Pyramid Glutinous Rice Cake ( Banh Nam Recipe


Bánh ít is one of specialties of the central in Vietnam, commonly used in regional death anniversaries và marriage rituals as well, but now it has become a snack that you can enjoy anytime.

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There are two versions of bánh ít: the sweet one is called “bánh ít lá gai” & the salty one is known as “bánh không nhiều tôm thịt”, both of which are unique and appetizing. The sweet cake is simply a mung bean paste ball covered by dough made from the mixture of grounded “gai” leaves, sugar and sticky rice flour. Sweetened ground coconut sometimes is used instead of mung bean. After folding banana leaves into a cone shape, drop the ball into it & then fold in four sides, creating a pyramid shaped cake. Steaming is the last step to lớn bring out the cake a glossy deep màu đen stemming from “gai” leaves, a sweet taste of sugar, mung bean và glutinous rice, & a delicate aroma of banana leaves and “gai” leaves. For the salty cake, minced pork meat, prawn, mashed mung bean onion và seasonings are stirred fried until well-done & thick khổng lồ make the filling và the dough is only made of rice flour. The cake could be either traditionally wrapped into banana leaves or not. Indeed, both versions of little cake are so mouthwatering & small so you could hardly imagine how fast you relish the whole cake, but enjoying them gradually is much better, of course.

“bánh không nhiều tôm thịt”: a representative of Hue cuisine.

Bột thanh lọc Cake (Steamed clear tapioca cake)


This is an appetizer quite similar to lớn Nậm cake at the first sight because of the main ingredients và the flavor of sweet & spicy sauce.

However, thanks khổng lồ the taste of tapioca flour & ground pork and the different way of processing shrimps, the cake leaves unforgettable feelings. Stuffed with sautéed shrimps & sliced pork belly, the cake of flat tube shape is wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed. After a few minutes, the flour cover turns pliant & translucent, so we can spot the eye-catching pink shrimp inside the cake. For the cake without banana leaves, so-called clear tapioca cake, the cake is boiled not steamed; therefore, the flavor is a little more chewy but less fragrant than the other. Scallion oil, rendered pork fat and fish sauce colored with green chilly are ideal complements.

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Where to lớn eat?

In restaurants or by street vendors in Hue (especially at seaside). Most recommended: Banh bot loc mu Cai – 475 đưa ra Lang Street, Hue city.

Bèo cake (literally “water fern cake”)


Bèo cake (literally “water fern cake”) looks lượt thích water ferns floating on the waves; just a look is enough for you to lớn remind of Hue with water ferns drifting across thắm thiết rivers.

It is merely a thin steamed rice cake with its top stuffed with minced shrimp mingled with scallions, green bean paste, and crispy fried shallots. But with addictive sour & spicy sauce, an eye catching color mixture of fish sauce, sugar, garlic, chili và fresh small shrimps, watery grease, the cake is certain to lớn whet appetite of anyone. The cake is not wrapped in leaves but served in “chen” ( a small condiment kích cỡ bowl) or stacked on a “dia” (a plate).

It is not surprised when guests smile with satisfaction after leaving a pile of more than 10 empty bowls but still crave for more. After a day of sightseeing, sitting in a small vendor stall, savoring sweet, spicy and refined flavor of lục bình cakes is really a great experience.