Green Tea (Matcha) Custard S No Wskin Mooncake

These Vegan Matcha Mooncakes with a fudgy almond paste filling are the perfect mooncakes for those who want lớn enjoy mooncakes without dairy or eggs.

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With only a few simple ingredients, you can make these awesome (vegan) matcha mooncakes! By using applesauce, the exterior has a subtle sweetness that isn’t overwhelming. Adding matcha khổng lồ the mooncake’s crust not only gives it a nice green color, but gives it earthy notes that you won’t get enough of. The fudgy almond paste filling is not the most traditional mooncake filing, but the subtle nuttiness from the almonds pairs well with earthy matcha khổng lồ make for a gentle dessert that isn’t too sweet.


Here’s why I love this recipe

this mooncake recipe is non-traditional, but makes a much healthier mooncake that are made with almondsit’s gluten freelow carbthe sky’s the limit when it comes lớn mooncake filling ideas.

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I use a almond paste filling, but you can easily use sweetened lotus paste, trắng bean paste, mung bean, etc, khổng lồ suit your diet and preferences!

Ingredients Used lớn Make these Vegan Matcha Mooncakes

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