Jackfruit Coconut Ice Cream


Delicious Jackfruit ice cream made with jackfruit & coconut milk and heavy cream. Easy & egg không lấy phí version .




Hope it was a wonderful mother’s day for everybody. Yes I too enjoyed mother’s day with breakfast from hubby and kisses from my two precious kids. My daughter brought a hand painting from her preschool as mother’s day gift. I bởi miss my mom everyday và yesterday I wished for her presence. One of my friends had told me that I can get delicious lychee and jackfruit ice cream.

So when I went to lớn Hong Kong market last time I did look for those. I didn’t get jackfruit ice cream, but got a full ripe jackfruit from there, and with that I made this delicious Jackfruit ice cream. I loved khổng lồ the core. Jackfruit is my favorite fruit after mango & plantains. If you don’t know what jackfruit is, they are the heaviest fruit you can find in the world. You want lớn read more about them read from this post. In my hometown most of the houses have jackfruit trees in their backyard. One good thing is that once it starts giving fruit, it will continue until its die. I have profound weakness towards this fruit, and whenever I see them try khổng lồ grab them. When it is ripe, it has an intoxicating smell that makes me nostalgic about my childhood days. Hubby asked what you are going to vày with this huge fruit. I told him I will make some dishes và also make an ice cream.

While searching Google I got a few varieties of jackfruit ice cream recipes especially Pilipino version of Langka ice cream. Most of them use canned jackfruit. But when you have fresh fruit in hand; you want khổng lồ use it to lớn get a great taste. I found this recipe from here, got inspired from that to lớn develop my own version of jackfruit coconut ice cream by altering the steps in making them.

Since I want to give it lớn kids, I cooked the jackfruit with ¼ cup sugar for 30 minutes in slow flame. Once they cooked well, pureed them and chilled it while I prepare the rest of mixture. I skipped adding pandan leaves as I did not have it in my hand. Also not sure whether my kids would lượt thích it or not, so did not added any pandan extract too.


I know that marriage between coconut milk và jackfruit is always delicious, however about adding heavy cream I was not sure, but last week I made one more version of Jackfruit payasam or pudding. I came khổng lồ know that we can add milk to the jackfruit coconut milk full bộ without any effect on the taste. I didn’t địa chỉ cửa hàng any vanilla extract to lớn get full flavor of jackfruit.


I only used puree of jackfruit lớn this ice cream; if you want you can also địa chỉ some small pieces of jackfruit in the final stages of ice cream mixing. That way you can feel jackfruit while enjoying the ice cream. I am not a fan hâm mộ frozen fruit in my ice cream, so I decided to lớn skip that step. This tropical ice cream is real treat if you are lover of jackfruit.


Are you ready for a tropical summer, then give it try it is delicious. You can also use canned version of jackfruit which is available in most of the Asian stores. Otherwise kiểm tra for Hong Kong market in your area for fresh fruit. Worth the price, Enjoy