Rice paper salad a signature street food in hcm city

Mixed rice paper is a favorite snack of many people, especially young people. The issues surrounding delicious and bold rice paper are always concerned by women. Questions like how many calories are in a bag of mixed rice paper, is it good to eat a lot of mixed rice paper, và is fat always at the top of the tìm kiếm results. This article will nói qua with you and answer the above questions.

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Mixed rice paper originates from the Western provinces when the sand paper-making villages remove the excess to lớn make the rice paper more beautiful or the broken rice paper cannot be used and they make use of the leftovers. Back to lớn snack every spare time. địa chỉ with creativity in the processing of dishes, địa chỉ a little shrimp salt, a little satay, a little fried onion, a little dried beef & then grated mango, quail eggs, ... Over time, after many more tastings, was born the mixed rice paper as it is now. According khổng lồ research by nutritionists, for every 100 grams of mixed rice paper, there will be about 300 calories, 16g of fat, 33g of carbs & 5g of protein, but contain up to 94.5% carbohydrates. Although each place has different variations of rice paper mixed in different ways, in general, the calorie nội dung of each bag of cakes does not change significantly. Depending on how much you eat on a large or small plate, the calories will vary, for example, a bag of rice paper weighing 200 grams will have nearly 600 calories.
On average, an adult in a day needs to burn as well as consume about 1,800 - 2,000 calories for the toàn thân to be able to lớn maintain health và normal activities. When we eat a bag of rice paper mixed with a weight of 200g, it means that you have loaded into the body toàn thân an amount of about 600 calories. That"s not counting the calories in other foods you eat during the day. The amount of calories from a bag of mixed rice paper is equivalent khổng lồ nearly 1/3 of the total calories needed by the body at each meal (about 600 - 667 calories). For that reason, it is safe khổng lồ say that this is a dish that, if eaten in large quantities, can cause rapid weight gain. Mixed rice paper is not only high in calories, eating a lot causes weight gain, but they also contain a lot of fat & starch, even without fiber. If you eat too much mixed rice paper & forget about other nutrients, your toàn thân will have an excess of fat và starch. Plus, the type of cashew oil often found in mixed rice paper contains a large amount of saturated fatty acids - a type of saturated fat that is not beneficial khổng lồ the body toàn thân in keeping in shape. It is for the above reasons that mixed rice paper will make your weight change rapidly if you eat it too much. The substances mentioned above in combination with chili powder & water for a long time will cause oxidation phenomena, which are not good for health. Therefore, if you are in the process of losing weight or doing yoga exercises, you should absolutely not eat mixed rice paper.
3.1. Digestive system inefficiently The composition of mixed rice paper contains a lot of nutrients for the body. However, it is impossible not lớn mention that they contain a large amount of saturated fatty acids, making you often feel bloated và uncomfortable. Especially when you eat a lot, this fatty acid content will accumulate more and more in the stomach, thereby causing blockage, disrupting the functioning of the digestive system, leading lớn fatigue & sadness. Vomit.

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3.2. High risk of cancer Mixed rice paper is indispensable with spices such as chili powder, oil, fried onions,... These spices are usually processed once in large quantities to sell for a long time. Therefore, they often appear to lớn oxidize nutrients. The continuous use of oxidized nutrients will create many toxic substances along with the risk of a series of cancers.
3.3. High risk of poisoning Mixed rice paper is a dish for young people, especially loved by students, so they are mostly sold at school gates & sidewalks. This environment has many potential risks of food poisoning, infection from the surrounding environment is very high. These harmful bacteria will enter your body toàn thân and destroy all beneficial bacteria. Causes the body to gradually thua kém resistance and increase the risk of food poisoning.
3.4. Liver & kidney problems Some places selling mixed rice paper are not reputable ready for profit but forget about the benefits of consumers, they will use poor unique ingredients for processing. Among them, cooking oil is the most poorly made product, instead of buying a new oil bottle, they will reuse it many times or use unbranded oil. From there, leading lớn the risk of accumulation of toxic substances in the body and destruction of cell structures. Ultimately, it can lead to diseases such as kidney stone disease, cholecystitis, liver failure,... 3.5. Loss of appetite The sour, sweet & salty taste of mixed rice paper makes you feel more hungry và thirsty. From there, you no longer want to eat any other food because the stomach is always full and this fullness will last for 4-5 hours. 3.6. Easily constipated vi-ta-min C & substances in green mango are considered the main cause of constipation, because you eat a lot of rice paper mixed with an empty stomach. When you are constipated, your body will experience unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, nausea; In more severe cases, hemorrhoids as well as diseases related lớn the appendix may appear. 3.7. Bad effects on health Raw materials for making mixed rice paper depending on where there are beef jerky, dried squid, salt và chili peppers. These foods are often marinated & added colorants, so that when they are put into mixed rice paper, they will have a beautiful color. These coloring agents are harmful to your body toàn thân as well as your health.
Mixed rice paper is a street snack that many of you cannot resist. However, not only do you know how many calories are mixed in rice paper, whether you are fat, but you also need to lớn pay attention & pay attention to taking care of your body toàn thân and protecting your health. Khổng lồ be able lớn ensure that eating mixed rice paper does not affect or adversely affect your health, you need to note the following points: Only eat this snack 1-2 times per week. You should drink plenty of water when eating them. Eat mixed rice paper 1 hour before, then eat the main meal. You should only eat about 50 grams of mixed rice paper at a time. Eat with vegetables that are rich in vi-ta-min C và fiber. Limit eating them in the evening because they will make you difficult khổng lồ digest & can"t sleep well because of discomfort. If possible, make your own mixed rice paper to lớn enjoy while being hygienic và safe. If you want to lớn eat rice paper but still want to keep a slim figure, if you work hard with exercise và a reasonable diet, sometimes eating your favorite snacks is not a problem.