How to start a blog (and make money) in 2022


Think blogging"s just a hobby? Think again – it can actually make you quite good money. Here"s how lớn get started, find your niche & turn your blog into a nice little money earner.

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We"ll be honest: blogging isn"t the easiest way lớn make money. But, the great thing is that anyone can bởi vì it, và it looks amazing on your CV.

All you need is something interesting to say and enough patience and dedication to build traffic and a following. But how vị successful bloggers make their money? We"ve interviewed a couple of them to lớn reveal their monetisation secrets.

Our guide gives you a concrete action plan to lớn get your blog off the ground and grow it into a profitable little business from home.

What"s in this blogging guide?

How to lớn start a blog


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You have two main options when it comes khổng lồ actually setting up a blog – you can use a không tính phí blogging platform, or you can create your own website. We"ll take you through both, outlining their pros và cons.

Free blogging platforms

Best for: Casual bloggers and those not interested in making money from their blog.

Pros: Super easy to set up and completely free.

Cons: Limits on customisation and video/image uploads, you often can"t place adverts or use affiliate links, you can"t create a custom URL và the platform retains the right khổng lồ delete your blog.

A lot of platforms will allow you lớn set up a blog for free, and they"re super easy lớn use. If you"re just wanting lớn blog casually at first, this could suit you well.

But, miễn phí blogging platforms can be very limiting. You"ll only be able to lớn customise lớn a limited extent, & your blog will have a storage limit which could make it harder khổng lồ upload large videos & images.

Another drawback is that your blog URL will be something like "" with the platform branding.

Most không tính tiền blogging platforms also don"t allow you lớn place banner adverts or affiliate liên kết on your site, which are key revenue streams for most bloggers.

However, if these things don"t bother you, here"s a quick rundown of the best không tính tiền online blogging platforms.

Best blogging sites

How to lớn choose a blog topic


This can either be the easiest or the hardest part of starting your blog.

The most important thing at this stage is to lớn choose a niche in which you can điện thoại tư vấn yourself an authority. The biggest mistake new bloggers make in such a crowded blogosphere is starting a blog without trying to vày something surprising or different.

For example, if fashion"s your thing, instead of combining generic fashion content, you could combine your love for clothes with your big-hearted concern for the environment by blogging about environmentally-conscious designers instead?

These are the best ways lớn find a topic for your new blog:

Look at other blogs This should be your first port of call. What"s already successful? và more importantly, what"s missing? Find the gaps in the market.Use Google What are people searching for? Use Google suggested searches và autocomplete lớn discover what people are looking for. If they"re searching for it, that shows there"s a demand.Search forums for common FAQs – When people can"t find answers lớn their questions, they go khổng lồ forums. What are they asking? What do they need advice on? This will show what people are interested in & what there"s a lack of available information on.Identify your own interests và passions – While all of the above are important, there"s no point in blogging about something you have zero interest in. You"ll quickly get bored & people will spot your lack of enthusiasm. Write about something you really, truly care about.
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How khổng lồ increase your blog traffic

Once you"ve created your website, come up with a kick-ass blog topic and you"ve published your first posts, the big question is – where are all the readers?

You can"t just expect people lớn magically find your blog and start reading it. You have khổng lồ promote it!

Here are the best and easiest ways khổng lồ get more readers for your blog:

Create viral content

Creating viral nội dung will help you reach a new market and, in turn, increase your readership.

This might be easier said than done, but the key lớn creating viral nội dung is khổng lồ tap into controversial or highly-discussed topics related lớn your niche blogging field. As you can imagine, this often involves newsjacking, as mentioned above.

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As this is your niche, you"ll be passionate, opinionated & knowledgable about it, so you"ll be able lớn post an opinion that people want to lớn read, share và talk about.

How to make money from blogging

Once you"ve got your blog up and running, you can (finally!) start looking into ways to make a profit from it.

These are the best and easiest ways to lớn make money as a blogger:

Work with an agency lớn build your blog

Believe it or not, blogging"s become so popular in the advertising world that there are now agencies exclusively catered to lớn promoting bloggers lớn big brands.

Working with an agency can be super lucrative and it offers you security, but you’ll need khổng lồ have a pretty decent following to be scooped up in the first place.

Agency fees are also incredibly high, meaning only the biggest brands will be able to afford lớn work with you, & smaller independent ones will be scared off.

Depending on the kind of blogging business you"re aiming for, this may or not work to lớn your advantage. Khổng lồ use the example of ethical fashion blogging again, agency fees might prevent you from working with the small independent designers you really want to promote.

Sell your blog"s newsletter space

It"s also an option to charge a brand for either advertising space or a mention in your weekly/monthly newsletter (if you have one!). It"ll take very little time lớn do, và you could get a fair amount for it.

However, you’ll need khổng lồ build up a decent kích cỡ mailing list for brands to consider this.
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The biggest challenges when monetising a blog


Nothing worth having comes without hard work & a few challenges.

Be under no illusion that blog monetisation takes time. Many bloggers only make pennies from monetising their blog each month – và this is after having worked on their blogs for a while.

To have a chance of creating a full-time income through blogging, again, you need to have multiple income streams from a selection of sources. Monetising a blog takes time và relies on you having some traffic. The more readers you have, the more attractive you are to lớn advertisers.

Many bloggers decide khổng lồ monetise quite early on in their blogging journey. Blogger Urszula Makowska explained:

I started blogging <...> when I was in college. I decided khổng lồ monetize my blog because I was putting in a lot of time và effort to lớn create posts, paying photographers for shoots, và I also wanted lớn be a blogger full time. I love blogging và I wanted to lớn follow my passion to making a full time career in blogging; it brought me happiness.

Another big challenge faced by bloggers is competition. Kelle, from lifestyle trang web Kelle’s Space, suggested:

It’s a challenge competing with so many bloggers in the same niche as me for opportunities; work for bloggers is quite scarce.

The blogging market is saturated with lots of aspiring bloggers fighting to lớn be seen. However, if worked on with dedication và consistency, it is possible.

Ceri Jones added:

Blogging is definitely a challenge because it takes a lot of commitment & consistency to be able to monetise it properly. The only thing I regret is not starting sooner.

I managed to lớn make my first £50 in my first month of monetising, & this month I’ve made just over £200. I’m now starting khổng lồ be contacted by companies for sponsored posts, so hopefully my monthly income will continue to increase!

Can you really make money from blogging?

As we have seen, the answer is yes! But how much money you can make from blogging is variable. That"s the nature of monetising a blog at the start, however with time bloggers can vì very well.

Monetising a blog takes time & relies on you having some traffic. The more readers you have, the more attractive you are to lớn advertisers.

To make a decent income from blogging, think about having multiple streams of income coming in from different sources & through different means.

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