Lemon, honey and ginger marmalade recipe

Delicious, naturally sweetened honey rhubarb ginger jam is made with just five ingredients and takes less than 40 minutes start khổng lồ finish.

This sweet-tart jam is perfect for gifting as well as eating on everything from toast to ice cream.

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Directions are included for canning with a regular stockpot or choose lớn freeze the jam.


I didn"t grow up with rhubarb, but once I started gardening and discovered how easy this perennial fruit was lớn grow I planted it & now I am hooked on this tart fruit (that"s actually a vegetable, but it"s mostly used as a fruit).

Rhubarb plants provide you with stalks for months that you can use to lớn make things like orange-rhubarb muffins, rhubarb chutney, lemon rhubarb butter, and even a barbecue sauce made with rhubarb.

However I"m not a huge fan hâm mộ of large chunks of rhubarb cooked into pies or crisps. It"s a texture issue (or stringy issue - whatever you want to call it).

So I either dice it up really small, or cook it down because then what"s left is just that great rhubarb flavor.

Which is exactly what you"ll get with this recipe for honey rhubarb ginger jam - lot of tart rhubarb flavor sweetened with honey and just a touch of ginger to địa chỉ some zing.

Lower Sugar Rhubarb Jam

I used to lớn think (like many others, I"m guessing) that because rhubarb was tart, you needed to use a lot of sugar in anything you made with it. Lượt thích a LOT - many recipes hotline for more sugar than fruit.

But the more I work to decrease the amount of sugar we eat in our homemade foods, the more we find we don"t need all that sugar.

And using only a natural sugar allows the nice, complex flavor of rhubarb khổng lồ not be completely covered up with heaps of sugar.

And this jam is so easy, making just a small batch of 3 half-pint jars, it"s a great way to try out not only cooking rhubarb with less sugar, but also trying your hand at canning if you haven"t before.

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Honey Rhubarb Ginger Jam



Five simple ingredients are all you need:

rhubarb (fresh or frozen), about 1-1/2 poundshoneylemon juice (required for acidity for canning, vì chưng not omit)gingervanilla

How do you clean & prepare rhubarb?

If harvesting from a garden patch, cut off the poisonous leaves before bringing inside. Once inside, cut off the bottom root end và use a vegetable brush to gently clean each stalk under running water.

Then chop into the slices or dices needed for your recipe.

You vì not need to lớn peel tender early season stalks, but may want lớn if using tougher later season stalks.



These are the kind of recipes we love:

1. Throw all the ingredients into a saucepan and cook until thick và syrupy (which is only about 20 minutes).


2. Ladle into three half-pint jars và seal with canning lids and rings.


3. Lower jars into a pan of boiling water, covered, for 10 minutes. (Alternately, you can freeze the jars.)

TIP: You can use a regular stock pot for canning small batches - & if you don"t have a rack that fits, use canning jar rings, lượt thích shown in the photo above, khổng lồ keep the jars elevated from the bottom of the pot.

In less than 45 minutes you can have home-canned, honey-sweetened jam!

Canned, this jam will store for up lớn 18 months on the shelf. If you choose lớn freeze it, it should be good for a year before losing quality.

Wondering what to lớn use this jam on?

It"s wonderful on toast, of course, and also makes a delicious & different peanut butter và jelly sandwich.

Warmed a bit, it"s a refreshing topping for vanilla ice cream.

The jam can also be used as a filling for jam bars. Just replace the fillings of thisor this with the honey rhubarb jam - it makes them even easier!

I"m sure there"smore - what would youuse this jam for?

Honey Rhubarb Ginger Jam FAQ

Can I use frozen rhubarb?

Yes! This works just the same with fresh or frozen chopped rhubarb.