How to make a mind map in powerpoint


Create a brainstorming mind bản đồ in PowerPoint, Word, or Excel with SmartArt. Beautiful and easy to bởi vì once you learn how. This tutorial will get you up và running with ALL you NEED to KNOW! Learn the optimum kích cỡ for your mind map. Giảm giá with long text nor properly formatting. See how lớn transport your final project between PowerPoint, Word, và Excel. We build our first project in under 3 minutes và then go into a second more advanced mind map.

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00:00 Intro00:48 Which Software Versions01:00 Starter Mind bản đồ Project Under 3 Min01:28 Using SmartArt for Brainstorming01:34 Best SmartArt Layout khổng lồ Use02:02 Using Keyboard và Text03:07 Using SmartArt action Tools03:40 Enhancing the Look with Colors04:09 The Advanced Project04:20 Why use PowerPoint? Convert khổng lồ Text!06:45 size and Number of Element Considerations06:58 Alternative Tools07:15 Impact of Long Text Strings07:29 Recommended Max Size07:40 Changing the Layout08:15 Change màu sắc Scheme08:27 Moving khổng lồ Different Program09:07 Wrap UP


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Hey, welcome lớn learning all about brainstorming with mind maps using Microsoft Office tools that you already own.

Hi, this is Les from power nguồn Up Training, where I provide my decades of experience lớn you for free.

For all my critical, creative projects and technical people projects, I always start with a brainstorming session to capture the essence of my goals. Và the best tool for small efforts is Microsoft Office.

In this under ten-minute tutorial, I show you the ins & outs through two examples giving you valuable tips khổng lồ master this simple technique.

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So let’s go and Power UP khổng lồ Mind Mapping in Microsoft Office.

To create our brainstorming mind bản đồ in smartart we’re going to use the latest version of office 365 on a windows pc but it’s going to lớn work just as well on a mac or even as far back as powerpoint 2013 so let’s get started we will start in powerpoint but it could just as easily be word or excel powerpoint has a bigger canvas for me khổng lồ demonstrate lớn you we’ll be using a blank empty presentation và i’m going khổng lồ change the slide layout to title only và then we’ll label it brainstorming introduction và to maximize our working area i’m going to lớn resize & move the title to the đứng đầu left corner the foundation for our brainstorming map will be smartart so we need lớn go to lớn insert on the root menu và click smartart kích hoạt icon from there we need to choose from the over 200 different smartart layouts but quite honestly the best mind bản đồ tools are in the hierarchy category when we click on that we’ll see several choices here i’m going to have us choose the horizontal hierarchy các mục because it’s good for decision trees or in our case a mind maps i’ll click on ok and it’ll drop in our starting point if you’re new lớn smartart look for the power up training tutorial đoạn clip listed above for this example i’m wiping out all the starter text and then entering my text in the text box & you’ll see the mind map taking shape to lớn the right the smartart text entry box is just an outline tool that drives the layout of the boxes an indent creates a child box for the text above và the enter key creates a same màn chơi child box so you could work just inside this text workspace to capture ideas as they pop into your head for a typist it is fast and easy so far we’ve created three levels without worrying about formatting & we can always go back and địa chỉ more text as we shape our ideas i find it liberating not to be forced into linear thinking but khổng lồ be able lớn quickly jump around and showroom ideas as they pop into my head & rearrange their order by focusing on words not complex diagramming tools this is where the simplicity of office 365 smartart shines but if you vị want khổng lồ use your mouse the smartart design thực đơn provides a variety of clickable icons khổng lồ provide actions such as promote or demote or even showroom in a new shape based off what’s selected inside your object so you have the flexibility of using the keyboard or the thực đơn system khổng lồ manage your growing mind map and another great benefit of the office smartart is the ability for the shapes khổng lồ shift & match your nội dung as you create it growing & drinking as needed once done you can position the final mind bản đồ on the slide địa chỉ cửa hàng in some enhancements such as powerpoint colored backgrounds và even quickly địa chỉ a dash of màu sắc to the bản đồ by clicking on smartart design và choosing change colors to lớn browse và then select a màu sắc scheme fast & handsome so in under three minutes we created a mind bản đồ from scratch & have it in slideshow presentation ready mode but we can vị more so let’s do an advanced version so i’m going to create a new blank slide and add in the title of smartart for brainstorming i have us working in powerpoint not just for the extra screen real estate but also there’s one fancy tool that converting text to smart art that can’t be found in excel or word let’s see this as i switch khổng lồ word và copy some ready-made text that was put in bullet form & paste it back into powerpoint the ability to take existing text and use it as a jump starter for brainstorming is a great great idea but you need to bring it into powerpoint khổng lồ be able to use the tool that’s found in trang chủ and convert lớn smartart và from the drop down menu i’m going to choose one of the presented hierarchy diagrams lớn work from và you’ll see it converts our existing highlighted text into a smartart diagram like before we can go into the text entry box to lớn start adding in new ideas but we can also rearrange ideas such as deciding that we should probably group the good and bad into a combined category but it requires some extra tab và shift tab lớn rearrange the hierarchy but powerpoint keeps right up with us by displaying our changes as we go watch as i địa chỉ cửa hàng new entries under good và then i go back khổng lồ indent the children ideas khổng lồ fall underneath the good let’s change the good box lớn where it can hold both the good và the bad so we’ll relabel it to lớn good và bad và then we’ll add another box underneath there lớn reproduce the good và then we’re going to have to over in the children items underneath good all very capable doing working within the text box now let’s move the bad towards the subordinate of good & bad but instead of using the tab key this time i’m going to lớn go up & choose the action icon và once i click demote it goes down one màn chơi once again we could have done those with tabs but we can also use the action icons let’s go ahead và rename these khổng lồ where we have the cons và the pros once again you can work out of order because we’re just brainstorming at this point as i speed up the idea creation process you should now see the advantages of smartart brainstorming this would work great in a conference room with people interacting on a projected screen is dynamic & very visual it encourages the không tính tiền flow of ideas however it’s best for smaller mind maps something that might take 15 minutes in a meeting once it grows too large you may want lớn switch khổng lồ a more professional tool you could use microsoft vizio but one of my favorite industrial tools is for mindjet but for those looking for a more cost-friendly solution you might consider x-mind do lưu ý that you should include spaces where possible as the long string of text in mind jet mine manager makes everything too small but once i địa chỉ spaces it rearranges nicely our video demo project is about khổng lồ reach 20 separate idea boxes và in my opinion that is close lớn the max that works visually và for a practical matter understood by an outsider the flexibility of smartart is not just the auto layout but also how we can go back và try on different layout templates to lớn see if the different box types or the orientation works better vertically or horizontally with both the object và the smart design thực đơn selected we can vày the drop down box and visually browse the layout changes without clicking cảnh báo the mac version does not do tự động preview once we find something that we think improves on our brainstorming ideas we can click on ok and it’s instantly applied và once again one of the great benefits of smart art is the simple enhancement such as adding a different màu sắc scheme by just clicking change màu sắc and browsing the choices lastly the flexibility and portability of smartart for our clip tutorial we built the brainstorming project in powerpoint for both the extra canvas space và the ability to lớn use convert text to lớn smartart but once built it is easy lớn move just click and copy & in our example we’re going khổng lồ go back to lớn microsoft word and do a simple paste lớn drop the smartart into our document and yes once moved it’s still a smart art object that can be edited và updated so build once in the conference room with your team and include in future emails or word documents it’s that simple & flexible

You are now ready and turn your ideas into visual concept idea maps to help you và your team better focus on success.

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