Liquid Starch Slime Only 3 No

We make a lot of slime. We’ve probably tried over 100 slime recipes! We know slime, & liquid starch slime is the easiest slime for beginners when you’re learning how to make slime. Here is how lớn make slime with liquid starch.

One of the biggest complaints about making slime that I hear is that for many people, when they try lớn mix the slime, it just doesn’t go together và turns into a gloppy mess.

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This recipe for slime, is a foolproof slime recipe for how khổng lồ make a slime recipe with liquid starch. If you follow these directions, you’ll be able khổng lồ learn how to make slime with liquid starch without any hiccups or mistakes.


This sta flo slime recipe is one of our favorite sensory activities. My preschooler & grade-schooler both love making slime.

We sometimes focus on the science of slime, but other times, we just enjoy making fun variations on slime và have fun playing with the stretchy, squishy substance!

Laundry starch slime is the perfect sensory experience for kids who love sensory input.

How to Make Slime with Liquid Starch

Read on to see how khổng lồ make the best slime with liquid starch! We have tons of twists on this basic recipe, including our ocean slime, rainbow slime, & fluffy slime!

What is Slime?


Slime is made when boron mixes with the polymer chains in the glue, creating strong, but flexible bonds between the molecules. There are so many fun tweaks you can make to a basic slime recipe, like my kid’s favorite, fluffy slime!

Since this slime does contain borax, if you have a sensitivity to lớn it, you may want to lớn try our baking soda slime instead.


Why Make Slime with Glue and Liquid Starch?


Slime is a wonderful tool for learning and sensory play. Kids love making the slime because it feels stretchy, soft, và fun!

I lượt thích to use slime making as a way khổng lồ connect with my kids & help them learn a little bit of science at the same time!

Slime making never gets old, and with so many slime recipe variations, there is no over to the fun you can have making slime.

View our fun slime collections:

Tips for Making a Sta Flo Slime Recipe


If this is your first time making slime, you should follow along with our post on slime troubleshooting. Luckily,liquid laundry starch slime made with clear glue is the easiest slime recipe.

If you don’t want to waste a lot of ingredients, try mixing up a small batch first to make sure you won’t have khổng lồ tweak it before you make the larger version.

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We always stock up on gallon sizes of glue and the large laundry starch just in case something goes wrong (but it almost always goes smoothly).

How to lớn Make a Slime Recipe with Liquid Starch

Follow these directions & you’ll have the best liquid starch slime recipe ever!


Troubleshooting Glue & Starch Slime


Too runny: You might have put too much water in it. If the slime is too runny, there are two solutions:

Add more glue. Sometimes this helps soak up the extra liquid.Rinse the slime under water. This will release the materials that didn’t bond và you’ll be left with usable slime.

Too sticky: You probably used too much starch. địa chỉ cửa hàng a bit more glue và mix.

Weird texture: The slime probably didn’t have enough time to set. Leave it for five minutes, then come back. Stretch and knead the slime for about 2 minutes, then it should return lớn the proper texture.

Won’t gel: Did you use the right ingredients? We find the best results when using Elmer’s clear school glue and Sta-Flo laundry starch.

Nothing works: Humidity matters when making slime. You may need khổng lồ adjust the màn chơi of water used. The more water, the stickier và more liquid the slime will be.

The less water, the stronger and stiffer the slime will be. If your slime just isn’t right, you might need lớn adjust the recipe for humidity.

What you’ll need for making slime with liquid starch:

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Sta flo slime ingredients


Where can I buy liquid starch?

If you live in the United States, you’ll be able khổng lồ find it cheapest if you buy it in a local store. I usually find it in the laundry section of a grocery store (but not usually Target or Walmart, for the record).

You can also buy liquid starch for a bit more on Amazon. If you buy the multi-packs it’s cheaper than if you just buy 1.

If you live outside of the United States, I have heard that it’s almost impossible to lớn get Sta-Flo starch there (could be different now, I don’t know). But there are alternatives. Elmer’s now makes a slime activator, which is essentially the same thing as liquid starch.

I wouldn’t suggest getting any other brand of slime activator or glue, they usually fail.