How to make matcha green tea snowskin mooncake

Matcha Mung Bean Paste is excellent to be used as a filling for Matcha Snow Skin Mooncake. The key ingredients for these recipe are split mung bean, Matcha powder and milk. Milk is used instead of water as it will help bring out the flavor of Matcha, thus make the paste more flavourful.

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Yields: 500 g




Matcha Mung Bean Paste (Japanese Green Tea Paste) for Mooncake |


150 g split mung bean (soak for 3 hours, drained)2 tbsps Matcha powder (Japanese green tea powder)4 tbsps hot water¼ tsp fine salt120 g fine sugar200 g milk2 tbsps glutinous rice flour40 g cooking oil


1. Steam soaked split mung bean over medium heat for 30 minutes, until very soft.


2 set together hot water and matcha powder. Add in salt, sugar & milk, phối well. địa chỉ cửa hàng in glutinous rice flour, mix until combined. địa chỉ cửa hàng in steamed split mung bean, blend until smooth, then sieve into a non-stick pan.

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3 add in cooking oil, phối well.


4 Cook overmediumheat for10minutes, then reduce to medium-low heat & cook for 10 minutes (the heat for different cooker is different, cooking time is just for reference), until you have a smooth paste.


5 mix aside Matcha Mung Bean Paste to cool completely (slightly cover the paste with a plate to lớn prevent the outer layer from drying). You may use it to lớn make your mooncakes once it has cooled down. (Update for storage: Put paste in container and keep in freezer for later use. Return frozen paste khổng lồ room temperature before using.Do not keep the paste refrigerated as it will become dry.)