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Banh mi in Hanoi has a crispy crust eaten with pate, salted shredded meat while in Saigon, it is full of grilled meat, ham, char siu or with beef ofal.

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In Hanoi, banh mày is a popular breakfast dish, or a lunch dish when you want to lớn change your taste. In the past, banh ngươi was usually filled with pate, sausage, fried egg, coriander & chili sauce. Today, banh mi has many types of fillings such as grilled meat, ham, char siu or dipped with a bowl of wine sauce. The conspicuous feature of Hanoi banh mày is that it"s is not too thick, the crust is crispy and spongy.

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When going out at night, visitors can enjoy banh ngươi at the corner of Tran Nhat Duat, Cao Thang. Banh ngươi here has a crispy crust with egg filling, pate, butter, sausage, stir-fried sausage, served with cucumber và herbs.

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In Hanoi, it is also easy to see vendors selling bread with steak, pate, omelet, french fries, & beef drizzled with hot sauce on a cast iron pan. This dish is also available in many places in Central Vietnam.

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Hai Phong is famous for its bread sticks, usually about the form size of 2-3 fingers combined, the crust is crispy and the bộ vi xử lý core is not thick. Bread sticks with pate filling with hot chili sauce or buttermilk. The cake is usually baked with charcoal before being greased lớn make the crust more crispy.

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Coming to domain authority Nang, visitors can enjoy banh mày with chicken which is almost the length of a hand, crispy shell & spongy core. Banh mi with chicken is often stuffed with egg butter, shredded chicken, dried onion, cucumber, sour food & especially indispensable sweet chili sauce in domain authority Nang. The dish can be eaten in the morning or in the afternoon because there is not too much meat.

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In da Nang, there is also a special banh ngươi served with rice dumpling cake. The banh mày is a long, with various filling.

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Hoi An Phuong banh mày was once praised by the late famous American chef, Anthony Bourdain, as "the best sandwich in the world". Bread has a variety of fillings such as grilled meat, pate, chicken with butter, beef roll with cheese, bacon, mixed. In particular, this banh mi cannot be without the sweet and salty sauce that softens the its core.

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Besides sandwiches, Nha Trang has banh ngươi dipping with bowls of quail eggs, fried eggs, char siu, cucumbers, vegetables & sweet & sour foods, chili sauce, và egg sauce. The accompanying bread is a solid type, always placed in the oven to keep it hot & crispy. When eating, diners tear the bread and dip it in the sauce & then eat with the filling.

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Saigon banh mi features a variety of fillings such as grilled meat, ham, rolls, char siu and eggs. The most obvious feature of Saigon banh mi is the large, thick core và plump filling. Banh ngươi is often served with herbs, sour foods, và sauces to make the taste more harmonious.

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Saigonese also enjoy banh ngươi with chicken curry or beef ofal, which is cooked from beef and offal such as liver, spleen, và stomach, modified from original Chinese dishes.

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