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Pork & prawn summer rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls (or summer rolls) are one of my favourite things lớn eat & I always order this as starter when we visit a Vietnamese restaurant.

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The light, refreshing roll contrasts with a punchy sauce & I feel like I never get enough of these things. The beauty of making food at home is you can have as many pieces as you like. You can eat as many as you like for a main course without confusing your poor waiter.

I’ve made these rolls once before but it was a messy failure. My mistake was to soak the rice paper in hot water and for too long. By the time you roll up, it disintegrates & you can forget about trying lớn eat them with any ounce of dignity. I have found the secret which I will tóm tắt with you below.

When we were eating in Hanoi, Vietnam at the start of this year, I noticed that the rice paper rolls were a tad under softened. That led me to believe that the rolls are wrapped while the paper is still papery.

Maybe you are like me when making traditional dishes. You read a bunch of recipes, then pick out the hardest bits or the bits that don’t appeal. Then you pray for the best as you attempt to make a cheat version of a dish.

Here is my cheat’s recipe.

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Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Summer Rolls)

Makes 16

Ingredients16 sheets of rice paper400g pork steak1 tablespoon chili oilSalt200g prawns, cooked và shelled10cm length of cucumber16 large or 30ish small mint leaves1 baby cos lettuce

Pre-roll PreparationUse a big plate or a platter lớn assemble all your ingredients on before you start lớn roll.Season the pork steaks with a little chili oil and plenty of salt.Add khổng lồ a frying pan và cook on a very low heat for 12 khổng lồ 15 minutes, turning once. You only want a tiny bit of colour.Remove from pan & rest for 5-10 minutes.Slice pork thinly against the grain. This makes it more tender.Add the good slices khổng lồ the platter.Carrot: Peel và grate. Showroom to the platter.

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Lettuce: Cut off the base và wash thouroughly. Slice finely and remove the thick rib/stems.Cucumber: Peel and cut in half lengthways. Run a teaspoon down the middle lớn scoop out all the seeds. Chop the lengths into think half circle slices.Mint: Wash và pick leaves off stems. If using big leaves, tear in half. Keep small leaves whole.Ready khổng lồ Roll

The trick is…

Start with 1 plate of cold tap water.Your rolling station is a clean tea towel that is wrapped around a chopping board. The flat, absorbent surface is perfect.Immerse 1 sheet of rice paper into the plate of water for 3 seconds only. It will not seem lượt thích it’s ready yet, but the paper will continue khổng lồ soften as you fill it & even after you roll it.Set the wet sheet it on đứng top of the tea towel & chopping board.If it is very wet, brush over lightly with a second clean teatowel.Fill with fillings in a line across the middle & a little towards the bottom, careful not khổng lồ over fill. No more than half a cup of filling in total. I started with lettuce, then added cucumber (4 slices), then carrot, then pork (3 slices), then mint (1 large leaf or 2 small leaves) và finally 3 prawns.Whatever you kết thúc with will be on the vị trí cao nhất so something pretty lượt thích a row of pink prawns on đứng đầu of mint is perfect.Fold the bottom edge over the filling, fold in the 2 sides và roll up.Place on a platter.

I always laugh when I discover a prepped ingredient after I’ve plated the dish. It happens more often than I can count. In the past, I’ve made baked quiche only to lớn turn around see my neglected bowl of beaten eggs sitting on the table. This time, I had soaked a portion of vermicelli & set it aside but then completely forgot khổng lồ use it. So this recipe is without vermicelli. I found these summer rolls khổng lồ be filling enough without the noodles. It’s more traditional to lớn have noodles inside though.

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Edit: My buddy Danielle from Keeping Up With The Holsbys came up with the genius trick of putting the sauce inside the rolls. No more spillage if you decide lớn double dip!

Punchy Peanut Dipping Sauce

IngredientsA handful of peanutsA pinch of salt1 tablespoon hoison sauce1 tablespoon tamarind, dissolved in a little hot water1 or 2 tablespoons of palm sugar (depends on how sweet you lượt thích it)1 teaspoon of chili oil (or oil & fresh chilies)


Smash the palm sugar in a motar and pestle. Remove and địa chỉ cửa hàng to a small ramekin.Add peanuts and salt khổng lồ the mortar and pestle & crush. You don’t want to grind too fine as the crunch of the peanuts adds a fantastic texture to the sauce.Tip into the ramekin along with all the wet ingredients & mix well.

Make ahead

These rolls can be made ahead of time, refrigerated và served the next day. The refrigerator will dry out the rice paper a bit so just give them a mist with water about 10 minutes before serving. You don’t want khổng lồ soak them, just give them a chance for the rice paper to lớn be supple again.

Experiment with different ingredients and please let me know how it goes!

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Delicious Vietnam

This post is in conjuction with Delicious Vietnam run by Anh of A food lover’s journey and Hong and Kim from Ravenous Couple. September’s Delicious Vietam event is hosted by Phuoc from Sydney, nước australia on her blog Phuoc’n Delicious.

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