How to make money with affiliate marketing


So, you’ve decided to lớn set sail into the profitable world of affiliate marketing. Great for you!

If you are just getting started, you may be wondering which types of affiliate sale programs you could utilize to lớn make some serious money.

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Perhaps you want khổng lồ diversify income for a content site that generates revenue through display advertising, or you are looking for ways lớn monetize your blogging content. Chances are, no matter which industry or niche you happen to lớn set out for, there is an tiếp thị liên kết platform that will fit your needs.

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Here Is a Quick Recap of What Affiliate sale Actually Is

If you are still in the process of learning what affiliate sale actually is, it is best that we start at the beginning. Put into simple terms, affiliate kinh doanh is where you sign up with a company or a network (a network being a company that houses multiple offers from different businesses) to sell their products or services. You then typically make a commission every time someone either buys something or executes a desired action.

These desired actions could include someone clicking on a link in your blog to purchase a product on Amazon or completing an offer from one of the tiếp thị liên kết networks we will cover in this guide. You are then paid a commission when traffic that you generated to the retailers’ offer completes a desired action. This money is generally part of the company or affiliate program’s online sale budget.

Some of today’s most popular business models for these programs include Amazon affiliate & AdSense. Before you get carried away with choosing the best affiliate mã sản phẩm for you, it’s best lớn know the exact niche you want to steer towards. Knowing what you will specialize in will give you a course to lớn follow when choosing the program that will offer you the most return on investment (ROI) based on your business goals.

Before you mix out into unknown waters for the first time, it would be wise lớn see if other tiếp thị liên kết marketers & bloggers have already found potential in the same niche. Research whether other WordPress & starter SEO sites within your niche are promoting tiếp thị liên kết products to lớn gauge market demand. It is usually a good sign if there are other affiliates because you know they wouldn’t bother if there wasn’t potential lớn grow revenue. You can also collect their affiliate partner offers into a spreadsheet khổng lồ use later when you start ranking your own site.

How to lớn Decide the Best Affiliate sale Program for Beginners

There are a few factors that you need to lớn take into consideration when choosing the best affiliate program to lớn start with. You need to look into each program’s offers, the niches it covers, & the quality of both digital products và the physical products they provide. You need lớn think about whether these products are something that you are going to want lớn put time & effort into promoting on your website and social media.

Another thing to look for when deciding the best affiliate program for those just getting started is the ease of use. Read review on how other affiliates like the programs’ dashboards, how much support they offer their affiliates, và what software as a service (SaaS) tools they provide for those who might not have a background in tech or website development.

If you are not familiar with building a WordPress website, email marketing, how to lớn build leadpages, or even how to lớn use plugins, you may want to lớn find a solution that can handle this for you. Only consider programs that make joining their network beneficial khổng lồ both them & you. If you see affiliates complaining about the lack of real-time tư vấn or how difficult it was to join from the start, you may want to lớn consider another program.

The affiliate marketing program you decide on should also have a clearly written, detailed payout structure for its affiliates. If you see reviews about affiliate commissions not getting paid on time, payouts not being processed, issues with paypal payments or anything related to this, you will likely have better luck going with a network that actually pays you for your hard work.

How many merchants an tiếp thị liên kết network or program currently has should also be a consideration when deciding on the best fit. If there are hardly any successful affiliates promoting & selling the offer, it may be best to look for something that is at least generating revenue for others. After all, why would you spend time & money promoting something when it clearly has limited revenue potential?

Now that you have a better understanding of what khổng lồ look for based on your personal & business goals, we should cover the differences between the different tiếp thị liên kết business models.

Difference Between In-House tiếp thị liên kết Programs and Affiliate Networks

There are two different types of affiliate models you could use in your business when first starting out: in-house affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

In-House affiliate Programs

This includes Amazon’s affiliate program, as it manages everything within its own partner program. There are a few other in-house tiếp thị liên kết programs, but Amazon is one of the most popular. The network (Amazon in this case) runs its own affiliate software (either custom built or an off shelf one) & pays its affiliates referral commissions through a dashboard they phối up.

Affiliate Network

In this model, you are bringing traffic directly khổng lồ the network’s offer, whether that be a trang đích cần seo or a khung submission. The network will advise you on how you can promote the affiliate offer (usually within a detailed kinh doanh policy), và some even offer marketing nội dung that your business can use khổng lồ help with conversions và to build trust.

These networks will actively seek new affiliates to lớn spread the reach of their offer và will often have an tiếp thị liên kết manager who oversees everyone in the program. This is a great opportunity for business owners looking lớn promote a new product, as these networks will manage the affiliates (you in this case), which leaves the company making the offer không lấy phí to focus on other parts of the business outside of marketing. Now that you have a better understanding of what affiliate sale is, are familiar with the different models lớn choose from, and know which niche you want to lớn set out for, what exactly are the best tiếp thị liên kết programs for those just now getting ready lớn set sail?


That’s right! One of the largest names in the US for tools and home improvement also has its very own affiliate program and is a great option for those looking lớn set out promoting content related to lớn this market. This tiếp thị liên kết program is amazing for the wide range of products you have lớn choose from and for the trust you gain automatically from traffic having a quality tên thương hiệu most will have heard in this space.

The Ace Hardware affiliate program includes many useful tools for those just getting started in affiliate marketing and offers some great incentives not found in other programs.

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Offering a huge variety of chất lượng products to choose from, the Ace Hardware affiliate program has thousands of options in the trang chủ improvement market. If you are accepted, Ace Hardware sends you all of the necessary tools you need to địa chỉ into your content, making the thiết lập process quick and easy.

Daily reports on impressions, click-throughs, conversion rates, top performing products, và commission reports are clearly displayed on your dashboard và easy khổng lồ understand. Another added bonus khổng lồ this tiếp thị liên kết program is that you have a 30-day cookie for traffic that clicks on your offer and does not make a conversion. This is huge for those more expensive items that may require more nurturing before traffic is ready khổng lồ buy.


The biggest anchor weighing down this program is the fact that you need khổng lồ be in the home improvement niche for this program to lớn make you any serious money. Based on this limitation, the Ace Hardware affiliate program will not suit everyone’s needs. Because the Ace Hardware tiếp thị liên kết program uses the same software as Impact, if you don’t lượt thích this Impact, you may not enjoy the functionality of Ace Hardware’s affiliate program either.

With plenty of tiếp thị liên kết programs to lớn choose from, and now having a better idea of how our đứng đầu choices all compare, the next step is to lớn sign up for one or more of the programs detailed in this list.

Honorable Mention: Best Buy

If you’re in the electronics space and you’re driving a majority of your traffic from the US, Canada, và Mexico, the Best Buy affiliate program should be at the top of your danh sách for potential partnerships.

With the Best Buy affiliate program, you get access to lớn a solid brand with a wide range of electronics that are currently up to lớn date. You’ll also get a large selection of banners, nội dung ideas, and không tính phí tools lớn help make your affiliate marketing efforts successful.

One of the biggest drawbacks to lớn the Best Buy tiếp thị liên kết program isn’t with the program itself. It’s the nature of the niche. While some of the most successful affiliate kinh doanh businesses are in the electronics and equipment niches, these businesses tend to lớn require a little more work as upgrades come out và electronics evolve.

That means you’ll have lớn keep a careful eye on the Best Buy affiliate program creatives khổng lồ make sure they’re up lớn date and that your liên kết are working correctly. You’ll also need to nhận xét and revise your content consistently to increase your CTRs.

How to lớn Get Approved for affiliate Programs

If you’ve found a network or program that fits your niche & your financial goals, you’re probably wondering how to lớn get approved for affiliate programs.

Each network will have different requirements for how khổng lồ get approved for tiếp thị liên kết programs. Most will require an existing website with high-quality, chất lượng content, & some have minimum traffic requirements.

You can get details about how to get approved for tiếp thị liên kết programs on each individual partner’s page. Unless you’re signing up to lớn individual programs such as Ace Hardware, once you’ve been approved for the network, you’ll have to lớn figure out how khổng lồ get approved for affiliate programs with each partner.

The process here is usually straightforward. Once you’ve found a potential affiliate partner, you can request khổng lồ join their network. Each partner will also have different requirements, so it’s worthwhile khổng lồ request to join a few different ones when you’re starting out in case you don’t currently meet the requirements for one.

The tiếp thị liên kết Program You Choose Might Give You a Profitable Exit

Depending on which programs best match your business goals & desired niche, you should have a better understanding of how these programs differ from one another và how to get approved for affiliate programs. Many tiếp thị liên kết site owners don’t ever stop khổng lồ think about how they can diversify their tiếp thị liên kết income outside of the network they are currently involved in.

When you diversify your affiliate offers, you help keep your business afloat should any of your other affiliate income take a hit. Once you have a decent amount of traffic và revenue being generated across multiple affiliate offers, you give interested buyers a more valuable business, which in turn can demand a higher sales price.

If you’ve added one of the high-paying tiếp thị liên kết programs mentioned on this list into your business và are looking lớn find out how much you could sell it for, head over to our free online business valuation calculator.

There you can find out exactly how much your tiếp thị liên kết business is worth compared to lớn similar businesses currently on the market.

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