Happy hue pancake from the songs of sapa by luke


This recipe for Bun Bo Hue is my streamlined shrimp-free version, made in an Instant Pot. It features a beef and pork bone soup flavoured with lots of lemongrass, thick rice noodles, & a Vietnamese sate chili oil.

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How to assemble

Cook the rice noodles according khổng lồ the package instructions (the thicker round rice noodles will take at least 20 minutes).

Drain & rinse the noodles under cold running water.

Portion the noodles into each bowl.

Add phụ thân lua (Vietnamese ham), sliced beef shank, cubed pork blood (if using) & ladle the hot soup over top.

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Garnish with sliced banana blossoms, bean sprouts, mint, basil, và a squeeze of lime.

Add Vietnamese sate chili oil khổng lồ your taste and enjoy immediately.

Tips và tricks

If you prefer a finer lemongrass texture (in the Annatto Seed oil/Sate Chili oil), use a small food processor khổng lồ chop it up.

To make lighter work, make the Annatto Seed Oil and the Vietnamese Sate Chili Oil ahead of time.

And khổng lồ even make this more streamlined, chop up the lemongrass, shallot & garlic for the Vietnamese Sate Chili Oil first and save some for the Annatto Seed Oil.