Mid-Autumn Festival: Past and Present

The Mid-Autumn Festival has always been a special day in people’s hearts. There is still a clear picture of a bright moon but under the invisible hand of the time, the Mid-Autumn Festival has changed a lot …

Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional day of many Asian countries. Can mention to countries such as Korea, Japan, Singapore … And definitely can not ignore the “wealthy neighbor” of our country is China – the cradle of this New Year. However, each region and country has a Mid-Autumn Festival with its unique, distinct customs, deeply imbued with national identity.

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Mid-autumn Festival

Is an important day in a year, after the Lunar New Year, Trung Thu full moon bears many similarities with the end of this year. On this day, family members try to arrange work to return home. With the most loved ones watching the full moon, gather together to have fun chatting. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival also has another name, Tet Doan Vien. On the New Year, the members always bring a lot of deeply spiritual and humanistic values ​​with many generations.

For children, this is a real festival. Not only eating typical dishes but also watching lion dance, lantern procession. On this day, children are often given gifts from small adults and toys they like. Children’s Tet is also a Vietnamese name used for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Through the flow of time and many changes of history, today’s Mid-Autumn Festival has many changes compared to before. These differences appear from playing Mid-Autumn Festival, giving gifts to small children, destroying the …

Mid-Autumn toys


Mid-Autumn lanterns

The popular toys for Mid-Autumn festival that the little friends love are: lanterns, masked characters, western characters, cartoon characters, lion heads, unicorns, drums … These toys are given The child plays in the night. With the same smile always on the lips, the children and their friends went to pick up the lights around the village, or follow the footsteps of the lion dancers to each performer. These images will be beautiful images, imprinted in the eyes of everyone. And that is also an image that cannot be replaced for an old Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-autumn toys that children are given by adults are usually homemade items. With easy-to-find ingredients and simple implementation. Colorful and extremely eye-catching presents appear on the hands of grandparents and parents. The bamboo sticks, colored pieces of paper, glue, small candles … created wonderful toys. That makes the children eager, looking forward to the moment to go to process the lights. Being immersed in the atmosphere of bustling Mid-Autumn Festival with friends is a memorable thing of childhood.

Modern life is always busy and busy. Everyone is busy with their work and life. Fathers and mothers are also busy worrying about many things. So, it’s rare to see a toy made by itself in the traditional way as before. Mid-autumn toys are also available for sale on store shelves. With more favorite changes. Instead of simple lanterns with candles, lanterns are now lit with batteries. They emit more pleasant sounds and make it easier for children to play. The toy market is also increasingly diversified according to social trends. More modern, more expensive and richer.

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Mid-autumn eating

Like traditional New Year, fruit tray offering Mid-Autumn festival also has 5 fruits. But the meaning of each is different. Instead of the meaning of “Sung Tuc Su Full Full Bridge”, each fruit on the Mid-Autumn Festival tray symbolizes a five element. The north is often popular with seasonal fruits such as: pomelo, persimmon,…


Shaping funny animals with fruits for the Mid-Autumn Festival fruits tray

Another dish that cannot be ignored is moon cake. Not only delicious and diverse in taste, moon cakes also make the whole space spread the aroma of the king. Scones are square and light brown symbolizing the land. Flexible cake has a round shape with white symbolizing the sky. The pair of baked scones on the Mid-Autumn Festival also brings a desire for a happy happiness and a prosperous life.

Today’s Mid-Autumn Festival is “globalized” with hundreds of different candies. Both domestic and foreign brands. Selected fruits are also richer and more diverse. Not only is the season “awake” anymore. Accompanying it is more sophistication and eye-catching in the presentation of trays. Fruit trimming into many shapes is also done by many mothers. For example, cotton dogs made from grapefruit. The dog makes the Mid-Autumn Moon tray more lively and interesting.

Play Mid-Autumn Festival

Beginning before the full moon, all the streets and streets were busy with unicorn drums. The unicorn dance group and the dance watchers all came to the door of each house to perform traditional dances and surprising fire sprays. Folk games were also enthusiastically responded by the children on this day. Like a snake on a cloud, singing a song, blindfolding and catching goats …

Today, urban and rural children have many differences in playing Tet. Most of the countryside, the children still participated in breaking the deck and playing these games. In the city, due to space conditions, young people often collect Mid-Autumn Festival at commercial centers, public entertainment areas. The taste of the Mid-Autumn Festival here is no longer as typical as before.

Moon cake

Perhaps the biggest change of the Mid-Autumn Festival is now reflected in the cakes. Previously, baked cakes and flexible cakes were just packed with mixed vegetables. With the traditional taste, the ingredients close to the farm such as green beans, pork, lemon leaves, sesame … are used. Now, high-end brand cakes gradually dominate the market, replacing traditional cakes. With new flavors and designs, Mid-autumn cakes are more and more diverse, contributing to the Mid-Autumn Festival’s trays of Vietnamese families.

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Mooncake is an indispensable dish in the Mid-Autumn Festival

However, in people’s minds, the traditional moon cake flavor is unforgettable. The taste of the sweetness, elegance, of the grass flower fragrance.

Mid-Autumn Festival and now! Every other time. So all comparisons are lame. Although each person has their own thoughts about the Mid-Autumn Festival, this is still a Children’s New Year, Tet Doan Vien is meaningful!

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Gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival


Gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival

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