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Warmer weather lends itself khổng lồ eating snacks that are lighter, healthier và chilled. So lớn welnhatroso.come summer this year, we have created a delicious Vietnamese rice paper roll recipe that incorporates grilled beef flavoured with a spicy homemade marinade.

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Vietnamese rice paper rolls have benhatroso.come extremely popular over recent years, most likely because they are delicious, nutritious và quick và easy to eat. They are however best eaten fresh, so nothing beats making your own & with a little bit of preparation, they are easy to make và a fun food activity for kids to lớn get involved in, they might even eat one or two.


125ml Hoisin Sauce40ml Soy Sauce20ml Cold Water50gm Unsalted RoastedPeanuts – roughly chop.125ml Fish Sauce5 tbsp Brown Sugar2 Garlic Cloves – peel & finely chop.2 Long Red Chillies – remove stem và seeds & finely chop.2 Lemongrass Stems – remove base & tough outer leaves, bruise and finely chop.30ml Lemon Juice300gm Beef Striploin SteakAs Required – Extra VirginOlive Oil Spray12 sheets Rice Paper – prepare as per manufacturer’s instruction.180gm Rice VermicelliNoodles – prepare as per manufacturer’s instruction.2 Green Shallots Stems – cut into 4cm lengths, then cut each into thin strips lengthwise.90gm Carrot – top, tail, peel, cut into 4cm lengths, then cut each into thin strips lengthwise.90gm Lebanese Cucumber – vị trí cao nhất tail, cut into 4cm lengths, then cut each into thin strips lengthwise.48 Coriander Leaves – rinse, drain & roughly tear.48 Mint Leaves – rinse, drain and roughly tear.

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Place the hoisin sauce, soy sauce, water and peanuts into a mixing bowl. Mix to lớn nhatroso.combine and set to one side.In a second mixing bowl,to make the marinade, add the fish sauce, brown sugar, garlic, chilli, lemongrass, và lemon juice. Mix to nhatroso.combine & until the sugar has fully dissolved.Remove the excess fat và sinew from the beef striploin steak. Lightly coat the beef with the marinade và allow it khổng lồ marinate for 10 minutes. Then remove the beef from the marinade allowing any excess to lớn drain off.Generously spray oil a sauté pan và place over a moderate heat. Once hot, add the beef and sear until it is lightly browned on both sides và cooked to the desired degree (rare, medium or well done). Remove it from the heat and allow lớn cool khổng lồ room temperature. Then finely slice it width-wise & set lớn one side.On a clean work surface, lay out a prepared sheet of rice paper. Leaving a 2cm border at each end, along the centre of the sheet, lay a portion of the sliced beef, then evenly vị trí cao nhất with a portion of the noodles, shallots, carrot, cucumber, coriander and mint leaves. Fold in the ends (2cm borders) of the rice paper and roll up tightly to enclose the filling. Cover the rice paper roll with a damp paper towel to lớn prevent the roll from drying out. Repeat the process with the remaining rice paper sheets.


Optionally, the rice paper rolls can be cut in half. Stack on a serving board or platter. Place the crushed peanut & hoisin dipping sauce into a serving bowl và serve with the rice paper rolls.

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