Low Carb Yogurt Jello Bites


Boring, ‘ol jello gets amajor upgrade with the addition ofyogurt & cream! Thissimple addition transforms it into a creamy dessert that is light in texture, rich in flavor, perfectly sweet with lovely notes of tanginess.

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This recipe has been in my family even before I was born, & I’ve been keeping it from you all this time.


Because it’s so easy, I almost feel silly posting it.

Simple flavors, simple steps…a non-recipe recipe sort of thing, that I thought everyone knew how to make.

Turns out…it’s not as well known as I thought it was, so I had lớn shed some light on it.


If you’re familiar with this dessert, I’m sure you already know how good it is.

But if you’ve been in the dark about yogurt jello, I’m sorry to lớn tell you that you’ve been missing out. Dude…forget regular ‘ol jello! This is way, waaay better, và if anything…a bit more nutritious too!

I’m actually not a jello fan hâm mộ at all. I realize I’m probably in the minority here, but that jiggly, gelatinous texture is just not my cup of tea (cringe!).

This, on the other hand…I LOVE.

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Simply substituting half of the water used lớn “cook” the jello with a set of yogurt và heavy cream (or ALL yogurt, if you wanna keep things lean), transforms that gel-like, monotonous texture with a flavor that leaves a lot to be desired, into a creamy, silky dessert with rich flavor và heightened complexity.

It’s like eating a denser chilled soufflé!


This is one of those recipes that was passed on lớn me by my Grandma, may her beautiful soul rest in peace. Và if you’ve tried her Creamy Dreamy Rice Pudding và Balah El Sham (Middle Eastern Fritters), you know how exceptional her recipes are.

She used to refer to lớn this one as “Strawberry Souffle,” and the name kind of stuck. We still hotline it “soufflé” to lớn this day, but I had lớn change it here for technical accuracy. It’s definitely not a soufflé, but in some ways a faint reminder of it. That light and creamy texture, with refreshing fruity flavor is probably where the connection came from.

No matter what you choose khổng lồ name it, this simple, yet delectable treat is guaranteed to lớn satisfy both kids và grownups alike.


It’s light in texture, rich in flavor, perfectly sweet with notes of tanginess, and just the perfect quick dessert khổng lồ throw together on a hot summer day. Horray for no-bake desserts!

The other great thing about it, is that you can easily customize the flavor lớn your liking! Swap out the strawberry jello phối with whatever flavor you fancy và boom! you got yourself a totally new dessert. If you have a big gathering, consider making several flavors at once and serving them side by side…because who doesn’t lượt thích variety. Grandma would always make a big bowl of strawberry flavored and another mango. Strawberry had always been my favorite. I mean…its PINK! How can a little girl resist?!


Whether you go for pink, orange, purple, or green, you’ll just need 4 ingredients for this laughably easy recipe:

1 packet jello flavor of your choice. I’m doing strawberry today.1 cup boiling water1/2 cup plain yogurt1/2 cup heavy cream (which may be substituted with more yogurt, but I love the richness it adds and how it mellows out the tanginess of the yogurt)


So you pour the boiling water over the jello mix, & whisk until it has completely dissolved. At this point, you’ll want lớn let the hot mixture cool down lớn near room temperature before adding in the dairy. Adding yogurt khổng lồ a hot mixture can cause it to split & curdle and no one likes that.


I also lượt thích to make sure that my dairy isn’t cold when I địa chỉ it in. When all components have similar temperatures, they blend together better into a more homogenous manner & you won’t be left with bits of yogurt floating around.

But that’s pretty much it! You simply whisk in the yogurt & heavy cream until nice and smooth.


Then pour it evenly into small cups or ramekins for individual servings or 1 big bowl, ala family style. Then into the fridge it goes to set.


Pipe (or dollop) some whipped cream over the top if you like. Grandma didn’t bởi vì that