The ultimate mixed rice paper recipe


Learn how to make these gorgeous homemade Rice Paper Rolls with spicy thai veggie noodles & a rainbow coloured veggie filling. Round it all up with the delicious peanut butter dipping sauce.

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This post is sponsored by Mann’s. The fresh veggie noodles from their Spicy bầu Nourish Bowl give today’s rice paper rolls a delicious và healthy twist.

These summer rolls make a fantastic appetizer, but you can also địa chỉ your protein of choice to lớn turn them into a healthy filling meal.

What are rice paper rolls?

Whether you gọi them rice paper rolls, summer rolls, fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls, or gỏi cuốn – essentially they are softened rice paper sheets filled with an assortments of veggies, herbs, rice noodles and protein.

Unlike regular spring rolls, these summer rolls are eaten fresh right after rolling. No need for frying!

They are of Vietnamese origin, where their name gỏi cuốn means salad roll.

I first enjoyed these fresh spring rolls during a visit to lớn Vietnam in 2012. Eating what is essentially a cold salad wrapped into a neat roll dipped into the most amazing peanut sauce while sitting on little stools on the side of a busy Ho bỏ ra Minh city street, was exactly what we needed on that hot and humid first evening in the country.


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What to lớn put in rice paper rolls

I had these first as prawn rice paper rolls. You may have seen them before where the pink seafood is put right on the outside và only covered by a thin layer of transparent rice paper.

But on our second stay in Vietnam, when we lived in Hoi An for 3 months in năm 2016 I learned that gỏi cuốn can be filled with pretty much any protein from shrimp and seafood, to lớn pork slices, sausage, beef, or egg.

This is the way my husband enjoyed them the most. At one of our go-to restaurants you could order DIY rice paper rolls.

He would always order the egg version, which means they brought out a large fried omelette alongside rice paper sheets, a container of warm water, softened rice noodles, & a variety of herbs và greens. So he could assemble his fresh rice paper roll with strips of omelette và wrap them with the other ingredients right at the table.

I am telling you all this lớn say that you can put into rice paper rolls whatever your heart desires. That’s what I did!


Kohlrabi Fresh Veggie Noodles

My version today repurposes Mann’s Spicy thai Nourish Bowl. I love how they make healthy convenience food that you could easily prep and eat at the office.

Since I don’t actually work at an office & have a little more time for making lunches I took the fresh noodle concept a little further. The kohlrabi noodles reminded me so much of rice noodles that I used them lớn replace the rice noodles typical for fresh spring rolls.

For that I sautéed the spiralized kohlrabi noodles for about 5 minutes until they softened. Then I added the included thai red curry sauce to lớn them.

I wrapped up the veggie noodles together with a rainbow of my favorite veggies & greens: julienned carrots & bell pepper, shredded red cabbage, lettuce, mint & basil leaves.


Where to buy rice paper

You can easily find rice paper sheets (bánh tráng) in any Asian market or in the international aisle of a larger supermarket.

Otherwise you can always resort khổng lồ Amazon.

How khổng lồ wrap fresh spring rolls

First, you’ll need khổng lồ dip the sheets in warm (not hot) water to lớn soften them. In Vietnam they had special halfmoon shaped bowls for that.

A larger bowl also works. Turn the sheet in it until all parts are moistened (I did that in the video clip below).

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But you could also submerge the entire sheet in a large dinner plate with a rim. Just be sure not khổng lồ let it soak too long that it starts disintegrating.

Lay the soaked rice paper sheet down onto a cutting board or any clean surface. Place your fillings in the middle of the bottom half of the paper.

I lượt thích to start with some herbs – a mint and a basil leaf. Now địa chỉ the veggie noodles, fresh veggies, and lettuce on top.

Fold over the bottom of the rice paper sheet and tuck it in under the veggie filling to create a tight little pouch. Now fold over the right & left side of the rice paper toward the center lớn close up the ends.

Keep rolling up the rice paper roll from the bottom. Sprinkle a little toasted coconut that is included with the Nourish Bowl on the last inch of rice paper before rolling it up. This is just for a nice visual effect.


What khổng lồ dip rice paper rolls in/How to lớn Make Peanut Sauce

In Vietnam fresh rice paper rolls are served with a phối of hoisin sauce và ground peanuts or nước chấm – a fish sauce based dipping sauce.

But from the first time I tried summer rolls, what stood out most khổng lồ me were the peanuts in the dipping sauce. So I serve mine with my favorite coconut milk based peanut sauce.

The sauce is a simplified version of my bầu Peanut Sauce from these spaghetti squash peanut noodles. Instead of making a big batch of cooked sauce, I modified & cut down the recipe, so that all the sauce ingredients can be easily mixed up in a mason jar.

I am still using thai red curry paste as the seasoning. Since that is a little difficult lớn dissolve just by shaking in a jar (especially when cold from the fridge), I showroom that first together with a little coconut sugar và hot water. With a spoon or thin spatula I whisk và stir these around until fully dissolved.

The rest is as easy as adding the coconut milk, natural peanut butter, soy sauce (Tamari to lớn make gluten free), hãng apple cider vinegar, & sesame oil. Close the lid of the jar and shake for a minute or so until everything is fully combined.

Transfer the peanut sauce to lớn a small bowl for easy dipping.


What to serve with fresh spring rolls

I kept my summer roll recipe simple & heavy on the veggies. For that reason they are more suited as an appetizer or snack.

Serving them with just the peanut dipping sauce is more than enough.

However, if you want to turn these Vietnamese rice paper rolls into a main meal, be sure to địa chỉ a filling protein when rolling everything up. Anything from grilled chicken, tofu, shrimp, pork sausage, beef works well.

A side of steamed or fried rice could easily complete the meal then.


Will rice paper rolls keep overnight/how khổng lồ store fresh spring rolls

These easy rice paper rolls are best enjoyed the same day as you prepare them. But if you kết thúc up with leftovers or want khổng lồ pack them up for lunch put them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a day.

For any time longer you’ll need to lớn wrap them in a plastic bag or silicone pouch. But keep in mind that the softened rice paper is sticky & the rolls might stick khổng lồ each other.

To prevent that from happening you can also wrap them in plastic wrap or bee’s wax wraps.