Chicken liver pâté recipe

Instant Pot Chopped Liver is a delicious, elegant, & healthy appetizer that is also easy lớn make. Chicken Liver Pâté is great to showroom to a charcuterie platter. It only requires a few steps to lớn put together và it’s also very affordable.

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Various kinds of pâtés have always been a staple in my kitchen when I was growing up. I suppose it’s a Russian thing as offal cuts are a standard part of Russian cuisine.

Pâtés are often considered fine dining and French but they are surprisingly easy to make. They are also quite affordable as liver is most often very inexpensive. And they are also high in iron và vitamin A.

Chopped Liver is most commonly referred lớn a Jewish recipe made with chicken livers, fried onions, schmaltz, và often hard-boiled eggs.

I am not an expert in Jewish cuisine so I won’t say that this recipe for Instant Pot Chopped Liver is authentic but it is delicious và it tastes very similar to Chopped Liver that I buy at my local Jewish grocery store.

Whether you hotline this recipe Instant Pot Chopped Liver or Instant Pot Chicken Liver Pâté, it’ll still be delicious, healthy, và easy khổng lồ make.


Ingredients for Instant Pot Chopped Liver

Shallot (or onion)Vermouth (or wine or broth or water)Chicken liversEggs (can be omitted if following egg-free diet)

How to lớn make Chopped Liver

Once chicken liver và eggs are cooked, you only need a few more minutes to make Chicken Liver Pâté.

Add all the cooked chicken liver và onions to lớn a small food processor và pulse a few times.Add a bit of a cooking liquid to get the desired consistency. Showroom peeled hard-boiled eggs.Process until the desired texture is reached.Transfer to a bowl & cool in the fridge completely before serving.

Questions and Answers about Instant Pot Chopped Liver

Will it work with only 1 tablespoon of liquid in Instant Pot?

I have made Instant Pot Chicken Liver Pâté about dozen times in two different models of Instant Pot without any issues.

The recipe has shallot (or onion) which has a lot of liquid when softened, liver has a lot of juices, as well as butter (margarine) that melts và Vermouth (or broth). Once everything heats up, there will be plenty of liquid lớn create steam and bring your electric pressure cooker to pressure.

You can see in the clip that once everything is cooked, there’s close to a cup of liquid in Instant Pot. If you are worried about it, feel miễn phí to địa chỉ another 2-3 tablespoons of broth or water.


How long does it actually take khổng lồ make Instant Pot Chopped Liver?

Prep time khổng lồ cut up shallot & measure all the ingredients: 5 minutesTime for Instant Pot lớn come lớn pressure: 8 minutesCooking time: 4 minutesQuick release time: 2 minutesTransfer to food process, peel eggs, pulse: 5 minutes

Total time: 24 minutes

Can you cook chicken in Instant Pot faster?

I have tried the cooking time of 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 4 minutes. I personally like 4 minutes the most because I prefer firmer chicken liver. I am also a bit paranoid & prefer to overcook meats.

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Cooking for 2 minutes yields soft & pink chicken liver that is cooked to lớn the correct internal temperature (160F).

Note: if you cook liver for less than 4 minutes, you would not be able lớn cook eggs at the same time as they will not be hard-boiled.

How much cooking liquid to địa chỉ cửa hàng to Chicken Pâté?

This really depends on your taste. If you prefer smoother and softer pâté, then add more liquid.

For firmer và choppier style of pâté, something that is closer to Chopped Liver, use less liquid.

Remember, Chopped Liver will harden in the fridge as it cools.


Variations for Chopped Liver

EggsI like to add eggs for extra flavour, protein, và also to stretch the ingredients even further.They can be fully omitted. Or you could add more eggs if desired.ButterUse butter if you don’t follow Kosher diet.Use non-dairy spread if you need khổng lồ avoid dairy.VermouthI use Vermouth a lot in cooking. I love its bitter and savoury taste. I also love that the bottle will last a long time as opposed to wine that needs khổng lồ be finished soon after the bottle is opened.If you don’t have Vermouth, use trắng wine, chicken or vegetable broth, or just water.SeasoningsFeel free to use your favourite spices & herbs if you’d like.I don’t use a lot of salt, so you may need to lớn increase salt.Chicken LiverIt’s important to make sure that the chicken livers are clean and don’t have any green pieces attached lớn them. Green sack is a gallbladder và it’s extremely bitter. It needs to lớn be cut off và discarded. In all my years of cooking chicken liver, I’ve only stumbled upon it once, so it’s rare but something to lớn be aware about.

Equipment to lớn make Chicken Liver Pâté


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