Gallery: how to grow bean sprouts in a jar


Introduction of Bean Sprouting Machine

Absorbed in the essence of physics và biology, bean sprouting machine is specially designed for making bean sprouts, lượt thích soybean sprout, mung bean sprout, và black bean sprout. & it can shorten half even more growing cycle of bean sprout, especially in winter or low room temperature, thus greatly avoiding the bacteria infection và invasion. So the rotten sprout, cooked sprout, bacterial tinea, và vicious cycle of rotten sprout can be controlled effectively. Under the effect of consistent temperature, the bean sprouts produced by our sprouting machine grow uniformly.

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Advantages of Bean Sprouting Machine

* Complete function, short growing cycle of bean sprout, only 3-4 days.* High chất lượng of bean sprout, less rotten sprout.* Labor-saving, no need of a special person lớn care about.* Convenient operation, no noise and pollution.* No chemical additive in the bean sprout production, a pure green vegetable.* First to lớn utilize ozone sterilization technology, not only the virus, but the bacteria & microbes can be eliminated.

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Structural Features of Bean Sprouting Machine

1. The framework is made of stainless steel, & the box is made of heat preserving, waterproofing and rustproofing composite color steel plate, corrosion resisting, durable usage, reasonable design and aesthetic appearance.2. Microcomputer control, intelligent multiple screens display, achieving the full automatic production (automatic temperature control, water supply, water spray, ozone sterilize, high temperature alarm, less water alarm, etc.).3. New upgraded water tank is made of stainless steel or PVC plastic board, laminated insulation, water saving và energy saving.4. Sprout tray is made of food-grade Eco-friendly LLDPE material, non-toxic và odorless, good bearing capacity, elongated drain hole, good permeable effect.


Wide Application of Bean Sprouting Machine

Bean sprouting machine is applicable for small, medium & large scale bean sprouts production in households, canteen, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, ship, etc. & it can also be used for mass production of other sprouts.