Homemade Okonomiyaki Sauce お好み焼きソース


Using just 5 simple ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen, you can whip up this delicious, thick và fruity homemade okonomiyaki sauce in just a few minutes!


Okonomiyaki sauce vs yakisoba sauce: what are the differences?

You might wonder if there are any differences between okonomiyaki sauce & yakisoba sauce. Simply put, they are actually quite similar but there are still a few differences.

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Ingredients vary somewhat from manufacturer khổng lồ manufacturer, but tomatoes, onions, apples, vinegar, spices, salt, & oyster sauce are commonly used. However, if you compare these side by side, you will definitely notice okonomiyaki sauce is sweeter, thicker & yakisoba sauce is more savoury and thinner.

Other than yakisoba sauce, takoyaki sauce is also quite similar to okonomiyaki sauce, but unlike okonomiyaki sauce vs yakisoba sauce, they are actually very similar và interchangeable. If I have khổng lồ name some differences, I would say takoyaki sauce is often slightly sweeter but not as thick as okonomiyaki sauce.


The best okonomiyaki sauce to buy online

I know this is kind of breaking the essence of this post, but seeing as we often just buy okonomiyaki sauce in supermarket, I thought it would be helpful what kind of brand has the most authentic flavour.

I would have lớn say, more than 99% or even higher of people in nhật bản buy Otafuku"s okonomiyaki sauce. It"s the kind of okonomiyaki sauce in nhật bản without a doubt. You can actually forget about other pre-made okonomiyaki sauce because Otafuku is the one.

Otafuku also operates in US, so you can buy their wide range of products from their own website directly. Their signature okonomiyaki sauce is called "Okonomi Sauce".

Other than that, you can find Okonomiyaki Flour (if you wanna make it from scratch, I have a homemade okonomiyaki recipe), Okonomiyaki Kit và Okonomiyaki value pack.


Substitutes for okonomiyaki sauce

Even though I"m going khổng lồ explain easy way to lớn homemade okonomiyaki sauce soon, you might be looking for substitutes. Maybe you wanna look for easier alternative or change the flavour a bit. Here are some popular examples of alternative okonomitaki sauce in Japan:

Takoyaki sauce: as I mentioned earlier, this can be interchangeable without any issues.Tonkatsu sauce: it is slightly different, but you can use it for okonomiyaki.

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Soy sauce & mayo: be careful with the amount as it can be very salty.Ponzu: for refreshing kick.Ketchup & mayo, half và half: although it will be completely different dish but they go well with okonomiyaki pancake.

Of course it"s best to lớn use okonomiyaki sauce for okonomiyaki, but sometimes it"s good to lớn change things up!


What is okonomiyaki sauce made of?

In my recipe, I use following ingredients to make okonomiyaki sauce:


However, if you want lớn know the ingredients in general sense, these ingredients are used according to lớn Otafuku:

TomatoCarrotOnionApplePumpkinDatesSugaSoy SauceVinegarSaltModified Food StarchAlcoholic Brewed seasoningEeast ExractSpicesKelpShiitake Powder

Basically lớn avoid this long menu of ingredients, I use Worcestershire sauce, which already contains a lot of fruit and vegetables instead.

Storing Okonomiyaki Sauce

I recommend keeping homemade okonomiyaki sauce in an airtight container in the fridge và using it within 2-3 weeks. Because it"s made of condiments that contain preservatives, it would probably last longer in theory, but you might as well make a fresh batch as it uses typical condiments that most people already have at home.

Use Okonomi Sauce with these recipes

Homemade okonomiyaki sauce works great with a number of my recipes!

What does Okonomi sauce taste like?

It"s very veggy & fruity like Worcestershire sauce but a lot thicker và sweeter.

Is Okonomi sauce the same as takoyaki sauce?

They are almost the same. However, one of the few differences would be the consistency. Takoyaki sauce tends lớn be thinner than okonomiyaki sauce.

Is okonomiyaki sauce spicy?

Okonomiyaki sauce can be spicy but not more than Worcestershire sauce unless you choose lớn buy "spicy version" of okonomiyaki sauce. You could add a little chilli powder khổng lồ spice it up if you like.

Can I use yakisoba sauce for okonomiyaki?

Yes, you can but be careful about how much to apply as yakisoba sauce tends to be saltier than okonomiyaki sauce.

Do you need khổng lồ refrigerate Okonomi sauce?

Fully packaged & sealed premade okonomiyaki sauce does not need khổng lồ be in the fridge, until opened. Once opened, you need to lớn keep it in fridge & use within 3 months. Homemade okonomi sauce should be stored in an airtight container, refrigerated & used in about 2 weeks.

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