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There’s a New Version of the Dole Whip Nachos in Disney Springs!

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The holidays are here!

With the holiday season in full swing at Disney World, there have been tons of holiday treats, snacks, & merchandise popping up around the parks! While Disney Springs might not be inside the theme parks, this spot is making sure it provides plenty of holiday treats too. Head with us to Disney Springs to kiểm tra out two new Christmas treats we just found!

Over at Disney Springs, we have found even more desserts that will help you get into the holiday spirit! Today at Swirls on the Water (a newer spot that serves mostly Dole Whip variations!), our sweet treat-loving hearts started soaring.

Swirls on the Water

First, we found this Frozen Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Soft-serve for $4.99. This treat is a swirl of chocolate & peppermint soft-serve ice cream.

Hot Chocolate Peppermint Soft-Serve

We really enjoyed this treat! The peppermint & chocolate flavors balanced each other out well, so that peppermint flavor wasn’t too overwhelming. It was very refreshing, which was great on a hot Florida day! The chocolate flavor was just simple chocolate — even though the flavor is called “frozen hot chocolate,” it didn’t taste any different from normal chocolate soft-serve to us.

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This is a great option for a simple holiday snack that we think just about anyone will enjoy! But don’t think we’re done yet — this wasn’t the only new treat at Swirls on the Water. A second new cửa nhà we found today was the Peppermint Chocolate Bark Soft-serve Nachos for $8.99. 

Peppermint Bark Soft Serve Nachos

These are made with chocolate & peppermint soft-serve ice cream, waffle cone “nacho” pieces, peppermint bark pieces, chocolate sauce, M&Ms, and peppermint shavings. The ice cream is the same as the soft-serve we had earlier, & we enjoyed it just as much in this treat!

There’s definitely plenty of this treat khổng lồ share — this would be great for a group that wants to lớn split one treat between a few people. We really liked the peppermint bark because it had a classic flavor that was elevated a bit when you dip it into the soft serve.

We weren’t as happy about the waffle nacho pieces, unfortunately. Ours were very stale when we ate them — they were almost too hard khổng lồ bite into. This may have just been a bad batch of the waffle pieces, và we’re hoping they’re better in the future! If you have a major sweet tooth, this is the holiday treat for you. But if you prefer more simple or balanced desserts, this one might be a bit too much!

In the past, Swirls on the Water has had some really delicious specialty snacks (even if they might be some of the meltiest) so it’s no surprise that they had some good holiday treats as well. Thankfully, if peppermint isn’t your favorite flavor, Disney has you covered! This year, Disney has tons of new items for the holidays and you can bet that DFB will tell you all about them. Make sure you’re still following DFB for all of your latest updates và news on Disney snacks!

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