Meat+VegetablesFruit Pie – Honey/Fruit/FlourSandwich – Flour+Meat+FruitMeat Skewers – Meat+FruitNutrition Stew – Flour+Milk+Meat

LifeAfter Recipes – Critical Hits while gathering items or in combat

Mushroom Kebab – Mushroom+MeatAssorted Platter – Mushroom, Meat, Vegetable, FruitSalad(Vegetable Salad) – Fruit+VegetableMushroom Noodles – Flour + MushroomHoney Croissant – Flour+HoneyMilky Croissant – Flour + MilkSpaghetti – You get this recipe from Tex in camp. Flour/Vegetable/Meat/FruitVegetable Cake – Flour and VegetableHoney Pouring Mushroom – Honey+MushroomPortuguese Egg Tarts – Honey+Flour+Milk

Mobility Buff(Increase In Speed/Movement)

Strawberry Yogurt Ice – Honey+Ice+Milk+StrawberryFruit Cake – You get this recipe from Tex in camp. Honey/Flour/Milk/FruitToffee Recipe – Honey+MilkStrawberry Jelly – You get this recipe from Tex in camp. Milk+Ice Cube+2 Strawberry

Body Warming – Cold, Temperature

Beeswax Water – Honey/Ice Cube/Ice Cube/Ice CubeHot Water – 4 Ice CubesCream Soup – Milk/Meat/VegetableMilk Pudding – Ice Cube/Honey/Milk DropFruit Smoothie – Ice Cube/Honey/Fruit/FruitBeet Porridge – Honey+VegetableFruity Bar Ice – Ice Cube+Ice Cube+Ice Cube + FruitHot Milk – 4 Milk PacksDumplings – Meat/Mushroom/Flour

LifeAfter Recipes(Best For The Maps)

See, there are loads of recipes that you can cook. But, it’s better lớn consume the right recipe for each map. Here’s the example: –

In cold locations, better go with hot water và hot milk(temperature)Grinding – Grinding for the resources takes time. If you want to vày it fast, it’s better khổng lồ eat recipes, which can increase the CRIT rate. CRIT hits while gathering gives more RSSPvP – Grilled Lobster is the best one(Lobster drop rate is quite low though)

LifeAfter Recipes – June Update

Rainbow Dumplings – Sesame+Peanut+Red Bean+FlourGlutinous Sesame Dumplings – 3*Sesame+FlourPeanut Dumplings – 3*Peanut+FlourRed Bean Paste Dumplings – 3*Red Bean+FlourJujube Paste Dumplings – 3*Jujube+FlourStrawberry Muffin – Strawberry+FlourGolden Corn Fritter – 2*Corn+2*HoneyMilky Corn Pudding – 2*Corn+2*MilkCorn-Pumpkin Porridge – 3*Corn+1*PumpkinBoiled Corn with Chili Sauce – 2*Corn+2*PepperEgg Yolk and Corn Cookie – 1*Corn+1*Egg*+1*Flour*1FruitCorn Sponge Cake – 1*Flour+1*Corn+2*FruitsGolden Corn Cake – 1*Carrot+2Corn*+1*EggGrilled Corn – 4*CornCorn and Mincemeat – 2*Corn+2*CarrotsCoconut Corn Soup – 2*Corn+2CoconutsGrilled Sunfish – 4 Bluegill SunfishGrilled Weever – 4 Striped WeeverAnd, Grilled – 4 Rainbow Trout

Other Food Recipes In LifeAfter: –

Fruit Popsicle – Fruit + IceCoconut Jelly – 2*Coconut+2*IceCoconut Fruit mix – Coconut + FruitAnd, Coconut Snowflake Cake – 2*Coconut+Flour+MilkFruit Coconut Cream – 2*Fruit+Milk+CoconutBerry Cheesecake – Blueberry+Strawberry+Flour+MilkBlueberry Coconut Crisp Snack – 2*Blueberry+Flour+Coconut

LifeAfter Recipes(August Update) –

Mushroom Skewers – Meat + MushroomHoney Grilled Meat – Meat + HoneyMince Pie – Meat + FlourFriend Pepper và Egg – Egg + Cayenne Pepper(Pepper can be obtained on the Santopany map – near volcano)Egg Dumplings with Fresh Meat – Egg + MeatVegetable Quiche – Egg + VegetableEgg Baked with Mushroom – Egg + MushroomSteamed Fish Head with Peppers – Fish + Cayenne PepperSweet & Spicy Meatballs – Meat + Honey + Cayenne PepperEgg Yok & Corn Cookie – Flour + Corn + Egg

New LifeAfter Recipes(November Update): –

Spicy Rice Noodles: 2*Rice+1*Pepper+1*OilFried tofu: 2*Tofu+1*Meat+1*LeekPineapple Oil: Flour+HoneySpareribs & Kelp Soup: 2*Meat+1*Vegetable+1*SeasoningMeat Rice Rolls: 2*Meat+1*Rice+1*SauceSteamed Pork with Rice Flour: Meat+Rice+SauceTwice Cooked Pork – Meat+Sauce+LeekShredded Pork Knuckle In Jelly: Cooking Oil+Sauce+MeatFruit Lollipop – 2*Honey+2*StrawberryPineapple Mixed Rice: 1*Vegetable+2*Rice+1*PineappleSweet và Sour Pork: 2*Meat+1*Sugar+1*PineappleBeef and Ox Tripe in Chile Sauce: 1*Pepper+1*Cooking Oil+2*Animal EntrailsKidney và Rice Rolls: Rice+Sauce+Animal EntrailsCheese Sausage Rice: Meat+Milk+RiceClay Pot Rice: 1*Meat+2*Rice+1*Seasoning

LifeAfter Recipes Spreadsheet – All Recipes In The Game

Link – Here(Google Spreadsheet). Source – Reddit. The spreadsheet lists out almost all the recipes featured in the game; new & old + the buff effect. Hope this helps.

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So these are the LifeAfter Recipes that we have discovered so far. If you know more food recipes, please cốt truyện it in the phản hồi section below. We will update this post with more recipes if possible. Also, don’t forget to read our other LifeAfter posts on this site. Use the search box below và type LifeAfter. That’s it!

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LifeAfter Recipes Introduction

Food Dishes can help you in recovering HP, health & keep the hunger debuff away. There are some LifeAfter Recipes that you can use khổng lồ take advantage(damage buff) during combat. If you eat these (Combat food)dishes, you will get damage buff in the combat. There are some special hunger recipes, speed-up recipes, health-recovering recipes, và many more. Keep in mind that the unique of the output depends on the ingredient. For example; If you want khổng lồ give these food dishes to lớn one of the NPCs, then the taste of food matters. The same food may give fewer acquaintance points if it tastes bad. If you tap the food dish, it will show you the details; taste, basic stats, period, & more.

Another example; there are two versions of meat and mushroom; matsutake mushroom that you get from Snow Highlands and the common mushroom that you get from the farstar thành phố or fall forest on rainy days. And, the meat that you get by raising a pig in livestock pen và the meat that you get by killing animals.

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Additionally, you have to take care of the quantity. For example; you can cook bread with jam recipes with fruit và flour. If you địa chỉ three fruits và one flour, it comes with taste 1. On the other hand, if you balance it; 2 fruits and 2 flour, it will be good. You can experiment with the taste scores by lowering the quantity of one food item and adding another one more number of times. After that, check their stats. You will notice the difference. So it’s better to lớn put the same number of quantity of items when there are only two ingredients.

LifeAfter Recipes – Getting Started With The Ingredient

Tofu – Buy from Lafita, NPC in Camp HallLeek – Buy from Lafita, NPC in camp hallIce Cubes – You can get ice cubes from the snow highlands by quarrying or buy from the camp NPC(in city hall)Honey – Chop the trees and you may get honey. Also, you can buy it from the camp NPC/Hope 101 -> Steak House NPCCrude Flour – Camp NPC, Farm MakerWheat – Get the wheat seed from Tex in camp(Outside Camp Vault)Fine Flour – Camp NPC, Farm MakerMushroom – Mushroom appears in rainy weather(Fall Forest, Fartstar)Matsutake Mushroom – Mount Snow -> snowy areaMilk – Pet a cow in farmland or buy from the camp NPC(Tex) or in Hope 101 -> steak house NPCRib Meat – Hunt animals in FFTenderloin – Hunt animalsLeg Meat – Hunt animalsCarrot – FarstarRapeseed – Fall Forest, near RiversidePumpkin – FarstarStrawberry – Sand Castle, near the riverBerries – FF, SC, SH, MS, MSWatermelon – SandcastleCatfish – Fish in FF, Camp Pond or other areas(It’s common)Carp – Fish in fall forestGrass Carp – FFPerch – Farstar, Mount SnowPuffer Fish – Mount Snow, FarstarTilapia – FarstarSilver Carp – FFRibbonfish – Charles townSalmon – Fish in CT(Charles Town)Grouper – CTWrasse – CTYellow Croaker – CTParrotfish – CTBlueberry – Mouth SwampShrimp – Any mapKoi – CT, Fall ForestLobster – Charles Town(Left side small Island)Coconut – SantopanyPepper – SantopanyTurtle – Fish in any mapSea Mushrooms – SantopanyMackerel – SantopanySea Eel – Santopany

Part II –

In fruits, you can use berries/strawberry (Sandcastle)In vegetables or salad type items, you can use a carrot(Farstar), pumpkin(Farstar), rapeseed(Fall Forest)Milk – You can get the milk by raising a cow in a livestock pen. You get the cow from Tex. (Tex is a merchant in camp, stands next khổng lồ the camp vault)Eggs – You can get eggs by raising chicken/Duck/Goose in Poultry Pen. You get chicken/duck/goose from Tex. These three creatures unlock at camp’s electric level.Flour – Flour; crude floor, fine flour are produced in farm goods maker. You need wheat. You get the wheat seed from Tex. Then plant in the farmland lớn get wheat.Meat – You get meat by hunting animals in the wilderness or raise a pig in the livestock penHoney – You get honey in LifeAfter by chopping trees(there are very small chances of getting beehive). Or in Snowhighlands, you will find the beehive at the bear spawn locationIce Cubes – Quarrying in the snow highlandsMatsutake Mushroom – Snowhighlands

So this would be the complete details on ingredient source for LifeAfter recipes. You can buy some of these items from Lafita in the camp’s city hall. Got new recipes? comment below.

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