Thai coconut lime grilled skirt steak


Grilled beef cake is a traditional dish with a traditional Southern flavor. A beef cake is usually clear trắng or green in color of pandan leaves. This is a favorite dish of all ages because of the aroma of coconut milk mixed with the fatness of flour.

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As society develops and advances, creativity is increasingly enhanced lớn meet the needs of the majority. Therefore, the rustic grilled beef dish is also changed khổng lồ become unique và new khổng lồ attract many visitors. The quartet roast beef is a prime example of this refreshing creation.

Traditional roast beef.

The soul of the beef cake is still preserved in the base of the cake, but instead of pouring thick slices, the seller flattens and then adds various fillings lớn the surface of the cake to lớn blow a new breeze lớn this cake. For example, the quartet beef cake means that the loaf will be divided into 4 parts, each part is filled with a filling such as coconut, cocoa, chocolate, cheese, pineapple, durian, strawberry… The result of the loaf looks fancy. , eye-catching và completely new compared to lớn traditional beef cakes. Or like salted egg baked beef cake, the đứng đầu of the cake will be spread with a layer of salted cream, cheese, salted egg và shrimp paste.

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The scent of four delicious flavors. Source: Internet

The layer of beef cake is baked until just cooked, so it still retains the softness & suppleness of the dough. In addition, the crust is not too thick but has a delicious taste of flour mixed with coconut milk. As the name suggests, each quartet roast beef is divided into four compartments with different accompaniments. Depending on the choice of the customer, the grilled beef cake will have different flavors.

Cakes are often used as gifts because they look beautiful. Source: Internet

Grilled beef buns are made every day, so it’s always fresh và hot. Therefore, the cake is very safe and retains its own rich flavor. There are two types of cakes, which are pre-mixed cakes according khổng lồ the shop’s recipe & pre-ordered cakes that are selected according lớn your favorite flavor. A small lưu ý is that you should book in advance at the shop, which is quite crowded and often has lớn wait more than 30 minutes.

Grilled beef buns attract a lot of people. Source: Internet

According khổng lồ the đánh giá and comments from everyone, you should try the durian và chocolate flavor. The sweet scent và sweetness both create a great feeling without being bored. Cakes are often bought as gifts on birthdays or as gifts because the cakes are beautifully decorated.

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Từ khoá: Grilled beef cake with four flavors, a new variation from beef cake makes Saigon people fall in love

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