Learn how to make moon cakes


Learn how lớn make moon cakes with Hong Kong Foodie! Let us bring you into the kitchen of a 53-year-old Chinese bakery in Sham Shui Po. The pastry chefs here are ramping up the production of moon cakes for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. If you are visiting in September, be sure lớn join us on our Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour for our annual moon cake tasting. You might even have a chance khổng lồ experience the behind-the-scenes of moon cake making at this legendary Chinese bakery on our Foodie Tour! Here’s a sneak peek of what they vị in their kitchen:

Prepare the moon cake crust

In this traditional Chinese bakery, the moon cake production is done by four chefs. The chef on the right in the back is preparing the dough for the crust. Traditional moon cake crust dough ingredients include all-purpose flour, butter, golden syrup và alkaline water.

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Get the salted egg yolks ready

You vị not have to dry và preserve your own salted egg yolks. You can easily buy them at local Chinese grocery stores. Salted egg yolks are the key ingredient in traditional moon cakes as they symbolize the full moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival evening.


Make your own lotus seed paste

Finding good unique lotus seeds is extremely important to the making of good moon cakes. As you can see in the picture, that mountain of lotus seed paste requires thousands of lotus seeds. After washing & cleaning the lotus seeds, a key step is to remove the stem in the heart of the lotus seeds as it would make the lotus seed bitter. Once you have that removed, you can go on lớn grind them into a paste and địa chỉ cửa hàng sugar khổng lồ it.

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Assemble everything

To assemble the different ingredients together, first, you need lớn use a rolling pin to roll the crust dough such that it is thin và yet enough khổng lồ hold all the filling. A good moon cake must be “crust thin filling good”, as the Chinese say. Secondly, you stuff one salted egg yolk in the lotus seed paste. In order khổng lồ make sure each dough of the filling has the right amount, you need to measure on a scale & scrape off the excess lotus seed paste. Then use your fingers on both hands, skilfully press and turn the dough such that the crust can wrap around all the filling. Once you have the dough, put it in a moon cake mold & press it out. It is then ready lớn be baked! After baking for a few minutes, take them out và put a layer of egg wash such that the crust will have a golden brown color. Bake them a few more minutes và then it’s ready khổng lồ be devoured!

Besides learning how lớn make moon cakes, are you interested in knowing the meaning of moon cakes behind Mid-Autumn Festival? Revisit our old blog postto read more.

Moon Cake Tasting on Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour

Join us on our Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour between now và September 13th, 2019, for the moon cake tasting. The special tour held on the actual Mid-Autumn Festival day on Friday, September 13th, will be the highlight as you will experience locals going khổng lồ the markets early and preparing for the family dinner in the evening to celebrate the festival. Book yourself and your friends & family on this Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour now!

To kiểm tra out the festivities in Hong Kong during the Mid-Autumn Festival, visit Hong Kong Tourism Board’s website.