Citrus lemon and lime salt

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Drag these juicy shrimp though zesty lemon salt for a real treat!I’m currently working my way through “Ducksoup: The Wisdom of Simple Cooking.” It’s a really excellent cookbook full or recipes that require only a few chất lượng ingredients and minimal cooking khổng lồ yield maximum flavor. These grilled shrimp with zesty lemon chili salt are a perfect example. The authors chú ý ” you hardly need a recipe lớn make this dish” but I’m glad they provided one. I’ve been grilling shrimp with olive oil, sea salt, and lemon for ages but I’d never though khổng lồ grind the lemon zest into the salt – genius & more importantly, delicious!Looking for more shrimp recipes? Try my warm shrimp salad or shrimp risotto.

Notes on Grilled Shrimp with Zesty Lemon Chili Salt

Simple recipes like this are all about the ingredients. Use the freshest seafood you can find (and preferably wild caught shrimp). Good sea salt & organic lemons are also recommended. If your lemons are not organic, make sure khổng lồ give them a good scrub under hot water khổng lồ remove their wax coating.Suggested PairingsThese shrimp make a great appetizer dish. You can serve them alongside a few simple small bites lượt thích olives and a bit of bread and olive oil for a delightful cocktail hour. We often make a meal out these too. Grilled shrimp & a simple side salad is all you need for an easy weeknight dinner. For the wine, shrimp generally goes great with many whites or rose. For this recipe I prefer a crisp sauvignon blanc.

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Grilled shrimp with zesty lemon chili salt is great dish for weeknight or dinner parties.
Grind the lemon zest with sea salt & chili flakes lớn create a zesty lemon chili salt.
The shrimp are oiled, seasoned, and ready lớn go in the pan!
Peeing shrimp is a fun & rewarding activity. Don’t forget the napkins!Print
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