Steamed Sticky Rice To The Grill


This steamed sticky rice is perfect for making vegan sushi, serving with stir fries and curries, and creating a base for Buddha Bowls and burritos. It’s a classic Chinese family recipe from World of Vegan writer Gina House. Enjoy!

Growing up, steamed sticky rice was a staple in our humble home. When I was very young, we lived in an aging, three-story apartment building with my Chinese grandparents và many of my dad’s brothers và sisters. Having really good rice always ready khổng lồ eat not only made it easier to feed such a flourishing family (my dad is the second oldest of 11 children!), but was also economical and simply sensible.

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My dad loved having a bowlful of rice with almost every meal. You may think that this plain, trắng grain would be pretty boring, but I actually loved it then & I still do now. (For a fun challenge, try eating a big bowl of rice with only chopsticks!) When I finally asked my dad to lớn teach me how to lớn make it, he was happy to lớn show me step-by-step and I’ve been making it ever since.

If you’re searching for a single, satisfying side to showroom to your sizzling stir-fries or bean-filled burritos, this is the recipe for you. Peek in your pantry & fill up a nice cup of rice––you’ll be surprised at how much this makes for such a low price.

How to lớn Serve Up Your Steamed Sticky Rice

I don’t know about you, but I could eat rice with pretty much any dish. There’s just something so satisfying about a perfect mound of white rice resting next lớn crisp, colorful veggies or a saucy tofu stir-fry. If you’re stumped on ideas of how to serve your sticky rice, I’m here lớn help!


The Chin Family Restaurant in Rhode Island

My grandfather, Ting George Chin, (after a couple of small successes with restaurants in the early 60s) opened up his final Chinese restaurant, Ho Ho’s, in 1967 in Johnston, Rhode Island & all of the family had a job helping out (even my sister & I cleaned and waited tables when we were old enough). When the restaurant became wildly popular for its tempting Cantonese cuisine, they opened up a larger location in Smithfield, Rhode Island in 1980. Even when the doors finally closed in 2018, there were many people still dreaming of the delightfully delicious dishes they had enjoyed over the years.

One main item that was never in question was serving steamed sticky rice with most meals. Although the restaurant was far from vegan, the most authentic offerings on the thực đơn were more plant-based––such as rice, vermicelli noodles, steamed & stir-fried vegetables (bok choy, pea pods, Chinese celery, broccoli, & mushrooms), soups with greens (napa cabbage, winter melon, & spinach), đen bean sauce, và tofu. Although trắng rice is more processed than brown, you can still get the benefits of B-vitamins & a punch of protein from this fat-free food.

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PHOTO: The Ting George Chin Family, owners of Ho Ho Restaurant in Rhode Island. My father, Thomas, is standing on the left of his mother (my grandmother), Jean. Photo taken in the 1960s.

Does Rice Come From China?

Yes, it does! Did you know that rice has been cultivated in trung quốc for over 10,000 years? There are also two main types of rice grown in this country—japonica (moist và sticky when cooked, ideal to use for steamed sticky rice) and indica (flakier & drier than the japonica plant).

Rice is not only produced to lớn eat cooked along with a meal (or as a meal itself), but is additionally important in the production of noodles (mmm…noodles), alcoholic beverages (ie. Rice wine), and also oil (as with rice bran). Because rice is naturally không tính tiền of gluten, it makes a wonderful substitute for anyone who is sensitive khổng lồ wheat and still wants to lớn enjoy a grain-based dish.

Equipment You’ll Need

Medium Saucepan with LidLarge BowlMixing Spoon

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