Rustic french pork and chicken pâté recipe


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Beef liver pate is a classic appetizer for any time of the year, especially during the holidays! This is a creamy, delicious, nutrient-dense treat you can serve with your favorite bread or vegetable sticks.

I highly recommend beginning your organ meats journey with liver. My A lớn Z Guide lớn Liver Pate on Keto & Carnivore Diets covers all the ins and outs of pate making so you can make some today!

Benefits of Eating Organ Meats

Organs are highly concentrated sources of nutrition. For example, the health benefits of liver are almost off the charts!

Since these foods are relatively underappreciated, they remain priced affordably even as other food costs rise.

Many butcher shops are now stocking organ meats. Online shops are also responding to lớn the rising demand for organs.

Learn where lớn buy liver near you!

I am overjoyed when people embrace the benefits of organ meats. The benefits are worth the effort it takes to get lớn know them in your kitchen.

How to Serve a Classic Beef Liver Pate

Like any good dip or pate, you need some dip-ables!

If you follow a keto diet, choose your favorite low-carb veggie stick or cracker. If you do well with carbs, break out the sourdough French bread!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Serve pate with:

Just a spoon (my personal favorite)Crispy bacon slicesFresh slices of cucumberBaked vegetable chipsGrilled vegetables

Liver pate is one of my go-to keto appetizers for a crowd.

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Try this Dairy free Ox Liver Pate if you prefer cooking without dairy.

Or maybe chicken liver is more your style? If so, try this alcohol-free Chicken Liver Pate Recipe (with Carnivore diet option).


You might vì chưng well with keto carnivore recipes but some folks find they prefer a fiber-free Carnivore Diet. If you are interested in zero-carb carnivore diet recipes, follow the same directions below but omit the garlic, thyme, and pepper.

Serve a la louche (by the spoon), with bacon as a dipper, or on the side of your meat.

If you’re looking for more delicious zero-fiber recipes, you’ll find over 100 recipes made from just the essentials: animal protein và fats in my Carnivore Cookbook!

I threw my liver into a small pot of boiling water for about 60 secs the first time i made it for my boy. This time maybe Ill sear it.


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