How to make dipping fish sauce for rice paper roll


This Sweet & tangy Vietnamese dipping sauce is my version of the classic Nuoc Cham made without fish sauce! A delicious 5 minute spring roll dipping sauce or dressing for vermicelli rice noodles! So GOOD!! Naturally vegan, gluten free


This Vietnamese dipping sauce recipe tastes amazing !! Full of umami flavour -it’s sweet & spicy, salty, tangy, sour, savoury! It"s crave worthy! made with fresh lime juice, sweet chili sauce, Tamari, vinegar, ginger và chili garlic sauce for a little heat!

This sauce recipe is a cross between Nuoc Cham & Nuoc Mam Gungwhich are both asian dipping sauces popular in Vietnamese restaurants throughout Vietnam, typically served along side dips like peanut sauce with fresh rice paper summer rolls or fried spring rolls, vermicelli rice noodles and lovely as a vinaigrette dressing for salad.

It’s not your typical Nuoc Cham recipe as I’ve made it vegan, left out Vietnamese fish sauce, swapped out carrots for ginger and a few more tweaks😉 Don’t worry it’s just as good! Better even and so easy to make! One of my favourites! I used to love it with shrimp & egg rolls now try it drizzled on my deconstructed egg roll bowl for an extra hit of deliciousness!

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Not just for Vietnamese food! Drizzle this sauce on everything it’s amazing!!

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Ingredient list:

Lime juice: adds tart brightnessGinger: sweet và peppery element

How to lớn make it:

Make sauce

Mix ingredients in a small bowl!



Serve room temperature or chilled. Enjoy as an asian dip or salad dressing. That’s it! Full ingredients & instructions in printable recipe card below

How to lớn use it:

Here are some of my favourite serving suggestions for this delicious asian dipping sauce

as a salad dressing with rice noodles, fresh chopped mangos & herbs -mmm


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Why you"ll love it:

it"s sweet & spicylight và refreshinggluten không lấy phí and veganbright & tangyversatile- add to so many dishes!salty savouryfull of umami flavour crave worthy you"ll want it drizzled on everything!

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Peanut sauce

Enjoy everyone! Happy Day! Please feel không tính tiền to comment below and give this recipe a rating. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

Total Time: 5 minutesYield: 1 Cup 1xDiet: Vegan