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Creating educating, informative, and entertaining videos can be your major source of income. All you have to vì chưng is upload your creative videos on YouTube to get paid. How khổng lồ become a YouTuber is a guide that teaches you how to lớn create and upload videos that can pay you on YouTube.

According to lớn Investopedia, top Youtube stars make close to $20 million a year. Launched in 2005 at San Mateo, California, United States, Youtube has been a reliable way lớn make money online since fifteen years.

In fact, Ryan ToysReview who is the highest paid Youtuber earned over $22 million in 2018. That is absolutely good money made while having so much fun and entertaining if not educating others.

Interestingly, Ryan who was just seven years old at that moment đánh giá toys online for other kids. His video clip on Easter eggs and a bouncy house has over 1.6 billion views while his YouTube channel has recorded over 25 billion views.

Creating good and quality videos, uploading it on Youtube, and driving traffic khổng lồ it converts to lớn good money. So, you love appearing on camera, you have a lot of ideas to mô tả with the world, why are you not a Youtuber?

Well, how khổng lồ become a successful Youtuber is carefully written khổng lồ guide you & aid you in start-up and grow as one.

Take a quick glance at the table of contents below khổng lồ get a glimpse of all discussed in detail in this article.

Who is a Youtuber?

The term Youtuber refers to lớn a YouTube nội dung creator. Basically, YouTube is one of Google products that accommodates videos from all genres. So, a YouTuber is a type of “videographer” that creates videos for the video-sharing trang web YouTube.

he main nội dung on YouTube is videos. They could be entertaining, educating, or informative. The goal of the website is khổng lồ collate videos for the viewing pleasure of YouTube users.

So, Youtube nội dung creators are also known as Youtubers. The majority of them monetize their Youtube content. The subsequent paragraphs will explain how to lớn monetize your clip content on Youtube.

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How vị I Make Money On Youtube?

There are quite a number of ways lớn make money on Youtube. Though all seems lớn boil down to lớn good content and teeming traffic. However, you must certify some eligibility requirements lớn get into the Youtube partner program.

Ways khổng lồ make Money on YouTube Partner Program

Generally, Youtube allows you lớn choose what kind of videos khổng lồ produce. Though your choice is limited khổng lồ the genre that is if you wish to produce informative, entertaining, or educating videos.

YouTube, however, reserves the right to lớn peruse what you produce in terms of quality, censor, and content generally. In fact, they hold their responsibility to vày right for their viewers, creators và advertisers khổng lồ heart.

Advertising revenue: You can make money on YouTube through ad revenue from the display, overlay, and video clip ads.

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Channel memberships: Your members make recurring monthly payments in exchange for special perks that you offer.Merchandise shelf: Your fans can browse & buy official branded merchandise that’s showcased on your watch pages.Super Chat và Super Stickers: Your fans pay to get their messages highlighted in chat streams.YouTube Premium Revenue: Get part of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch your content.

Eligibility for YouTube partner program

Ad revenueBe at least 18 years old, or have a legal guardian older than 18 years of age who can handle your payments via AdSense.Create nội dung that meets ouradvertiser-friendly nội dung guidelines
Channel membershipsBe at least 18 years oldHave more than 30,000 subscribers
Merchandise shelfBe at least 18 years oldHave more than 10,000 subscribers
Super Chat và Super StickersBe at least 18 years oldLive in a country/region where Super Chat is available
YouTube Premium revenueCreate content watched by a viewer who is a YouTube Premium subscriber

Can I make money on Youtube Without Creating Videos

Yes, you can make money on Youtube without creating videos. Though videos are the sole nội dung for Youtube, Youtube stars can still monetize their channels without having lớn produce new videos every week.

One way basic way to achieve this feat is khổng lồ republish very popular and trending videos on your Youtube channel. Consider the following while choosing what video to republish on your channel.

choose videos in popular categories e.g. Sports highlights, đoạn clip games, and fitness sites.republish videos with a high number of viewsclick on the creative common in the filter section of your channel. This makes your clip pull up on search results for shareable videos.optimize từ khóa on Google trends with fairly high search numbers, and a medium màn chơi of difficulty.with your optimized từ khoá drive traffic to your video.

Who are the Richest Youtubers in 2022?

Ryan a 9-year-old who reviews toys for other kids vị trí cao nhất the danh mục of the richest YouTube stars in 2022. He earns over $26 million with over 23.3 million YouTube subscribers. Other rich YouTubers include:

Jake Paul earns $11.5 million with over 19.7 millionMarkiplier earns $13 millionwith over 25.7 millionLogan Paul earns $14.5 millionwith over 20.1 millionVanossGaming earns $15.5 millionwith over 24 millionPewDiePie earns $15.5 millionwith over 102million

What are the Requirements to lớn Become a Youtuber?

Aside from the eligibility needed to satisfy the Youtube Partner program, there are no special requirements needed to become a YouTube.

However, if you wish khổng lồ be successful, it is best to do what successful people do.

So, you get the right training, and equipment to lớn become a successful Youtuber.

Online Training to lớn Become a YouTube star

Basically, there is no stipulated training khổng lồ become a YouTuber. However, you can choose to watch successful videos of YouTube stars on how they started và how they grew.

In addition, you will need basic skills to lớn succeed as a Youtuber. These skills include:

CreativityEditingPersistenceBe entertainingBrand yourselfNetwork/collaborate with bigger channelsBe innovativeBe organizedHave a strong work ethicBe ambitiousBe authentic

Equipment to lớn become a Youtuber

In addition to the basic skills & online training lớn become a YouTuber, you will need the following equipment to become a successful YouTuber.

Camera: This is the most important equipment to lớn become a successful YouTuber. Microphone; You need an external microphone khổng lồ record quality audio that complements your video.Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer: These are great tools for stabilizing your photos & videos. Lighting: You need lighting to change the mood và even out the brightness of your setupLaptop

Can I Become a Youtuber with a Phone?

Yes, you can become a YouTube with a phone. What really matters on YouTube is your content, how creative are they? Can they drive traffic & generate money for you?

If yes, then you can definitely capture the moment & edit thoroughly before uploading on YouTube

However, to lớn produce quality work to lớn match those recorded with Camcorders and DSL, you may need a phone with good camera quality. In addition, you can showroom selfie sticks a good editing software.

What Does it Cost lớn Become a YouTuber?

It costs about $300- $500 lớn launch & create a YouTube channel. Basically, the cost is to lớn purchase the necessary equipment required khổng lồ produce good and unique content.

If you have a unique camera, access khổng lồ a good external microphone, và editing software, then, you may spend less than the figure above.

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While they appear expensive, it is important you get unique ones that could stand the thử nghiệm of time và give amazing nội dung to become a successful YouTuber.

How Much vì chưng YouTubers Make in 2022?

Generally, how much you make as YouTuber in 2020 depends on the streams of income. Previously, this article outlined several ways to make money online on YouTube.

It is practically, best you employ all streams to increase your total earnings from YouTube. For instance, you can make a fixed amount from ad revenue, affiliate link, donations, và other Youtube Partner programs.

In a nutshell, you can make as much as $26 million like Ryan, or as little as $100 per month. Whichever way you choose lớn earn, you need the traffic to make it happen. The next plot will explain what 1 million views mean for YouTubers.

What does 1 million views mean for YouTubers?

On the average, a YouTuber with at least 1 million subscribers earns about $60,000 a year. Earlier, this article opined that irrespective of how you choose to earn on Youtube, money flows where there is traffic.

So, 1 million views mean more money to lớn YouTubers. For instance, at least 1 million people can now see their products or services.

This will, definitely, increase their chances of selling off their products faster và to more people. If they render service, chances are that over 70 percent of their viewers may patronize them.

In addition, their ad revenue will also spring up because more ads will be placed on the channel lớn reach 1 million people

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1 Million Views?

On average, YouTube pays $1.50 – $3 to lớn YouTubers for 100 views. So, judging by the above statistics, 1 million views on YouTube means the YouTuber may earn anywhere from $3000 khổng lồ $7000.

In summary, traffic and how long your audience spends on your video clip influences how much you earn as a YouTub star with 1 million views on each video.

What is YouTube Views to Money Converter?

Generally, YouTubers receive 55% of every dollar paid by advertisers. So, YouTubers earn from ads placed on each new video placed on their channel.

Practically, if an quảng cáo online pays the average $7.60 CPM, a YouTuber with 1000 views on a video will earn 55% x $7.60, equaling $4.18.

However, there is a software that could help you convert your YouTube views to lớn money. They are called YouTube Views khổng lồ Money converters.

You can either use the one offered by YouTube or tải về the Estimated Youtube Money Calculator by Social Blade.

How Does YouTube Send me Money?

YouTube sends you money in your Adsense account. The money sent is usually an accumulation of all money earned through ad revenue.

You will receive money in your AdSense tài khoản for ads posted on your channel. By the kết thúc of every month, if you have $100 và above, you will receive payment next month. However, you may have to lớn verify your address with google once you earn $10.

Steps on How khổng lồ Become a YouTuber

Basically, anyone can become a YouTuber. Lớn become a YouTuber as a beginner follow these steps below:

Choose a NicheSet Your Channel GoalBrainstorm nội dung IdeasGet a phối of Recording EquipmentCreate và Optimise Your ChannelBecome a YouTuberBe Consistent & PatientEnhance your tìm kiếm Engine OptimizationKeep up khổng lồ date with trendsPromote your channel on other platformsKeep up lớn date with trendsMonetize your channel

#STEP 1: Choose a Niche

To succeed as a Youtuber, you must choose a niche that interests you. Because it is only your passion that prompts you khổng lồ be consistent, it is best you choose a niche that aligns with your passion.

Choosing a Niche doesn’t restrict you khổng lồ it alone. So, you can also harness other related ideas to your niche.

For instance, if you choose a lifestyle & fashion niche, you can also make subcategories revolve around living a healthy life & slaying even on a low budget. Also, the World Scholarship forum YouTube channel’s niche is scholarship opportunities for students. However, we also offer educational tips for students across the globe.

Generally, choosing a niche makes you recognize your audience and how best to become an expert in that niche.

#STEP 2: Set Your Channel Goal

The next step lớn becoming a Youtuber is khổng lồ have clear mix goals for your Youtube channel. First, choose a specific audience, then, bản đồ out what you intend khổng lồ achieve.

Your channel goal must clearly be a guide on what you intend to achieve. For instance, your channel goal may read ” helping 200 people thua kém weight in 2022 with practical tips”.

Because it has a specific number and a spelled out intention, you can easily access your growth towards achieving the goal.

#STEP 3: Brainstorm nội dung Ideas

One you have clearly stated your channel goal, you should proceed to lớn generate content ideas that could help you achieve this feat.

An in-depth research can help you get content topics khổng lồ address on your channel. Critically, listen khổng lồ other Vloggers in your niche, and identify what you would bởi differently. Then, apply it to lớn your video Ideas with a cảm biến of excellence.

If you are serious about becoming a successful YouTuber, you should have over 40 content ideas clearly stated in their order of sequence. This should last you for 40 weeks if you post one content every week or 1 month if you post content every day.

#STEP 4: Get a mix of Recording Equipment

There are a thousand Vloggers in virtually every niche in the world today. So, you may be dancing to fail as a Youtuber if you start off with badly recorded videos.

basically, access your recording equipment, if they are not good enough, it is important you invest in getting good ones.

It cost about $500 khổng lồ get a phối of good cameras, lighting, external microphone, tripod stabilizer, and good editing software. It is actually, an investment worth making. You can scroll up to lớn see how much you may earn as a successful YouTuber.

#STEP 5: Become a YouTuber

Once you have got your phối of recording equipment and content ideas, create a YouTube channel. Then, optimize it for your niche and upload your first video.

If you have a đoạn phim on your channel, you have become a YouTube star. However, what determines if you will be a successful YouTuber reflects what you do afterward.

A Guide on How to Become a Successful YouTuber

An African adage says “there is not much work in becoming rich, work lies in maintaining wealth.”

Be Consistent và Patient

What will make or mar you in this journey will be determined by your consistency. Earlier, it was clearly stated that you should choose a niche that aligns with your passion.

On the long run, you must be consistent with your nội dung schedule and niche. If your nội dung schedule says once a week, then, consistently post nội dung every week.

To keep your viewers anticipating, you can always state in your video clip when the next nội dung would be uploaded.

Enhance your search Engine Optimization

No matter how good your contents are, with no viewers, they are automatically irrelevant. Especially, if you intend to lớn earn as a YouTuber. One way lớn achieve this feat is to generate organic traffic by optimizing your channel for tìm kiếm results.

For each content you post, you should optimize the keyword in such a manner that it becomes the first option on YouTube for searchers. Chất lượng is important but, appearance on google search will generate traffic that will convert to lớn money.

Promote your channel on other platforms

Aside from organic search, you can promote your channel on other platforms too lớn get traffic. In fact, you should create a social truyền thông platform, and run ads to lớn reach your target audience.

You must see your YouTube channel as your community. Then, vì anything within your powers to lớn make it grow.

Keep up to date with trends

To remain relevant in the eyes of your audience, you must post contents that are trending in your niche. If not, they will get it somewhere else.

So, continuous research should aid you lớn find relevant topics in your niche especially, trending ones. Talk about them in your new video to sustain the interest of your audience.

Monetize your channel

You can now apply lớn YouTube Partners Program lớn monetize your channel. However, it is important you consider the eligibility above before applying.

Once your application is approved và you get your AdSense, you should focus on growing your view per đoạn phim from the least you had to lớn you can get.

Also, you can sell products on your channel or post sponsored đoạn phim to earn more money as a YouTuber. Whichever way you choose to monetize your channel, always remember money flows toward traffic.

Get traffic, get money. More traffic as a Youtuber means more money, so, get traffic.

How lớn become a Successful Youtuber as a Kid

Well, the highest-paid Youtuber in 2020 is Ryan, an 8-year-old boy. So, you can become a Youtuber even as a child. First, you need to choose something you are really passionate about.

Find a topic or subject area you won’t get bored of talking about. Choose a niche around it, then follow the steps above on how to become a Youtube star.

How bởi I Become Famous on Youtube

Becoming famous on You Tube means more traffic which means more money. So, to become famous on Youtube, take the following steps:

Be an Expert in Your NicheCreate an Enticing personal profileLet people know what you vì chưng perfectly wellInvite people to your channelAdd a welcome đoạn clip that explains to viewers what they should expect.Use some smart tech hacksPromote your videosWatch & Subscribe to lớn other Youtube ChannelsRun ads for your YouTube ChannelGo controversial often lớn generate trafficInvolve yourself in community development và humanity serviceCollaborate with famous YouTubersMake Great Videos

How to become a Youtuber FAQs

How vì I make money as a YouTuber?

To make money as YouTuber, create a YouTube channel, post relevant content, and generate traffic. Traffic determines how much you earn from ads.

How many subscribers vị I need on YouTube to lớn get paid?

You need at least 1000 subscribers on YouTube khổng lồ get paid. This is clearly stated in the YouTube Partner Program requirements.

In what possible ways can I become a successful YouTuber?

Very easy. Simply create a channel, optimize your keywords, và post relevant content. However, to become a successful YouTuber, you must be consistent, determined, & able to manage your community.


While it seems very easy to become a YouTuber, owning a YouTube Channel doesn’t make you a successful YouTuber.

Basically, there is so much more to lớn just uploading videos on YouTube. In fact, you must learn. Either on your own or understudying very famous YouTube stars.

As a matter of fact, you must be committed, consistent và determined lớn grow your YouTube Channel. Especially, if you wish khổng lồ make money from it.

Above all, becoming a YouTuber is quite easy if you follow the steps outlined in this article.

In fact, with this full guide on how to lớn become a YouTuber, you should be able khổng lồ generate over 1000 views on your videos to lớn earn from ad revenue.


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