How to make homemade ice cream 3 easy ways


Making homemade ice cream doesn’t require a fancy ice cream maker. In fact, there are three easy ways you can make it sans machine. Read on for all the how-to"s. (And if you vày have an ice cream machine? check out our story How to Make Ice Cream In an Ice Cream Maker).

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It"s important lớn freeze the ice cream mixture as quickly as possible khổng lồ prevent ice crystals from forming. Freezing the loaf pan you"ll put the mixture in helps speed up the process. Make sure you use a metal loaf pan, which will also help with quick freezing.

Whisk together all the liquid ingredients except for the heavy cream. Many no-churn ice cream recipes lean on sweetened condensed milk for toàn thân and sweetness, a pinch of salt for balance và some sort of extract. Cocoa powder, pureed fruit và syrups are other common flavorings.

Use a whisk, a hand-mixer or a stand mixer to lớn whip the cream. You need to khung firm peaks in the cream/

Gently fold 1 cup of the whipped cream into the flavor mix. Then fold this mixture you just created back into the remaining whipped cream. This method helps keep the air in the whipped cream.

Pour the ice cream into the chilled metal loaf pan, press platic wrap directly onto the surface, wrap the container with more plastic wrap and freeze until the mixture is thick & creamy, like soft-serve, about 2 hours.

If you’re adding anything chunky lớn your ice cream, gently fold them into the phối now. Bits of chocolate, crushed cookies and candied nuts are all great choices. If you’re adding a fudge or caramel sauce, stir them in gently after adding the flavor pieces.

Put the covered loaf pan back in the freezer và freeze for 3 more hours before testing lớn see if it’s scoopable. If not, freeze for longer. If it’s scoopable, enjoy it!


Prop a 1-gallon zip-top freezer bag mở cửa in a large container; pour in the mixture. Press out the air và seal. Chill the bag until ready to lớn make the ice cream.

Add 2 cups ice and 50% cup coarse sea salt lớn a large plastic storage container. Nestle the sealed bag of buttermilk mixture in the ice.

Tightly cover the container with the lid. Shake vigorously for about 15 minutes, or until the buttermilk mixture is thick. địa chỉ more ice và salt if needed halfway through the spin cycle. How long it takes depends on your shaking! Let everyone take a turn shaking the ice cream.

For soft-serve, rinse the outside of the bag, snip a corner & pipe into bowls. For firmer ice cream, freeze one hour before scooping.

Combine all the liquid ingredients & freeze them in ice cube trays until solid. Freeze any other ingredients (such as fruit mix-ins) in another ice cube tray. Or, to lớn save time, start with frozen fruit.

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Put all the frozen ingredients in food processor & process until smooth, scraping the sides of the bowl as needed.

Here, creamy chocolate ice cream that"s frozen in a loaf pan. Feel không lấy phí to showroom cookies, nuts or your favorite mix-in.

Once you’ve mastered this vanilla ice cream recipe, you can turn it into any flavor you’d like by adding another flavor.

This mango ice cream recipe uses a combo of two methods: frozen mango is processed in a food processor, mixed with sweetened condensed milk and then lightened with whipped heavy cream. Lime & jalapeno are the perfect match for the sweetness.

All you need are two ingredients khổng lồ make this tasty treat: coffee creamer & frozen peaches. Simply freeze the coffee creamer và process it with frozen peaches.

Chocolate peppermint patties & starlight mints are chopped and stirred into this ice cream along with mini marshmallows for pizzaz.

No hot honey? No problem: use plain honey or địa chỉ a few drops of chili oil to lớn the honey you already have.

You don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving Day to have No-Churn Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream. It’s so easy, any day of the year is the perfect day.

This mango ice cream is a set of the best ingredients: coconut milk, mango, heavy cream & sweetened condensed milk. The lime juice and zest bring serious zip.

You start by making coffee ice cream, then layer it with dulce de leche and chopped toffee bits. When you serve the frozen result, there are swirls in every scoop.